New Music: Timbaland Ft. Chris Brown, Keri Hilson & D.O.E. “Maniac (The One I Love)”

Initially, Chris Brown appeared on this. Unfortunately his vocals were removed and the title was changed from “Maniac” to “The One I Love.” Talk about mass confusion.

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  • This is a great CD!

  • I was about to BLAST Timbo for “semi-blackballin” Chris Brown like that, but after listening to the lyrics……yeah. It WOULD NOT have been a good look for the kid. lol. It’s a shame, but one of the consequences of his actions is the fact that he has to be more cautious with his material now.

    All that said….track is trash anyway. haha.

  • lyrics_to_go

    Let’s celebrate the celebrity
    Let’s celebrate the love of vanity
    Let’s celebrate the successors & the winners
    Let’s celebrate the losers & the sinners

    Read between the lines and you will find what has kept you blind….