Dame Dash Talks Business

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Surveying his new office space, the self-proclaimed cake-a-holic speaks on this monetary addiction and risky business. Being broke and 30 gives me the chills.


Yesterday: Dame Dash Speaks On Roc-A-Fella

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  • eightysbaby

    Damn is a hustler, rising and falling is a part of business, duke will be fine. Looks like he’s doin aiight, tryna rebuild what was destroyed.

  • chris killmore

    Dame is going to be fine he will make money reguardless he is a business man

  • YO

    Yes we know business’s have their ups and downs but how are you planning to go up when your known for shitting on everyone in the business world?

  • Van Sertima

    Another reality show I would actually watch.

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  • @Yo…how has he shitted in everyone?…wtf are you talkin’ about? do you just believe everything you read, and sometimes see?..Dame OBVIOUSLY didn’t shit on EVERYONE, because he wouldn’t have so many business ventures goin’ for himself…he just named a few for you, so wit’ that said he still gettin’ money (maybe not that Roc money but ey), and his businesses are back runnin’ again, wit’ a different outlook… niggas always wanna see the next man down, like you so up

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  • Bucky Love

    he shitted on lyor kevin liles pretty much any def jam staff
    lyor is at atlantic
    kevin at warner
    hes shitted on alot of people
    and is blackballed now