Jay-Z Attends “Fela!” Opening Night

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Last night at the Eugene O’Neill Theater in NYC, Jay-Z attended the Broadway premiere of the musical, Fela! Above, he speaks to BroadwayTV on what he hopes people will get out of the play.


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  • Gino

    Jay please don’t respond to the negative beef! Hip hop needs to be respected and beefing and acting like crabs will not get hip hop to the level it needs to be! Hip hop needs to evolve and mature so that it will have continuous longevity and honor!! This is why hip hop gets no respect from the public because the cooons in the industry are haters and never want to see the next man succeed. How about trying to make a success out of yourself instead of clinging to the next man!!! 50 Cent is a hater…this is the same man that a few years ago said: “F*ck the hood !” when others was criticizing him for not making hood music and know sense no one respects his craft he is acting like the hood is his best friend!!

  • RapMusic

    I head jay z snubbed Em/50 at the AMA.When they performed,he sat in his seat the whole time while everybody else was standing and clapping.And when the guy next to him stood up,jay z pulled him down and told him to sit.If that is true,its pretty lame

  • chichi

    everybody keep hearing

  • Nigerian Gangster {the AG/Fela mashup } > The Gray Album…fyi.

    ..back to your regular scheduled program

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  • Show is crazy, that FELA dude was as real as they come and 19 wives is not bad as well. Great show if you are in and around NY get a chance to come on down and see it, YN, why you wasn’t there you had to know Hov was gone show up, Dude name in bright lights on Broadway, FELA Presented by Shawn JAY Z Carter and Jada and Will Smith, Alicia producing it as well, good look for the rappers, shout out to Jones for getting the ball rolling on this look, Beatnuts even got a show, love hip hop

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  • Nathaniel

    peace to fela kuti

    one of our greats.

  • asshole

    Jay z doing plays and you runnin around wit the lieutenant and captain. That’s you 50 runnin around wit em/dre. Damn 50 step ya game up. Jay doing plays and your performin wiith beanie sigel. Pork & beans. Hahhaha. Bitch ass nigga

  • iCandy

    Where was Wale?


    Jay-Z, doing the most to support Good music, Good art, African culture and awareness of a legend!