Warren G Says He Named Dr. Dre’s “2001”

The Regulator tells XXL that he bestowed the title on his step brother’s last LP.

Dre and I never talked about the direction he should go with the album, but… Actually, you know what? I ain’t gon’ lie. We actually met at the Beverly Hills Hotel one night, and—I swear to God—he was trying to figure out what to call the album, and I actually said, “How about Chronic 2001?” Right there at the Beverly Hills Hotel—we sat there, in the bungalows, and named it The Chronic 2001… It was me, Dre, Snoop—I can’t remember who else was there; I think Nate [Dogg] was there, too. Dre probably don’t remember that shit, but I said, “Chronic 2001...We are The Chronic. Why change it and name it something else when you can name it Chronic 2001? Because it’s the second one, and it’s in the new millennium. Let’s start it up and hit them again with it!”

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  • kwad

    i’m sayin tho… wasnt it originally called chronic 2000?? then suge used 2000, and he changed it to 2001?

  • dman

    it could of been called dr dre;s jizz anthem and it would still b a dope cd

  • I smell bullshit, Warren.

  • I always wondered y it was called 2001 when the shit came out in 1999, then when I saw Suge release the Chronic 2000, and KINDA understood…but it still smells like bullshit to me. But Warren is Dre’s brother. He should know…

  • YO

    Who’s ready for DETOX 2073?

  • T

    Why the hell would you want to take credit for one of the most uncreative album titles of all time? Only thing that would have been worse would be “Dre Y2K”. Dope album, GARBAGE title. And the cover sucks too.

  • YO

    T do you stare at the album cover as you listen to the album? Just curious.

  • Fred Jones

    I always assumed it was called 2001 to be clever, like some “I’m ahead of my time” type shit.

  • sb

    i thought dude from Sa-RA help with the name…………………..