Update: Eminem “Relapse: Refill” Cover x Tracklist

Apparently, the tracklist we posted was fugazi. Check out the real deal below. Above is the official album cover.

1. Forever
2. Hell Breaks Loose (Featuring Dr. Dre)
3. Buffalo Bill
4. Elevator
5. Taking My Ball
6. Music Box
7. Drop The Bomb On ‘Em


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  • mikey

    looks dope
    refill will like relapse
    relapse 2 is more serious album and a classic

  • RapMusic

    Cool,cant wait to buy Refill.Not sure if i trust that tracklist but time will tell.Hell breaks loose,wonder what that song is about

  • mikey

    i wonder could help break loose ft Royce Da 5″9???

  • JMG

    jo nice tracklist….sad that insult to injury isnt on it…but ill buy it ^^

  • Chris

    This sounds crazy, Hell Breaks Loose sounds like it could be a prequel to When Hell freezes Over, i hope it is that shit was dope

  • stickupkiD

    you ppl amaze me…

    y’all would buy shit on a stick if Em face waz on it…
    i listen to em but 7 tracks…wtf thats a mixtape.

    a full version album with 16 new tracks in slim shady mode and i’m buyin…anything less. dud

    bisd is dope though psycho is a blazer

  • mikey


  • llll

    to the man above me….i bet that these people didn’t buy the actual album and since its more than 20 tracks they said”what the hell lets buy it”!!!but for me…if these were on itunes i would buy them..if not i’m just gonna download it!!and the tracklist looks weird!!but hell breaks loose looks like punchlines and story telling!!we’ll know the shit when its leaks!!

  • B

    I am sorry but aren’t shady’s eyes blue? You know what they say about brown eyes.

  • Scott

    apparantly this guy on youtube has leaked beats of this songs i dont know if its legit.

  • Isn’t RapRadar ran by Eminem’s manager? How the hell can yall post up a fugazi tracklist lol. If anything,yall should have straight Eminem exclusives

  • stickupkiD

    You blind people will see 2m is the devil like jay z. Watch and see..

    In seven DAYS it will cometh. Illuminati.. Don’t follow the devils that be. Secret society is REAL! And jay z is one of them

  • Interscope Employee

    Shady is runnin Interscope!! We thought 50 could do RELAPSE #’s but failed
    but dont worry, Interscope still on top!!! Best sellin rapper of 2009 is on Interscope!!!!!

  • RapMusic

    “Stick up kid” So what if Refill is only 7 tracks,whats wrong with buying it? Ive been an Em fan for 10years and i have bought all his albums so why would i stop now? I still think he`s dope as fuck and i bet Refill wont even cost much since alot of people already bought Relapse

  • stickupkiD

    I sure love some 50. He tastes so goooood!!! I could taste him all day. 156 K sales. Who cares! He still taste good! Yummi


  • stickupkiD

    why the fuck u imposers using my name…GET THE FCUK AWAY….wat happen to these ppl birth name.

    and yes i will cosign some rappers are apart of the secret society bull shit…pray to God they get washed up….eg JAY_Z

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  • Toya

    Not sure why “Forever” and “Taking My Ball” are on the tracklist. (They don’t really count as new songs and “Forever” is really a Drake song.) I guess we won’t really know what songs Em has up his sleeve until Refill officially drops (or until the album is leaked online).
    Personally I feel that Refill is only good for the late arrivals. People like me that marked their calendars and bought Relapse the day it arrived in stores feel fucked. Either a) we have to buy Relapse all over again just for 7 new songs, b) hope that iTunes will let you buy the 7 extra songs without having to buy the entire album, or c) go online to some underground site and download the songs illegally. I hate to say it but for me, I’ll most likely have to go with c. Sorry. Love Em to death but not enough to buy the same album twice.

  • 50 Cent

    hey stickupkiD wut u doin tonight? I ain’t doing shit. Just crying over my album sales. Can u please come over and comfort. I’m hurting really really bad. Maybe you can give me one of your famous backrubs. Maybe that will make me feel better. Please come over and maybe we can talk about that nasty JayZ. U know he the devil right?? Come on over honey

  • niiiicie

  • Rick Dickulous

    ‘hell breaks loose’ is a prequel to ‘hell freezes over’?

    shut the fuck up. you must have downs if you think that shit’s a prequel just bc it has ‘hell’ in the title.

    fuck you and the horse you rode in on

  • rapist008

    Wow, man. Sounds dope!

  • llll

    d12 responds to the fame eminem diss…….


    they are gonna respond because he mentioned proof and hallie!!swifty said its on another lever now not just rap….so expect something really soon!!


    I heard that the “FOREVER” we all know is gonna be diffrent ..then the one that we thhink is on that… other wise it would have said featuring next 2 it …

  • JMG

    cant wait for it

  • amy

    Drop The Bomb On ‘Em sounds dope…. cant wait to hear that

  • JC


  • bAkPac_skippin

    he just put out these songs cause relapse 2 is gonna be completely different instead of him going crazy and spittin…thats wat i think

  • joko

    ”this is me and D-R-E!! you’ll be in the E.R!! we are strapped with so much TNT!!” is from a new song of Refill 🙂 probly from ”Drop The Bomb On ‘Em” or ”Hell Breaks Loose (Ft. Dr. Dre)”

  • Dman

    ^ yh i heard that leak

  • stickupkiD

    lol….that all i say to the haters….

    Baby by Me is continuing to do good on the Billboard and so is The invasion. 50 cent is still no.1 hip hop & rap album…regardless of the unfortunate sales which i would say is cause of the change of the release dates. 23rd then 24th then 17th then 16th then on itunes 9th.

    50 cent still the best (don’t hate on God’s ppl)

  • Chris

    Rick Dickulous i said it could be you fucking moron, it’s just an opinion, dont take it so seriously fucking hell, what a fag, you spaz out over the lilest thing, fucking idiot

  • JMG

    @ joko….

    jo i think this is from elevator…beacuse i hear a little bit longer version with the chourus and he sang elevator..:)

  • illaDeuce

    what the fuck, listen Eminems my man and all but you guys need to chill this shit has 7 tracks???? are you serious???? seven….???? that is fucked up. Unless i find out theres another 3 tracks im not buying this, straight with the download. Even though im sure all 7 are gonna be incredible. Heard just bleezy ran some production too.

  • Chris

    i might ask to get this for christmas since then i wont be paying for it, or i’ll sell the first relapse cd and get this one, i dunno, i’ll see how i feel

  • Etat

    yo check out thiss song this guys are soo bad http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IjPQ4dmhT0&feature=related

  • trava52

    Eminem Во Скоро Послушаем

  • krazy

    tracklist is real all songs r leaked.

  • mr. shade
  • Lizin

    LOL, i dont knw what i can say about the refill, but i surely knw tht im gona buy that shit. u ppl dnt realize, Em is the G.O.A.T! Who the fuck is Jay-Z?

  • ASID


    you’ll find a guy with the name of asid12345678 fighting for shady with some mariah carey fans….support him….mariah carey fans are almost killing him there….support him..support shady…..Eminem fo life!!!