New Video: Chris Brown “Crawl”

This morning, Chris Brown and Wendy Williams ended their quarrel with the premiere of his new video, “Crawl”. Afterwards, they discuss his road to redemption.

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  • great video. Props to Chris Breezy !

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  • Datniggareggie

    hmmmm. I think the homie can bounce back. At first I was like damn Rihanna gonna be bigger than ever and his career would go under the rug….its starting to look the other way right now. The boy is on his GRIND! all credit to him.

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  • Jazmine

    damn I like that damn song and the video is hella good!!



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  • Lydia

    I don’t care what anyone says: “This young man is very, very, very TALENTED!!!! I luv this song and video…talent out weighs all! Chris keep up the good work!!!!

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  • Nathaniel

    there’s a lot of self-hatred amongst people of color in this country. got damn. Sammy Sosa, Wendy Williams lookin like a fucked up cindy crawford, and even that rihanna pic in the blackout. lighter than ever….

    or maybe the magazines and photo touch up artists be doin that shit. cuz beyonce be lookin shakira light too….smh

  • How you doing?

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  • Victoria

    He definitely has talent. Haters can talk all the shit they want but they a damn lie if they say he can’t sing and dance!

  • ben

    wow, lots of koolaid drinkers here. if he wants to keep their “situation” private, why does he keep using it to promote his album?? rihanna has spoken once and on the alexa chung chose…chris has done larry king, angie martinez, bet, wendy williams…hmmm…i wonder who the fame whore is.

  • kay

    In a statement, Kennedy Shriver said he was fully behind Brown’s efforts at rehabilitation. “I support Chris Brown’s efforts to show the world why he deserves a second chance, given that the commitment he has made to Best Buddies — not only to perform at our Miami Gala, but also to join the Best Buddies family as a volunteer — is a huge step in the right direction,” he said. “I also appreciate Chris’ generous offer to donate a portion of the proceeds from his tour to Best Buddies. I believe Chris’ fans will be equally inspired to support Best Buddies’ mission to provide opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities once they see his enthusiasm and commitment to the cause — and just how much his efforts mean to our participants.” A source close to Brown said that the singer personally chose the two charities and that his commitment to helping them is not court-ordered. This is President nephew speaking, YOU that made the statement about he should go back picking up trash, you better watch it because at the end of the day, this is what you may be doing, God don’t like ugly

  • Michelle

    I’m rooting for this kid. He deserves a second chance. The new video is great, he’s a great entertainer.

  • kingill89

    he just called wendy williams a man like a mnonth ago and she talk shit about him hitting rhianna a month ago go on worldstar you can se the video

    this dude is buying publicity and its sad that he using that shit as a crutch to promote his singles

    and smh at wendy selling out

  • mmkayy

    wow he is so damn giddy….. even if u are dating maybe it was best to say NO thats part of th reason why ppl take Brown’s actions the wrong way

  • D-Lon

    This dude is the next r&b star, if he isnt untill now.. cause the dude has 2 good albums, and by the looks of this one its gonna be good two… i think so… GOOD LOOKIN Chris Brown… big fan… HOLLA

  • ashcash

    umm @ben.. first of all its never about being fame hungry so before you make a statement that big make sure u can elaborate on it. second of all why wouldnt he do all those shows?.. whos carreer hit rock bottom after this incident?… if you didnt kno it was his.. they took him off the radio’s they stopped playing his songs, he wasnt allowed in award shows so how dare he not go to every single show and apologize to his fans for what he has done?… rihanna gave her side which was bullshyt because in my opinion the interview was just based on the fact that he hit her and that was that.. but it was so bias and if they wouldve tried to get both sides of the story it would have been alot better. Chris wants to keep his personal life private how much smarter can he get?… yes he’ll apologize to her for what their misunderstanding cost the both of them through his songs y not?.. instead of him telling the whole world that he slapped her because she did something so evil that he couldnt help himself, he doesnt want to bash her something that she obviously had no problem doin.. but that boy has talent pure talent… hate him or love him it doesnt matter… everybody didnt love micheal jackson and every body doesnt have to love chrisbrown thats fine.. n ben the next time you make a mistake i want you to kill yourself for it ok.

  • brown bear

    I think that there is more to the story say wat u want but she had to do something for him to snap…..This man is young and stupid but at the same time i believe that there are three parts of the story….there is chris part there is Rihanna part than there is the truth.

  • Mya

    I can’t stand wendy williams. she told everyone on her show that his career is finished. and she has seen this before. Fug her. what ever he is all good. Chris do your thang dude.

  • i kinda like the R&B music of Chris Brown but i dont like the way Chris Brown beats her ex girlfriend Rihanna.

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  • christianjanae

    i love love love love love love loved chris brown sence day one and always will….#1 fannnnnnnnnn

  • I have always loved Chris Brown, his music has always been on point. His swagg is lovely, People go through things or put themselves in situations before thinking on it first. What he did was terribly wrong shouldn’t no man put his hands on a woman by any means. Life is a lesson learned everyday. He is very talented and I wish Chris Brown the best on his career. Keep Doing You

  • A-marie

    i dont knoow wat dat dude has to do 4 me to stay mad at him 4ever, but all in all every1 makes mistakes no mata how big or small they are n everyone deserves a second chance so dont be hatin on chris he deserves anotha chance i so looooooooooove crawl its off da hook keep it up chris

  • Jennifer

    Will alwayz love you Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rechelle

    Chris Brown I’ll be your Mrs Breezy any day!
    love you

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