GIANT Magazine Folds

And another one bites the dust. Alicia Keys graces the cover of the final issue of GIANT due Dec 15. After that, it’s strictly an on-line product at the url above. Times are hard on the boulevard.

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  • Damn, I’m going to miss my quarterly issues of one of my favorite magazines! It was like a mini VIBE, but it was balanced because it had a equal amount of articles than advertisements! GIANT was that SHHH! I guess it will have to be replaced with the new VIBE: Resurrection, or the teeny booper Rap – Up! Complex is ill, but I put them in a different catagory! The Source and XXL are still living, but GIANT was more of a entertainment lifestyle magazine with great reviews!

    052983 – Barcode – Coming Soon! – The A – (Youngest of The Commission)

  • vigoronline

    Yea, Giant had some heavyweights on its staff. Smokey F. came from America mag, and Emil W. came from Vibe. Giant made a mark as a classy mag about celebrity, style and culture.

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