• BE

    Wack. Really Peedi Pablo? And why were there no Nupes in the video? I couldn’t even make it through the whole video.

  • Sunshine

    wow….i’m not feeling this at all…


    This is the weakest T-Pain song he ever released WTF this nigga let Jay-Z end his career


  • I.S.A.A.C.

    Autotune is as dead as Petey Pablo’s career. That’s why he got the cameo on that line lol.

    T-Pain… music sux…. hilarious guy tho. He should have a variety show not an album.

  • kingill89

    yea dont know what e was thinkin with this but we all know people like t-pain dont last look at Lil Jon and where he’s at now and where he was a couple of years ago same thing with buta Rhymes in the late 90s like after a while the music becomes old and they disappear

  • Sir Thulsa BOOM

    Seriously y’all need to get your heads outta Jay’-Z’s lap and take a closer listen.
    This shit is FIRE!!!
    I’ve had it on repeat for 2 months. I’ve only heard Run This Town twice in my entire life..shit was boring.
    This is just a fun club record…nothing more, nothing less.
    What you want a dude to do?
    Rap about philosophy on a club banger? *SMH*
    Some of y’all got me dying, yo.
    If any of you wanna say T-Pain’s untalented simply cause of autotune, then go for it..but tell me if Ron Browz’ Gimme $20 even comes close to Take Your Shirt Off…

  • TK


  • Ty

    This song is entirely forgettable IMO . The video is the same thanks to the fact that the only people really taking their shirts off are…………… NIGGAS ???? Please man. It may sound misogynistic but oh well, I thought we would at least see some blurred out ta ta’s LOL LOL

    Also yest T Pain autotune IS dead and the fact that you keep reminding people of that song and your flip floppy reaction to it, is killing you with it ……..LET DOA GO NIGGA AND TRY TO HAVE A CAREER!
    Finally , don’t think it’s coincidental that Pablo’s in this video, cause he did a song real similar to this a couple years ago and T Pain must be making sure he didn’t flip on him when he heard the song .

    ^ I wish people would stop actin’ like nobody can have an opinion that happens to agree with Jay’s opinion (or any other artist’s) without it meaning they’re blindly repeating after the artist . Why can’t we just not like the song , the way you just happen to like it ? Is your head in T Pain’s lap ? Is this song that undeniable that we HAVE to be brainwashed into not liking it ? Come on man …..