Lil Boosie Wants Rehab, Not Jail

Bad Azz tells RapGodfathers that he belongs in rehab and not jail because of his marijuana addiction. According to WAFB, Boosie’s sentence has been bumped up to 10 years. Huh?!

“If I made a mistake with marijuana, why am I not eligible for rehab?” Boosie questioned. “I’ve been on marijuana since a teenager. I need some rehab. Jail is not rehab.”

UPDATE: According to our political connects: He was sentenced to 10 total. Six were suspended. So four to serve. With good behavior 2-3 he will be out.

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  • Rehab only explains the weed part…But um…the gun charges part of it…no rehab for that.

  • dickinyamom

    Boosie you a bitch flat out, you scared of going to jail stop bitchin’ nigga, do ya time and do what you gotta do to get home to ya family and back to ya career you pussy

  • sideshowRaheem

    So the weed made him break his house arrest?……..4 times?

  • mac DIESEL

    @ lil boosie



  • WISE 1

    the fucked up legal system thinks that rehab are made for white folks only

  • dickinyamom

    Naw fuck my previous statement I just found out they gave that nigga 10 years on a weed charge! 10 years just for weed??? Damn!! Fuck them crackers in the lop sided legal system, I was locked up wit white boys that had vehicular homicides, major oxy cotin/ ecstasy drug cases, arson all types of shit and them mutha~fuckas get a slap on the wrist less then a year in prison. Niggas?? They roof you like a football, Boosie plead guilty that’s where he fucked up now he can’t appeal that bullshit…smdh

  • Bay Hustler

    This is pathetic. It’s people like this that give weed a bad name. “Addicted to Marijuana” Give me a f*#ckn break. It wasn’t the weed that put them guns on him. Adults make their own decisions. Sounds like someone reaching for any excuse to reduce the sentence. I understand they way over punishing him, but “it was the weed”….Come on Son!


    Just another sad nigga that cant live with the stupididty of his own actions. If You wanna play Gangster And You Not, You Still gotta accept the consequences. Man the fuck up, do your time, keep your head low, and stop whining like a bitch before they turn you into somebodies.

  • stickupkiD

    50 cent is the best rapper of all time. Album of the year BISD. Album is better than that devil album BP3

    50 cent greatest of all time. Evrybody is gonna see that. Jay z is the devil ya’ll

    BISD > BP3 devil

  • dickinyamom

    ^^^ you should be locked up for making that statement, you must be in a state of shock after seeing the 156k he sold last week

  • stickupkiD

    ^^^ your gonna see the devil jay z in the flesh. Your a 50 hater and love the devil. Shame. Secret society is real. Your blind to the truth. You will see


  • ^stupid wouldn’t you think 50 is involved wit’ that ‘devilish’ shit as well dummy… it’s called balance the public’s perception…them 2 play the dark angel/light angel one’s dumb, they’re the 2 highest grossing folks in hip-hop…so Stick Up, stfu!

    Boosie got his reason for sayin’ what he say, can’t hate it if a nigga don’t wanna go to the big house…any time lost is bad especially when you locked and can’t experience your everyday freeness. Rest of you niggas would be doin’ the same man, why everybody these days think they so fuckin’ G

  • mithritades

    this nigga went in expecting 4 years,they turned it around and doubled up…then for good measure they added 2,DAMN..i would hold my head Boosie lmao

    On another note,I wouldn’t wish jail on anybody,that’s a raw deal thorance got smmfh,Stay up Thorance Hatch

  • mithritades

    one more thing…like BG said “that first draw is a motherfucker” these niggas out here will try you,u gotta keep that steel close

  • this will be a blackout/you played yourself in 24 hours.

  • Rob

    The news is from NOT RapGodfathers. RapGodfathers just steals news from every other site word for word and doesn’t credit them. You shouldnt be supporting that site at all.


  • stenokid


  • willie mcfly22

    addicted to weed??? cmon on son dont make up shit, do ya shit and get the hell outta there and move onu doin 3 yrs max and prollly easy time cuz u a “celebrity”

  • they dont make rehab for weed

  • VW187

    Of course they make rehab for weed you dumb mother fucker. They make rehab for everything. Boosie’s just trying to use the governments policy of weed being a terrible drug against them. Obviously.

  • I guess Im the only 1 that sees Boosie got fucked over in this case. Regardless if ur a fan or not of this dude,from the outside pov you have to admit that.

  • And im the last one to pull the race card but racism still lives in the South. You have to remember Boosie is from Louisiana- the same place where recently a judge wouldnt let an interracial couple marry,the same place the Jena 6 incident happened,the same place Hurricane Katrina…..

    Baton Rouge has been wildin as of late so word is,the law is trying to set an example down there with Boosie by giving him that time. I guess by giving somebody like Boosie(a known person around there) time like that,they are trying to scare off all the criminals around the area by letting them know that they are acting strict now.
    ** just my thoughts **

  • StatEwing33

    Boosie is a talented youngnicca that, made some poor choices. So all you nicca thats talking down fall back, grows up most people make poor choices. Do not be hypocritical.

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