Crazy Lady vs. Chris Brown

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As Chris Brown left Footaction last night in Times Square, he caught an earful from “some drunk woman”. Perhaps he should’ve brought her back to the crib. On second thought, maybe not.


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  • 9999


  • He played it off cool.

  • she need to go and sit her ass down. she actin tuff but she know dam well she a fan. I mean why and the hell else wud she set a special time of the day just to go se his ass. keep down wat U do Chris.

  • Ty

    Get used to it Breezy, you ain’t seen nothing yet . I’d bet a lot of people are waiting to tell him what they think of him to his face . Gonna be a cold winter . …..

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  • Breezy

    ^ dude thats what rihanna did to him. he beat her ass now, he learned and he wont do it again. BUT THE REAL QUESTION Is Would You take this if some random bitch did this to you?

  • Alyssa

    She wasn’t crazy. She’s just loud and honest.

  • Jule

    If only more people reacted this way to Chris Brown. You don’t get to beat the crap out of somebody, and then just go on making albums and touring. This guy needs to get his ass on all kinds of charity work, take a public stand against domestic violence, and do work in that direction LOOOONNNGG before he should just get back to “normal”. Victims of domestic violence never get to go back to normal. we have flashbacks all the time, it affects us every single day. This is not right, and it’s incredibly sad to see all these people who seem to think you can abuse somebody, and continue to have a great successful life.

  • sunraw

    Damn son. Guess you can’t transform ’em all.

  • justinistewart82

    @ jule shut yo bitch azz up, u prolly deserved every ass whippin u got, i dont agree with what cb did but damn rhianna moved on why cant yall. so 4 every mistake u made in life, yours shouldnt be sucessful fuck outta here

  • Charde

    Jule- you don’t know what the hell your talking about. EVERYBODY makes mistakes, EVERYBODY is human and is going to make bad decisions in life. Its about what you do with that mistake. Chris Brown has apologized so many times. When will it be enough? He has apologized to Rihanna and he has apologized to his fans. If you don’t like him then WHY the hell are you clicking on links that involve him??? And that lady really should have been told to leave. It was disrespectful for her to react in that manner. If her fat @ss didn’t like CB then why the hell did she go. I think CB has received ENOUGH cristicism in the past 9 months to last him a lifetime. Everybody is still mad over this shyt EXCEPT RIHANNA! If she’s not mad then why the hell are yall? Everybody wants Chris Brown to tell his side of the story but it doesn’t really matter what he says, he’s damned if do and damned if he don’t. There is nothing that he can say to make what he did okay and its not okay but he has received the punishment that he was supposed to receive. If Rihanna felt as though it wasn’t enough then she would have stated that. Let him do his time and get on with this shyt,…[email protected]!!!

  • mmkayy

    aw wasss wrong Chris i thought u knew howta smack a bitch…

  • angela

    LMAO @ the people who keep on insisting he made a ‘mistake’ and he’s ‘only human’.

    I’d like to see you say that when/if it was your mother, sister, aunt, etc. that was beaten, extremely bruised, bitten, and threatened to be killed in the process. Aw, he just made a mistake right?

  • mikedreamsmusic

    Yeah. Everybody makes mistakes.

    I don’t care if it was somebody in my family or not. I would be mad, but if we worked it out, I’d eventually forgive the person. I wouldn’t want them dead or tortured or whatever. Only evil-hearted people or those who thrive off the shock value of animosity will continue to criticize Chris Brown forever.

    WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Let’s get real here ANGELA. Let’s say it was YOU who BEAT someone else in that same fashion. How would you feel if we said “Let’s crucify Angela and her career and what not…shun her forever for what she’s done”.

    You wouldn’t want that. If you were truly apologetic, you would want mercy at some point and time.

    Just try and consider BOTH sides of the situation.

  • bajan_fish

    He want some body beatin he rassole head off wid a cou cou stick. real skunt

  • djthreat1

    was chris wrong for what he did? yeah. but dont talk shit about someone if youre a fatass. you just look like an idiot.