Freeway Goes To Saudi Arabia (Pt. 2)

Here’s the second half of the voyage to the Middle East. In this clip, Loon Amir Junaid Muuhadith, Jakk Frost and Freeway spend the day at various locations throughout the country. All praises due…Earrrly!

Previously: Freeway Goes To Saudi Arabia (Pt. 1)

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  • thetruth

    Loon’s conversion has something to do with finanace and Freeway and them are getting shown the ropes by Mr. Loon,

  • donniebrasko

    What the hell is freeway doing with that man bag??? Just makes dude look funny with that beer belly

  • B.Dot

    Lol, yeah, Gotta be stylish with the Louis fanny pack

  • FilthBrizzy

    All these rappers are losing their minds!

  • man excuse me but this shit is a joke extremely…this nigga Loon is a dousche fa’real man…he couldn’t face real life and whatnot, got screwed by Puff and this nigga becomes Muhammed’s supporter…man, religion is not the key real shit…if that was the case, all these billions of church/mosque/temple goin’ muthafuckas woulda got some type of peace and balance in their lives by now…how can you ‘pray’ to a ‘God’ and you don’t even know who you prayin’ too. that’s even worse than claimin’ there is a God. Freeway need to shoot hisself.. I hope he just takin’ a tour. Ahh! people in the world, I guess it’s true. “Everybody needs something to believe in”

  • dickinyamom

    It’s crazy it’s only ok when your Christian but when you any other religion it’s a joke, I think anything that pushes young black men in a positive direction is a beautiful thing. You can’t denounce someone’s faith if you have no proof to support your own beliefs, Man made science it’s religion in this day and age just off of physical analysis and forgot about spiritual belief @cardinprice. When you hit rock bottom watch how fast God’s name comes out ya mouth, I seen people who claim they are atheist and when shit seems critical that’s the first person they scream for….ironic

  • Salam ALaikum

    allhumdillah much love to RR for showcasing Islam in a positive light instead of slander..

    whaddup Bdot

    Sir Wilson whaddup

    Wa Alaikum Salam


  • Johnny Ringo

    Is this a religious site?

  • Chris

    I thought this series has been very interesting. I dont know why people gotta get all aggy about it, its not like Free is asking y’all to covert or nothing. From what I gather the trip for Ummrah (sp?) is an important personal thing for people of his religion and I can respect him putting something together with Loon to just show people what its like.
    And also, I dont know why Loon gotta be considered a douche because he’s a muslim now. Its not like he’s pulled a Mase and is going back and forth between rap and religion unsure about what he wanna do. Let him find happiness and meaning in life, its fine.

  • Bigs ups to Loon & Freeway they trying to do something positive i feelum on this

  • This nigga Free got tha Louis fannypack tho! lmao!

  • they look kinda like kkk to me…
    and i aint sittin near them on a plane….

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  • TS

    i never knew Freeway was that short

  • mithritades

    [email protected]! says:
    Tuesday, November 24 2009 at 11:34 AM EST
    This nigga Free got tha Louis fannypack tho! lmao!
    what he said lmao

  • lola

    Crazy how people are clearly fans of hip-hop (like, why else would you be here), but still so ignorant and prejudice when it comes to culture and religion. I don’t get it when the most judged start judging… this isn’t about finance/terrorism/record sales or whatever you goons are talkin about… it’s about these dudes being secure enough with themselves to say bump the industry (okay… maybe the industry said “bump” them first, but still…) and go work on their relationship with God. Allah u Akbar.
    Oh and PS- Y’all are just hating on the Fanny pack… Free lookin reaaaalll Sarah Jessica on ’em! In a good way, though! Ha!

  • B.

    Terrorist ass niggas, I’m callin the FBI

  • ms_daydreamer

    Ahh… Good stuff! Love the positivity from these young men!

  • asshole

    Is that you Loon? Oh shit. These guys look crazy…and that LV fanny bag freeway?… Black people are so fucking stupid sometimes. I can’t belive that’s Loon..hahahah.. bitch asses

  • T

    Asalam alaikom all,

    props to these men.

    its ummrah and its in a practice in islam and they are muslims. why would anyone hate on something they love to do!!? try to understand religion(s) and then come and lecture as long as you want.

    the most cool things about ummrah that it is so easy to do and also short. you can do it in a half day then later enjoy the peace around mecca.

    it is some times amazing to disconnect yourself from your routine life and seek some peace with Allah or who ever you believe in.

    Live to respect all and be real!! ignorance is a the plague yo!

    looking fresh no homo.. haha