Beats By Dr. Dre Best Buy Commercial

No Dre cameos, but if you’re looking for a stocking stuffer this holiday season—pay attention (and like you weigh). Crisp sound plus heavy bass are just what the Doctor ordered.

Spotted: Woooha

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  • wats so special about these headphones??

  • creolo

    smh…..rap radar coppin’ payola from iovine. remember that shady funds rap radar; iovine of course has financial interests with em. SMH

  • Every Day

    Eminem has made a recording with Lil Wayne called “Drop The World.” The second collaboration of the main rap artists is featured on Wayne’s new 12-track-album Rebirth. Rebirth is out in stores on December 15th.


    1. American Star

    2. Prom Queen

    3. Ground Zero

    4. Da Da Da

    5. Paradise

    6. Get A Life

    7. On Fire

    8. Drop The World

    9. Runnin

    10. One Way Trip

    11. Knockout

  • deeznuts

    too expensive fuck it

  • tredcrazi

    do you realize these cost more than most gifts you buy family lmao…

  • deeznuts

    lol.. and whoevers buyin these as strocking stuffers must be doin it

  • @ no mercy
    They supposedly block out any outside sounds while u are listening to them. Plus u catch on to different sounds in beats that u normally wouldnt hear without the headphones. But they are wayyyyy too overpriced. They have similar headphones out there that are cheaper.

  • Sangano

    lol … this niggas on the SHADY PAYROLL … fuck your agenda RapRadar …

  • kev
  • arsenicarsenal

    ive listened to em in bestbuy/futureshop
    there real good…feels like its just you and the music
    nothing else.
    only worth buying if your make music or dj


    I bought theze. they tight as fuck. good sound quality. i noticed they got white onez now.

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