Lupe Verifies His Wikipedia Page

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FYI: Wikipedia is not a reliable reference source. Often times, there are inaccuracies found within a subject’s page. With that said, The Wikipedia Files chopped it up with Lupe Fiasco to verify his biography. And sure enough, by the end of the interview, Lu found a mistake.


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  • funny tho, just checked wikipedia and they still haven’t changed it to 2/16.

  • ^u can go change

    and FYI…Wikipedia is about as flawed as the rest of the so called other “reliable reference sources”…Almanac?, Atlas? (<–named after a Greek god?), Encyclopedia? It's hard to get "100%" reliable information, in a world where, if you tell 1 person somethin', and tell them to pass it on, that shit would be all misconstrued and error'd of it's "original" wording by the time it got to the 3rd guy.So what is really reliable?..Wiki should be used with caution as well as anything else you read. Hope you don't think ya local newspaper is credible neither?..that's why they invented the terms "alleged", "reports say"…think?

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