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    This Latest Article Is Stating That 50 Has A Chance To Be Number 1 0r 2 Next Week..

    “This last bit of news raised the hackles of rival label executives at Sony Music and EMI, who had been preparing for a two-way battle for #1 on next week’s charts between Columbia’s John Mayer and Blue Note’s Norah Jones. But now, they would not only be facing a potential challenge from 50 Cent, they’d be spotting his record 46k going into the contest” – Hitsdailydouble

    ^^Those Hitsdaily niggas r retarded LOL…50 will end up doing 300K+ 1st week And 400k+ 2nd Week…





  • the instigator

    after hearing him on Flex, i had an epiphany:

    1. 50 “leaks” his record cause he knows that there is a POSSIBILITY that it wont do as good as everyone expects of him, and what he expected from others. So a “leak” is the only logical way to cover this aspect, esp. if he thought the record was the best he could do.

    2. 50 blames “them” for the leak, so that IN THE EVENT OF FAILURE, he has a target of blame.

    3. 50 expresses his anger over “leaked” record, to cover his “tracks”. pun intended.

    4. 50 declares record as a triumph IF numbers are right, blames “them” IF numbers are not.

    5. 50 wins in the eyes of fans (and even hatemongers. is the better b.dot?), even if he really loses in the world of soundscan ‘n dem.

    The End.

  • sideshowRaheem

    Excuses, excuses……….if 50 has a sales jump over the weekend we’ll know it’s because Interscope started buying back records! At least that’s would 50 would say if this had happened to any other artist.

  • sideshowRaheem

    Um dude who made the first comment you might want to go back and read the ENTIRE article. In it they say 50 is competing for a #2 spot and that’s only if you combine those iTunes numbers from last week with this weeks number. You all can’t save him BISD is a disappointment as far as album sales go those are just the facts.

  • john macabee

    movin 200k when the marketing plan was set up for the album to be coming out next tuesday is pretty damn good……. lets say the leak cost fif 150k in sales add that to the 200 and your around 350 which i thought was going to be his number

  • donniebrasko

    To the idiot john macabee. Look dont try and justify anything, because you sound like master p defending c-murder now. Look 150k point blank period leaks or no leaks. Rappers start talkin of leaks affecting them like albums haven’t been leaking for the last 10yrs. Every 50 album has leaked from GRODT to Curtis. Listen the albums a dud and people have moved on, just deal with it and quite coming up with excuses.

  • @

    @sideshowRaheem , lets wait till Tuesday brother.

  • john macabee


    the album leaked an entire month before it was scheduled for release as a matter of fact it leaked before 50 started his promo run…… now if you want to your dislike for 50 cloud your judgment then by all means have at it……. im just pointing out facts that couldn’t or rather shouldn’t be overlooked either way its fine by me bisd is a great album

  • Bmjac

    Ok say what you want but the facts are, the album is getting rave reviews. Allhiphop gave it a 9.5/10. YES albums always leak, however NONE IN HISTORY have EVER leaked a full month in advance. Artists plan for the 2 week leak, but NOT a month.

  • Bmjac

    I DL the album when it first leaked (but i also bought a copy for that film and JMJ documentary). The leak clearly said 50C-International Version- Albums always leak when they start sending masters overseas….It definitely impacted the sales numbers. But whatever. The album is classic hip hop minus a track or 2.

  • Rhyme

    Pyle on 50 now he wont do under 200K, Has itunes been added? No
    Like a pack of wolves circling wounded prey. You guy wont win 5 weeks from now this site will have something on 50 and u guys gonna be like he’s over, then days just gonna go bye lol

  • donniebrasko

    @ john macabee and bmjac
    Itunes downloads accounted for 46k sales, its official, hitsdoubledaily, all of a sudden people are saying its not a credible source when they’ve been rite 98% of the time arrgggghhh! Barring him getting shot like 2pac in the next 48hrs aint no one gonna buy rush and buy it. 140-150k where shipped out to retailers by the record company, based on advance orders, the albums not flying outta best buy as far as i know, shelves are stacked with it so no one’s buyin it. EVERY ARTIST’S album has leaked so dont come up with excuses!!! I dont buy CD’s i download so not gonna speak for others that do, but that being said i bought BP3 for my collection as i’ve got the other ones but he still pushed 476k in his first week. Look 50’s an artist to do 300k minimum even in a recession, just call it how it is and dont come up with excuses. You saying BISD leaked to make him lose 350k fans from the last album??? He’s in decline, infact scrap that, he’s in FREE FALL. He’s the new generation master P. You aint hot no more, just do somethin positive and spend your money, we dont wanna hear you rap!

  • stickupkiD

    watch wat ppl have come to…WANTING to c some one fail. damn.

    to me the album is good….i personally feel interscope want so much out of 50 that they are in fact ruining his rap carrear….i believe 50 will bounce back…he’s been through worst..

  • donniebrasko

    You see this is why i hate when bloggers come online and make statements they can’t back up, no albums been leaked a month in advance b4????? I had rick ross’s deeper than rap album ending of march, album got released on April 21. Just shut up because you look stupid putting that in capital letters when you dont have a clue about the music business!

  • naudia

    50 Cent is always talking about another artist down fall…so why are the stans acting like people should not call him out on that!!!

  • Bmjac

    And I suppose you have a clue about the music industry brasko? LOL. Internet thug… Arent you late for class?

  • wow…50 Cent flopped

    50 spends more time talking about Jay-z than he his abum…that is why he will FLOP because no one wants to keep hearing him sound obsessed over another man and that man’s busness!!!

  • Ty

    I like Fif but his overly protective fans will make you root against him just cause they don’t live in reality . Leaking your project (when you’re proud of it) is the new form of promo . Wayne’s leaked, Jay’s leaked, Em put his out to be heard in it’s entirety before it dropped and look at their numbers . Fif leaked his project because he was proud of it and he wanted an excuse to get off of that Nov 23rd date when all those pop stars were dropping . Everybody knows that the same kids that go to the stores and buy pop and rock music are the same demographic that actually buy hip hop music . Universal chose that date for him and he said, “Nah, no thanks.”

    Fif painted himself into a corner artistically early on . While he was at his hottest he could have thrown in a little real artistry into his music , so that when the tough talk got old (which we ALL KNEW was coming) nobody could say he changed up to a more lyrical style because he was falling off. He would have been showing versatility BEFORE the need for a change . . But he was making too much money too easily so he rode it til the wheels fell off . Got crazy paid doing it too . Congrats to him , but I think his run (musically ) ends here . If he switches up styles now , it’d just look desperate . Instead of dissing Ye and Jay , he should have reached out to them for collabos . He could have followed their “Blueprint” into the future and a place of relevance in it . Instead he’s lost so much steam that even if he sells 300,000 1st week , people (enemies and fans included) smell blood . It only gets uglier for him from here because perception is reality in the music game . If he’s perceived as done, he soon will be .

  • jged

    50 is not worried about the sale because that is his last albun with interscope and he is out . the album was selling on the street two weeks ago, while i was in the barber shop a dude came in with a box of his cds sellind 5$ a cd, you can hate fifty but that is a fact that the album been leak a month before the release hurt the outcome.

  • obama

    if the numbers look funny, to me it’s they fault…

  • Marve

    Excuses, Excuses, Excuse…50 Cent is DONE! He will continue to go at Jay, Kanye, Wayne, Rick Ross ect. because his feelings are hurt right now! Well, the fact that Lil wayne’s (Carter III) abum leaked a month prior, Jay-z’s (BP3) two weeks prior, Nas (Untitled) leaked three weeks prior ect. and they still landed number one on the charts!!! 50 Cent stans might want to lick their wounds with this tired ass excuse but anyone with sense knows that all of 50 albums leaked and his fans still went out and supported him during his career peek…50 has lost several thousands fans becase he is now more popular for the gossip and antics than he is for his music…which explains his popularity online and the people’s stupidity with saying: “If 50 cent was not around hip hop would be BORING!” It has to suck being a man/hip hop arist who is seeked for gossip rather than your music…that he claims expresses such aggressive content. 50 CENT IS THE HIP HOP COMEDIAN WHO HAS BECOME THE BRUNT OF HIS OWN JOKES!!!

  • goldy

    men lie! women lie! numbers don’t! how many people are still waiting on a sigel record now? Ha!
    it’s the ROC u bastards!

  • 50 cent > jay-z


    cosign donniebrasco and Ty. I still think that 50 will sell close to or over 300k thats still not good though. Everybody talking this 50 cent album was leaked a month ahead of time bs. When he has leaked or posted other rappers cd on his website. 50 knew he couldn’t compete with the Rihana and others. So he leaked his own album, and the fact that he went on Flex’s radio show to discuss it is a victory to all of 50’s enemies. When has he had to that, oh I forgot when Kanye was beating him down and he said that def jam bar codes show 4 sales with 1 purchase. 50 desperate and his time is up. I hope he really sales that 160k that would be funny otherwise we just have to wait on the cds he bought over the weekend to find out real numbers. In the words of Outkast Andre 3000 to be exact when the record gets to skipping and slowing down and thats just where 50’s career is on the music side. He had a great run clap for him.

  • Riko

    the album is wack. fake beefs don’t work no more nigga…you need a new blueprint.

    the general public didn’t buy the fake aggressive content on the actual project.

  • yoyoyo

    lol, 50 is acting like none of his other albums leaked…. He should just be honest that he tried to re-enact his gangsta lifestyle for a hit record and the people arent feeling his lack of creativity.

  • Warks

    Can’t deny how great the album is though.

  • Paul

    I would like to point this out. 50 Cent said during the interview back in ’07 he had when him and Cam got at it on the phone, 50 said when he was asked about downloading and what he would do if his record didn’t sell, 50 Cent said: “They was downloading my last two albums, and they still sold because they wanted the real thing and they feel comfortable buying a 50 Cent CD.” So what is the probelem now? 50 Cent is a JOKE…he talks so much non sense that he forgets what he says in interviews!

  • Kim

    50 cent needs to take note. In the book “The Art of War” it reads (Paraphrasing) “the best victory is when you don’t have to go to war or fight at all but still defeat an enemy.” 50 is losing at this…BOO BOO needs to check himself!

  • real talk

    @ Kim & Paul: 50 Cent can’t possibly be REAL with his fans until he gets REAL with himself! Leaks are a common part of the business and happens to every artist. To offer this as an excuse is pathetic.

  • eightysbaby

    Albums leak all of the time, 50 is just making excuses. ALL of his albums have leaked. He’s just tryna cop all of these pleas now, because he’s about to have his 1st lackluster sales week of his career.

    All that shit he pops off about doin numbers, now hes a victim of his own circumstance.

    Hov and Ross are somewhere chuckling over this

  • RICH1


  • RICH1

    :::::::::::::::::::MOST CD’S DONT LEAK A WHOLE MONTH IN ADVANCE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::GET THAT RIGHT

  • Industry Advocate

    Paul, yeah, you get it! Elliott, yeah you get it! The rest of y’all need to think back to just April when Ross dropped and he said that number doesn’t represent the promo and mktg. Def jam put into it! This is a bad album quality wise, and Allhiphop is the only cats that gave this a good review! Be real, this didn’t work 50! I honestly think 50 leaked that album. He said when it first leaked he’s glad it leaked in it’s right sequence so people get the mind state he was in when he created it. If he cared about the leak that much he would have pushed that album back to next year and put different songs on it! he had no idea people wouldn’t like the album and NOT buy it! Just like i’m not buying this excuse! Now maybe we’ll get good music from him instead of Paint By Numbers gangsta rap! Sorry Fif, you lost this Ross Battle, and The Jay battle too! I feel a GRODT 2 coming for some reason!!!

  • MC

    This is a bad album quality wise, and Allhiphop is the only cats that gave this a good review! Be real, this didn’t work 50!

    Da fuck are you talkin about nigga?!?

  • SB

    Leaks a month early is suspect… You shouldnt let a plant fuck with yo shit a month early. Come on now, he leaked that shit on purpose to have an excuse for sales that were already gonna be sad.

  • Coolin

    Why can’t he just admit that this album isn’t gonna do well? Stop blaming other people and make better music. This dude is an arrogant prick. He thinks anything he touches turns to gold, and if it’s not received well, then it’s everyone else’s fault. Get a grip Curtis.

  • fif a joke!

    LMAO! This shit is funny…. Fif is a joke… Instead of dissin HOV he shoulda been askin 4 collabos… Yo hovi is shakin his head at this bum! Shit even ja rule is laughin at dis bitchmade nigga…

    Stop makin excuses fif u lost my nigga so man up nd take da L like a G…

    If fif FLOPED, wat BEANS think gon happen now? LMAO!

  • WindyCityG72

    its funny 160k is a flop now , you can say yeah dude went plat. 1st week with his old shit. NO ONE CAN SELL LIKE THEY USE TO THESE DAYs, 5 years ago hell even 2 years ago anyone was going Gold.

  • tedwai

    shut the fuck up 50 your actual project is about to catch an actual brick and its your fault all your fault

  • John

    this album won’t go platinum, it sold less than the “T.O.S.” album :s

  • Nathaniel

    i just want to say to the cat that keeps repeating “no album has leaked a month before in history” blah blah, that Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor leaked like 3 months before its first scheduled release date and ruined lupe’s entire marketing scheme…his entire push. so with The Cool…he took the steps to make sure it wouldn’t leak at all…and it didn’t.

    so…so much for that “fact” u keep repeating. my people my people, its okay for 50 cent to flop yo. it really is. nothing lasts forever.

    and i didn’t even realize that shit had been out for a month now. did it REALLY leak that long ago, or is that just another excuse for the brick falling on g-unit offices this week? honest question, somebody help me out.

  • Nathaniel

    @ Paul….yep that pretty much sums it up.

    at the end of the day, people buy albums they want…if it’s dope enough, and if your brand is strong enough at the time of the release. BRAND. 50’s brand, in the music arena, has been falling by the wayside FAST ever since the chi-town softy mopped his jamaica queens bang bang shoot’em up ass up with Graduation.


  • Nathaniel

    and btw, AHH has the worst album reviews i’ve EVER read.

    them niggas will give an album a 9, and then shit on it in the text of the review.
    then they’ll turn around and give another album a 6, and praise it the whole time.

    you’d do better reading amazon reviews, real talk. or just listening for yourself and deciding. AHH’s shit is sooo convoluted.

  • hisho

    pop music is not bigger than hip-hop.. trust me.. hip hop is huge, but do u know why it’s not that popular or why doesn’t sell as much ??!!
    this is because of all of yo motherfuckers who loves to hate. 50 and his fans hate on rick ross and another ppl hate on 50, ,, and no one buys no one’s shit.. hip hop is dead,, and it’s all because of the haters,,
    If you want to beef, beef with pop or rock music,,, don’t hate on hip hop artists!!! support hiphop..peace

  • justinistewart82

    hes done. somebody get me fork

  • nae

    Its funny how a week ago everyone was loving 50cent saying his album was fire number one on I tunes then all of a sudden the projection numbers come haters are in full force even if 50cent sales that much its not going to affect him at this point is his carrer sales shouldnt mean anything he is already 30million deep world wide he has acomplished that in 6 years and other rappers are still trying to go platinum hint Rick Ross And lets keep it real 50cent dont need the sales money he is already worh like 400million So at the end of the day he still has the upper hand on all these artist rick ross fat joe game he can still talk all the shit he wants cause he got the paper and even if this will be his lowest album sale to date he still has more records sold than all of these guys put together The bisd album was fire he gave his core fans a hard record and now that the album may not sale people want to say it is trash 50CENT dont give a fuck what the haters bloggers and critics say he lives for the bullshit 50cent has a fighter mantality he feeds off hate you can hate on and on and on but it wont get ride of your favorite rapper you love to hate

  • nae

    been a 50cent fan from day one and it is staying that way not going to ride the band wagon of hate 50cent fans dont waste your breath on the haters they are always going to be there Anyone who has followed 50cent knows this guy been beefing since he got into the industry case in point how to rob i like how he has stayed the same and hasnt changed just cause everyone say their tired of him beefing I aint its entertaining I hope he does a how to rob part 2 and just fucking go in on all these fagots these critics