Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Drake


Before becoming the third hottest MC in the game, Drake was an unknown rapper from Toronto Memphis. Looking for his big break, in 2007 he called Angela Yee‘s “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” segment on Shade 45. In hindsight, the audio is funny as it is surreal. Listen as callers critique his music and compare him to Bow Wow. Everybody has a deal—he made it without one.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  • the nigga is like Bow Wow, Lol fuckin cut-out doll made of Weezy & Ye.

  • wow

    hummm…how random lol

  • Interscope Employee

    its funny tho…2 years later, with only a MIXTAPE, he’s bigger than Bow Wow (not bow wow in his prime, im talking about 2009 Bow Wow)

  • The fans are gonna love this… D is gonna die of laughter.

  • J Dela

    nice, i love shit like this. nh, but you can see how much he charmed yee on the radio even as a nobody. and i had no idea that many bamas listened to satellite radio.

  • just 4 today

  • all things must pass

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  • breadphillybul

    This nigga soft as baby shit

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  • theprestige

    Ah, yes.

  • Bowser

    LMAO @ americans already trying to claim this dude. Scratch out Toronto for Memphis all you want.

    If you have ever listened to comeback season i dont know how you can say he sucks.

    T.O stand up, this is our dude.

  • Memphis????? Hold up, Im from Tennessee and I swear I never heard of Drake until around late 07/early 08. And I usually be up on the up and coming cats out of M-town. Well I guess thats where the Kia Shine connection came from…

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  • B.Dot

    LMAO @ americans already trying to claim this dude. Scratch out Toronto for Memphis all you want.

    Its Scratched cause he sounds like hes bigging up Memphis more than Toronto. Dont cha think so, eh?

  • Top of Toronto

    I see u Bowser…….can’t argue against the machine…….let’em think what they want.

    Those that can’t do……………collect magazines, cassettes…………. & blog……….EH

  • B. Digital

    It’s quite interesting how he was basically a nobody in America in ’07 to somebody in ’09.

  • Nathaniel

    thats crazy, when i first heard replacement girl i was like “who is this bow wow sounding nigga?”

    and i guess it makes sense, he’s a ladies rapper. so is bow wow. but if u listen to replacement girl its bow wow to the tee. the lil fast flow he’s always doin n shit…lmao hilarious

  • People love to hate on him, but you can tell he got his head on straight…

  • Erica

    But he CAN quit his day job if he wanted because he has money. I think most of its from Degrassi! Have you seen that show? The series is broadcast on CTV in Canada and rebroadcast to the United States on the cable channel Teen Nick and MTV, to the Netherlands on [email protected], to Brazil on the cable channel Multishow, to Australia on ABC Television and Nickelodeon, to Mexico, Peru and Chile on the cable channel MTV Latin America, and to Poland on the Canal+’s channel ZigZap. You know how much money he gets in syndication!!!!! Think about it! I like his rap but even if he sucked he’d still be getting money! Plain and simple…

  • Cheezydodo

    Drake was a cool person and humble before he even got poppin

    you gotta respect that

    “never listen to anyone who knew me,cuz to have known me,would mean that theres a new me,and if you think i changed in the slightest could’ve fooled me”


    props to Angela Yee for getting this


  • Not a drake fan, but I won’t hate… I will point out that it’s pretty damn misleading to suggest that Drake ‘made it without’ a deal… Most kids out there trying to get on don’t have MTV co-signing them, not to mention all the cheddar dude’s got at his disposal from his TV ‘acting’ career… With the proper resources it REALLY AIN’T that hard to get in the industry…

  • eightysbaby

    Drake sounded professional and humble on the phone with Ang, gotta start somewhere, this aint a bad look at all. At least you can see that he didnt change.

    Im low key tired of drakemania, but he still seems like a humble dude and worked hard for his, cant knock it.

  • Stone

    YALL HAIN ON DRAKE ………………………………….MAN GROW THE [email protected]#$ up


    Please join Drake’s new boards

  • “keep succeeding Drake”

  • BBB

    I agree, I give him credit for the work and effort, but he clearly had an advantage over the average person. Life ain’t fair, the people who make it always have some connections or help. You can also hear this kid obviously had a lot of money, all those features with no deal???
    To be honest, I kinda hope his career goes down in a firey end, i’d prefer to see someone more deserving at the top.

  • your real

    hey rap radar hows drake nuts taste?

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  • Uno

    Drake Got Some Hot Music But I Dont Think He Should Be Gettin Hated On So Much.
    You Can Hate You Can Diss Me but Nobody makes Music like Uno And Reality Not Even Drake!
    We Are The Best (Google Uno & Reality) For Yourself We Gone Change The Game Once Again!

  • nick

    he grew up in toronto he visited his dad in the summer in memphis

  • nick

    he had a deal when he was still in mamas womb

  • Keema

    @Obama “…With the proper resources it REALLY AIN’T that hard to get in the industry…”.

    It is if you have no talent.

  • Yo Drake dat nigga kewl az shit ima get on a track wit mans one day son

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  • Ma ni**a Drake he Jewish