The-Dream’s Grammy Nightmare

Last night, Christina Milian’s husband took Twitter and vented about his album Love vs. Money getting snubbed for a Grammy nomination. This past March, YN and I appeared alongside Dream on The Morning After With Angela Yee. In the clip below, he talked about his beef with the Grammy Family.

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  • Goose

    Nigga album was decent as best. He’s a good writer, but he’s no singer!

  • Nathaniel

    fuck your grammy, and fuck A grammy.

    i wish niggas were this passionate about issues affecting the communities they market their music to.

  • p. dom

    quit cryin’, ho.

  • Shawn

    You’re a run of the mill artist who’s music has no critical and timeless value not has it made you or your sound culturally iconic…
    You C- student Homie…

  • His album was definitely one of the best R&B albums this year…it is crazy that he didn’t get nominated over someone as wack as Pleasure P. However…the Grammy’s nominated “On a Boat” a rap parody song in the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration so if anything that should give you a pretty clear indication that they have nothing but contempt and ignorance when it comes to our music.

  • I feel his complaint and I bought both of his albums. But if he were a better SINGER, they would probably nominate him.

  • kingill89

    a real talk his 1st album shoudve got a grammy nod that shit was a banger I didnt really hear his 2nd album but i heard it was better from other people never got the time to checc it out but LOve Hate was my shit especially that I love yo Girl song

    I think dude shouldnt take it personal becuz his music is kinda like promiscous and Grammy people dont wanna fucc with rnb songs that got curse words in them and shit unless the rapper is cursing becuz Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg has yet to win a grammy and it does have a little bit to do with race becuz Eminem MMLP was more controversial than Doggystyle and any of CUbes 1st album and Marshall Mathers Lp almost got Album of the year

    but he shouldnt be upset becuz its plenty of people in music in general who deserve Grammys and they never got them and they never will

    Pharell didnt win a grammy for Give it to Me or Frontin but he won 1 for a Justin Timberlake song so dude shouldnt take it as personal Grammys are a joke I think the award that has the most credibility is the ASCAP the AMAs and the WMA other than that BEt Award Mtv Awards Grammys thats shit you can just throw them shits some where

  • The Streets

    fuck awards shows period. why are they even around?

  • Aijonsin

    some of these nominations are a little weird. to me this year didn’t really have a lot of good songs or albums. look at best rap album/flo rida got nominated that album was fucking weak as hell and rap sung collab i would at least thought successful would have got a grammy nom

  • Hey, he may not be the best singer in the world, but at least he can write his ass off. He wrote a huge majority of most the r&b records that came out from Jamie Foxx, Beyonce, Mariah, as well as his own. I mean, if that nigga Drake can get nominated for one and NOT EVEN HAVE AN ALBUM, then I think The Dream shold get sum type of accolade. If I was him, I’d be pissed too.

  • Nathaniel

    the only reason cats like Dream and Neyo are even considered good writers is because their competition is horrendous. R&B is bull shit these days.

    put them niggas up against the likes of D’Angelo, Maxwell, Tank, Bilal, Eric Benet, and their shit is kindergarten. VOCALLY AND WRITING WISE

    but most of y’all niggas wouldn’t even put all them niggas in the same category. but yes its all the same genre, neo soul is really just rhythm and blues…it’s just real art. real quality.

    that shit the dream t-pain trey songz and the modern day r.kelly do is boo boo batter. and yes, r.kelly has fallen all the way the fuck off from the timeless shit he did in the past.

    ONCE AGAIN. fuck a whining ass niggas crying about a grammy nod. they never gave a fuck about black music nigga…you shouldn’t gauge your relevance or your art by their pat on the back. blacken up.

  • Didnt the grammys give the carter 3 rap album or the yr? Lol yeah that shows u their credibility. I liked The Dream’s last cd tho. That “kelly’s 12 play” was that shhhh

  • steben87

    Why bother? They nominated Flo-Rida for Rap album of the year, they trippin’.

  • Spa

    His beef is legit…

  • joe camel fan

    he did not get any nomination cause he does not have any dick sucking skill as drake and pleasure p the child molester.

  • Thatdude.

    whos dream again? Keep your love lockdown homie

  • obama

    He didn’t get nominated because his fat ass CAN’T SING!!!! Stop crying… You only making it worse…

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  • RRcoolJ

    I usually don’t support bitchin but the dude has made back to back classic albums. He deserves to be recognized. With that said, he just doesn’t fit “the mold” that the powers that be seem to like….he’ll probably be overlooked his whole career.

  • koa29

    best album of 2009 = love vs money? …. i think not.

  • BE

    Maybe it’s because you look like Hamburgerler

  • p

    its one of those years where the nominees looked like they were picked completely at random…

  • e20

    The Dream…Thats one dude who needs to stick to ghostwriting (I wonder if his lyrics have typos) dont NO body wanna see this fat boy on they tv

  • This album was some shit, the songs he wrote for other people sucked too. This guy is mad hating for no reason. His writing is mediocre and very basic. “Kelly’s 12 Play”? That’s a song worth of a Grammy to him? That album also featured “Let Me See the Booty”. This album was terrible. I heard it enough to know, and that wack ass singing style prevents you from garnering awards as well.

    Peace, Hip Hop & Purple Rain

  • drake

    i fux with The Dream..

  • B.Dot


    “Fancy” was pretty dope tho

  • Guevara

    This is exactly Kanye shit! Just that Kanye had a good reason to complain! I don’t know what he’s talkin bout his album is good but…it just din’t make it!

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