Bow Wow Ain’t Feelin’ Robin Givens

bow wow

Actually, she’s playing Wendy Williams next year in the biopic Queen Of Media. Nevertheless, Mike’s ex-wife appeared on The Oprah Winfrey show yesterday and expressed her frustration about his interview last month. Listen to what she had to say.

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  • YouKnowMe

    She was a gold digger that tried to play the wrong man

  • Kat

    This is why Twitter needs an age restriction. He’s such an immature ass.

  • Shawn

    I hate to say I agree with Bow Wow…. They don’t have children together and his life is none of her concern…

  • Nathaniel

    that shit was over 10 years ago. its 2010 pretty much. they were married in 1988, divorced in 1989. thats 20+ years.


    mike tyson was 22. for her to get on oprah and act like he isn’t remorseful is bullshit. this nigga has been through true hell on earth. he’s broken completely and trying his best to be the best man he can…whatever punch he gave her can’t compare to what he’s been through. and thats not to diminish domestic violence.

    but i will say this. if that nigga…”delivered the best punch of his career” to her, she wouldn’t have a face right now. thats not a joke. but this is mike tyson, hitting a petite woman with NO GLOVES ON. come on b. you’d need reconstructive surgery on your face, straight up. he broke a heavy weights jaw in the ring, and a rib. francios botha i think it was…get the fuck outta here.

    i don’t trust that vindictive ass woman.

  • Toya

    Why did Robin Givens feel the need to express her side of the story all over again? She told her side on Oprah years ago and Tyson didn’t say anything. Sure it hurts that he admitted to being unfaithful to all his ex-wives but why should Givens care? Suck it up and choose better. She wouldn’t care about him and what he said on Oprah if she truly was over him.

  • quarter

    really some of you all are some dumb, heartless mofos. the worst kind of mofos, I may add. the kind that need the home training they never got.

    if any of you had been punched by Tyson, even on a Tyson wack day, you’d still be crying about it. still be feeling it.

    and: talking about Givens needs to make a movie? Bow needs to check in with Banana Republic as I saw a sign today that says they’re hiring for the holidays.

  • Damn I was just saying the same thing I agree with Bow Wow

  • willie mcfly22

    yea bow wow weak for sayin that shit…any woman that been oart of domestice violence has long term effects so i feel her, but she shouldnt b gettin at oprah crazy…she was jus doin an interview..

  • iLLersz1

    The Question remain .. Why did she setup mike ?! on the tv. show back in the day ..

  • sideshowRaheem

    I’m never in favor of violence against women but in this case like Chris Rock said I wouldn’t do…..but I understand. If ANY bitch EVER deserved to get punched in the face it’s her. Maybe some of you aren’t old enough to remember the 20/20 interview from back in the day where she talked about Mike like he was some kind of retarded baby right in front of his face on national TV but when I saw that shit I wanted to jump through my TV screen and knock that broad out myself so I can’t imagine what Mike was thinking. Homeboy was right it was 10 years ago and she’s been milking this situation ever since lets be honest how many of us would be willing to take an ass beating from Mike Tyson as long as we got to walk away with half his money when it was all said and done.

  • ben

    again..defending the man, good job black community. There goes progress. Excuses, Excuses…didn’t Mike just get busted for domestic abuse against his current wife? The excuses you make for this man prevents him from taking responsibility for his actions. If he was a changed man, he wouldn’t be having domestic problems with his current wife.

  • bk maarten

    damn this chick still on that Tyson thing it was over 17 years ago hell like 20 years ago get over it. dudes life is really missed up no cares about you go away

  • Sheezee

    Robin Givens Mike still wanna sock ya btch ass!!!!

  • mac DIESEL





  • still playing the violin after 20+ years Robin? Really? I mean it’d be one thing if she had gotten with Mike out of legitimate attraction or love, but it was plain as day that her motives were all about money….Everyone in Mike’s camp will attest to how her and her moms came in and was tryin to rule over Mike’s funds….everyone…from Mike’s former trainer to his old money manager and even his driver, they all have been on camera talkin about how she came in and instantly was tryin to tell everyone that “she was in charge”

    It’s a damn shame that she’s never been able to step out of that light, but hey, it is what it is, they both were wrong….Mike was supremely wrong for being abusive, but she shoulda known better when she chose to get involved with somebody solely for their fame and or fortune…I know a lot of people to this day still can’t really take her serious and group her in with the laundry list of people that helped Mike fall to his demise by convincing him they cared about him, when in actuality they were just using him….Oprah don’t owe her shit, she’s just trying to go tit for tat and being over the top as usual….

  • Miss Mouth

    That’s bullshit…in in prime Mike used to knock cats out with one blow. I met Robin and she is like 4/9 freaking 87 pounds, so him whooping her azz probably has scarred her for life.

    If Mike put his hands on me, you guys would hear about that sh*t forever…also. But she is wrong for confronting Oprah.

  • BC

    Man this bitch needs to move on! We should take this for what it is, a publicity stunt. While I do not condone what Tyson did 20 years ago when he was 22 but got damn! This shit is old.She was a gold digger that got caught up with the wrong nigga.

  • aisha

    robin is a gold digger she kno it tha world kno it. look how she played games on da tha game fuck her.ASSHOLE

  • aisha


  • dani

    you people are mentally ignorant as hell.

    yall riding rihanna dick, yet robin gets told to move on?? like rihanna said, the bruises go away, but the mental scars don’t.

    and he was on there talking about “socking” her last month. if he aint moved on, then why should she.

    and when you “agree” with bow wow… you should know that there’s something wrong with you.
    get ya life together.

  • HipHop Head

    I don’t fault Bow Wow or Robin Givens on this. I don’t fault Bow Wow because it was on his Twitter. You are at liberty to say what you want on Twitter. Rap Radar (no disrespect) went to Bow Wow’s account and made this an article. I don’t fault Robin on this because, yes, the mental scars don’t go away…BUT, I will say this and leave it alone. I hate the way the publicists and management companies capitalize on stuff like this. Rihanna may wanted to talk about this before, but I believe she was told to hold off until her album drops. Robin Givens has been irrelevant for years, and basically has to either take D-List acting slots or wait for Mike to mention her again before she can go on Oprah. I blame her agent/marketing team. My mom went thru that for years, but unless she does something worth notice (or something attached to her story – i.e. an album or the abuser being famous), not too many people are gonna listen to my mom (to be honest).

  • Bow Wow is a fuckin jerk…Like are u serious? U can never get over getting beat by a damn boxer

  • Scotland The Brave

    I don’t condone domestic violence but fuck, that bitch played mike like a fiddle.She is an actress and I wasn’t feeling her interview at all (especially the tears and shit). No guy should ever put their hands on a female and vice versa, mike has said this himself and that he regrets been abusive to women in the past.
    Keep your head up mike and I wish you a happy future.
    Fuck all these tossers who want to see you fuck up.

    Tyson The Best Ever !

    From Scotland

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