Jim Jones Shops During Black Friday

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Fresh out the club, Capo’s after-hour spot was Toys R Us. Here he is taking advantage of Black Friday sales. Of course, riding in shopping carts is strictly prohibited.

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  • cat

    Broke Loser.

    Dame = Broke Loser

    Cam = Broke Loser

    50 Cent = Loser

    Beanie Sigel = No Comment


    Jay-Z = for the Win !!

  • monique

    This guy always look like he is in need of ashower to me. He always look dirty.

  • Zestfully clean

    Yeah that’s the only time you can shop broke ass nigga. Once a year. Now go take a shower before you make those clothes cry you dirty dingy smelly ass fool.

  • Interscope Employee

    this nigga should buy some soap and some talent

  • kingill89

    shit yal call him broke I call it smart your stupid in the head if you not going to take advantage of buying a 42 inch plasma for like 300 call him cheap broke whatever but to me thats smart why wouldnt you take advantage of a day like that I got like 8 fitteds new eras for 120 4 pair of SB’z 175 and that 42′ inch for 350 a nigga spent 625 on merchandise that cost easily over 2000 and still got money in my poccet I dont care if you call me broke i look at it as being smart like why would you buy the milk if you can get a cow for half of the price for the milk

    Yall niggas on here need to really think for a minute like a nigga who earned a million cant carry coupons and shit my Uncle has a mansion in Westchester and he got there cuz he got a drawer full of coupons and spent his money wisely

  • getEM13

    LOL @ kings comment

  • hi haters


  • hi haters


  • hi haters

    DAMNN !! F******* JEALOUS !!!!!

  • coupons

    @kingill89 what are you, a freakin Jew?