Steve Stoute’s Business Plan (Pt.2)

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In the continuation of his sitdown with the Life Files, The Comissioner addresses addresses moguls on the rise, Nas’ passion for turning down business deals and if well cooked rap beef still sells in 2009.

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  • Prapol

    Nas is the greatest MC of all time. Real artist.

  • Mark

    Nas is the real deal…Nas said it himself: “I care more about hip hop than being a star in hip hop!” That is why Nas will make quiet investments not investments were everyone has to know your business!!! Nas don’t explain sh*t he lets you think what you to think because: Those who talk know nothing and those who stay quiet know everything!” -Nas

  • Sonya

    The interviewer seemed like he wanted Steve to diss Nas…but instead he gave Nas the ultimate compliment because Nas is truly the GREATEST!!!!

  • obama

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ No… The ‘interviewer’ wanted to blow Steve…

  • Tone

    This is what the “Nas lost” people don’t get. “He’s not running that race”

  • Mr.Me2

    Nas has lost the audience.. Old heads respect him but real talk he’s not in the same space as Lil

    Wayne,50, Em or even J as far as filling up a stadium. He can hardly sale records these day’s. Nas is

    def top five but don’t get it fucked up he because Stoute is his manager talking that artist bullshit..

  • Undeniably the GOAT!

    ^^^^^Agree @Tone: People who try to hate on Nas will never get that Nas is not running that race! Nas makes deals outside of music he just don’t brag about them in his music or have his publicist announce it in the news. IMO Nas is just not caught up in the hype aurrounding business deals being more important than your music! Nas is an artist first and until the immature fans comprehend that hip hop will continue to lack substance!

  • respect to Nas

    @Mr. Me2…Steve Stout is NOT Nas’ manager and what the fuck stadium has the above artists ever sold out! Damn sure not yankee stadium!!!! Nas sales out arenas just like the artists you have named!!!! Nas performs at the same places these artist perform at! Shit Nas went gold + on a non commercial alum last year…I bet you non of those artsits you seem to think generate so much more noise than Nas could do that!!! What place is Lil Wayne, 50, Em or Jay is in that Nas ain’t in!!!? Most people think Wayn is whack, 50 just had a major flop, Em can’t stop talikng about pop singer and Jay quoted Nas as being his competition is hip hop…so if being praised as a true artist and one of the GOAT’s is not in a great space I don’t now what is and what audience did Nas lose…his sales are consistant and every album went platinum accept the last one! Haters talk shit thay don’t even know!!! Go check out Nas’ stand alone concerts…these concert are sold out! His Australia tour alone was held in sold out arenas with fans cheering Nas on! Nas don’t make dumb ass songs like Lolipop, Candy Shop, or we made you for kids who can barely read so of course Nas will capture a different audience but that does not mean is not as relevant because like it or not over 500k old heads as you would put find Nas very relevant and went out and brought his latest album “Untitled”! Truth be told Untitled sold 184k in his first week more than 50 sold with his latest attempt!!!

  • mac DIESEL



  • omar

    One thing I’ve learned that when it comes to Nas haters will hate on any and everything pertaining to him because they don’t understand that a person like Nas who respects his craft and makes moves to put out real quality music on his own and with other talented artists such as Damian Maley is not worried about what the haters think of him personally. Nas is making history with his music and will always have the respect of those who truly love the hip hop culture! There are many artists (past and present) who sale or have sold alot of record in hip hop but will never be recognized as GREAT because they are to busy trying to prove how aggressive tor how much money they have or how popular they are to an audiesnce who lacks a deep or long term attention span and that is why their careers fade away and die. While an artist like Nas will be around for eternity because he stays true to the art and himself…you will always WIN if you stay true to yourself and not try to impress people with money or popularity because neither one of those descriptions qualify you as being GREAT!


    QUEENS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NAS is the greatest to ever breathe on the mic!!!! For those who dont know, Steve Stoute came in the game as Nas’ manager but they fell out for a while, now they just friends. Nas is getting that quiet paper and all he gives a fuck about is his music. He couldn’t care less about being in your face all day or selling you liquor and the other shit that every other dude is doing. Can you imagine a Nas cologne? I don’t even know why his status in the history of Rap/Hip-Hop is questioned, i really don’t. I also don’t know when the amount of money you appear to make determined how nice you were on the mic. Nas been doing his thing and as long as he keeps giving that music I’ve been obsessed with for the past 16-17 years I don’t care if he became a panhandler or a fucking tycoon. ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC Y’ALL

  • Lydia

    LOL @QUEENZ…I feel you 1000%! Oh and for those who don’t know Nas and Damian Marley are hosting a hip hop/reggea panel .in D.C. on Dec 12, 2009 @ 7:00pm sponsored by the National Geographic museum/channel and V-Tech for their Distant Relatives album Documentary . The panel will be hosted by MTV’s own Sway, Tthe panel will be speaking on hip-hop’s and reggae’s global impact and the panel will consist of pioneers in hip hop such as DJ Kool Herc and DJ Red Alert, as well as Jamaican music legends Daddy U-Roy and King Jammy. The event, will also be broadcast live on I truly luv Nas’ music because he loves the culture and that is why he will always prevail IMO!

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  • I had to weigh in…I’m happy to see so many fellow Nas fans out there! I was beginning to think no else got it. Nas is the G.O.A.T. I don’t care about sales, deals, videos, awards or none of that bull. Dude is in a league of his own point blank period.

  • dredd


  • Chris

    @ Mr Me 2: I would take 50 off that list, seeing as Nas outsold him with his last joint.

    Also, there’s only like 5 niggaz in the rap game who can truly fill out stadiums now anyway, so its no shame for Nas to be in the space he’s in now, which is quietly going gold and be able to be in enough demand that he does world tours and has the Rock the Bells tour in the states.

    Stoute said a lot of important things in that video. Firstly, The audience doesnt really care about beef anymore. Its so obviously constructed. There’s no interest was really generated for something like Cam vs 50. Even now, with stuff like Beans vs Jay, its less intruige and more cynicism. So who really cares for a Jay vs 50 beef when there hearts wont be in it?
    And secondly, people need to think about the long term investments of business deals. I dont know if No Limit or Wu-Tang realized that, and I dont know if 50 realized that (other than Vitamin water). Its always better to invest in something that will do more than just keep your name hot for the moment.


    the event in DC is Sold Out, but I’m hitting that after party

  • Nathaniel

    Nas doesn’t have to do outlandish numbers.

    Untitled will teach future generations for years to come. knowledge, bangers, and education from start to finish. thats timeless music. the same way we herald Strange Fruit by billie holiday (the SAME strange fruit that wasn’t getting much love when it was recorded). will be how history remembers the innovative approach Nas has always taken to hip hop music. he’s one of our vanguards.

    Distant Relatives with Damien Marley will do the same. he said when he was making Untitled that he finally understood exactly what his purpose was as a figure in black music. the same way we used to read books and learn, in 2010 and beyond, since the poor ain’t reading like they could, music can teach.

    everybody has their place. puff is important, jay is hella important, outkast is hella important, 50 is too. music aside, they are authoring black institutions that cater to the wants, needs, and experience of black america. something a white institution could never do fully. we need ownership, institutions preserve culture (marcus garvey), so that shit is mandatory. but nas has his place as well. every artists career peaks and descends, but Nas’ place in our history, 20yrs from now is solidified. and thats on a strictly artist level. how many mc’s can say that?

  • Nathaniel

    my niggas, everything we do can uplift, teach, educate, and inspire. its all about how we USE it. rap music is no different. it just gotta be funky (c) andre 3000.

    that shit jay said “don’t follow me youngin, follow my moves” <—we spend so much time straight tearing down these niggas who are inherently imperfect, but their moves, right or wrong, should be studied. artistically and business wise.

  • Yvette

    @ Nathan I feel you! Nas is truly timeless and his music will live on forever!