Drake Meets The Grammy Family

Oh no, it can’t be. Well, it isn’t—sorta. Yesterday in Tennessee, the Nashville Chapter of The Recording Academy held a special sit down called “Conversation with Drake” at Ocean Way Recording studio. Thank Me Later coming 2010. This fight’s fixed.


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  • Joe

    YM baby

  • R2>TML 2010
    Shadyz Year!

  • lupend57

    what’s everyone’s problem with drake. he’s not fake, he doesn’t rap about things he can’t relate to, and he does have talent

    if you don’t like his content then that’s understandable but move on. you aren’t gonna like every new rapper and just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you need to blindly hate

  • B.Dot

    if you don’t like his content then that’s understandable but move on. you aren’t gonna like every new rapper and just because you don’t, doesn’t mean you need to blindly hate

    Uh, who’s “hating?”

  • JC

    The concept that a rapper, who has NO album, freestyles from his Blackberry and who has accumulated (or inherited from Wayne) a fanbase at such an exponential rate deserves something. A premature Grammy nod perhaps, but light skin is in to win. Right YN?
    Anybody that has saturated the market with material like Drake is bound for scrutiny.
    I just can’t tolerate the 100 similies per song like when so far gone dropped.



  • Oj Da Cornball

    For the lame that claim folks hating, what planet you from?
    Aside, Drake is fake, fake as i gets. He DOES rap about stuff not him. NO not gangster things. It’s not rapping about that that make him fake. Do be fronting like he came from a struggle and hood. He feel him self a little too much. Okay that’s rappers but it rubs realer ones the wrong way. U might think thats BS but hey that’s how it works.
    Like, trying acting hard in jail see if you want get approached.
    I think the bigger issue is the fact, as BDot puts it, “the fight is fixed” for him while he acting like it’s really him being that nice, he’s shoed down throat and ways we didn’t want and many don’t appreciate it.

    Many people are not wrong to spot the same thing. those don’t see it are just bling, maybe like you.

  • koa29

    ^ hater

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Learn a new term

  • dcadsc

    Drake is a tool

  • rosque

    eveyone hate someone u either like jayz or hate 50 like wanye or hate joe budden drak still hasnt priven him self all his fans are white of females like fifty

  • Interscope Employee

    I fuckz with Drake, but the fight is DEFINITELY fixed

    anyway 2010 is all about RELAPSE 2!!!!

  • younghov402

    Drake is nice as hell on the mic……i don’t care what anybody say. He holds his own (if not bodying) Wayne on all the songs they have together! I can see how u could say the fight is fixed cuz he’s already meeting wit ppl like this, but who else has had a buzz like this besides 50??? And it helps him that hes not this super hood nigga that raps about coke and shooting niggas all day cuz middle aged white people (The Grammy folks) dont feel that shit and prolly dont wanna use their award to promote that as much as somebody that raps like drake.

  • Gotta agree with ^…Isn’t this what music is about??? Being urself? As soon as a nigga is himself, he’s wack. If a nigga is fake, but then exposed (ummm, Rick Ross) then he’s praises still. Make up ur fucking minds ppl. The nigga Drake makes good music whether u like it or not. If we all like the same shit and all agreed on the same terms, then the world wouldn’t be what it is. There would be no such word as *INDIVIDUALITY*…WTF…let the nigga live…shit…

  • Petey

    drake looks like the weasle character played by john leguisamo on ice age 3

  • Lol. How is the man fake??? Some people got hate in they blood for no reason… lmao. Thats crazy, but um I’m glad he getting his shine. I think he deserve. Go Drizzy. I hope he could sell a million his 1st week