Azie Displeased With “Paid In Full”

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Gasface catches up with Azie. The real Azie, of Paid In Full fame. He reminisces on his days of hustlin’ soft white and says he was disappointed with how Dame Dash handled his biopic.

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  • smh this nigga like 7 years late…he just tryna promote something i bet

  • Daz

    Grown man *hit

  • kingill89

    this nigga is my idol like on some real shit all three of them niggas Rich Azie and Alpo 3 niggas getting that money at that young age usually niggas that young are runners them niggas was bosses at 19 20 year old like them niggas is just some cake-aholic niggas man

    Im 4rm California so when i found this story was a real story like the way Azie was geting money and he wasnt all flashy and shit he just got his money kept to himself wasnt allout there like most niggas be

  • kingill89

    and to the nigga who saying he trying to promte something if he is why would he choose Dame Dash as a promotion like wtf niggas is haters this nigga is a clean beamer no telling how much more money he got then dame is niggas is saying he using dame like wtf is dame dash to get publicity off of

    like he couldve easily went at Wood Harris who is bigger than Dame or Mehki Phifer or even Camron all these niggas are bigger names than Damon right now aint nobody tryin to use Dame dash as a marketing tool LOL C’mon Son with that shit

  • Just Visiting

    Wait, I’m confused. Everything he described as “the truth” was in the movie. What truth is he talkin about?


    what people don’t realize is that AZ is a snitch…. How can you be a kingpin and the world knew at the time and everyone around you goes to jail or dies and you live? AZ was the ONE with ALL of the coke at the time. The entire Harlem knew it. It was no secret.

    maybe it’s just me.

  • that movie could have been better… like shooting the entire movie in new york. not just rich porters actual crackspot in ny.. and the rest of “new york” shot in toronto. a story as epic and legend as this could have went the length of goodfellas. it was rushed like they been pushing for months when in reality they were doing it for years!!! they got the ball and fumbled on this one. the slang that they were using…. new yorkers werent talking like that back then. could have a glimspe on how they knew rappers in the game. the ride outs for spring break. and what about po going to dc and laying that murder game??? yeah dame or whoever really fucked this up… if done correctly it could have pioneered the new wave in serious urban/mafia gangster bio films…. DAME WAS ALWAYS A DOPPLEDANGER PUFFY!!!!

  • Bomber

    SMFH @ AZ saying the story was false……then describing things EXACTLY how they happened in the movie….WTF

  • @Bomber theres gotta be a deeper meaning… everything he said WAS in the flick…its like he gave us a review of the movie… 7 years later

  • Come on now

    YN, after a weekend of blowing Jay-Z you still came back to play Dame Dash? Man, you never rest. I thought your jaw would be so tired from the weekend that you’d be laid up right now.

  • kingill89

    i think the part he calling false is the part where A gave Alpo the Undercover number to report to like that was fake becuz Alpo got caught on some other shit like not even close related to the way they put it in the movie it made him look like a snitch and its known thats not how Alpo got locced up

    Another thing he prolly relating to is the part where he says he lived off them diamonds it kinda made A look wrong stealing from a dead man and all especially if that dead man help put money in his poccet IDK maybe thats true but if A is as Described in that movie then he wouldnt be the type of nigga to do that it didnt make sense for him to steal the diamonds but return the coke and the money

    the movie couldve been longer without scenes like those they couldve replace that with the actual kidnapping of sonny or when azie got in the rap game

  • kingill89

    rich porter death wasnt even on the murder case that alpo got and az wasnt a nigga who the feds wanted alpo to snitch on at that time AZ had left the game and Alpo was already in DC

    they got alpo story on youtube its a documentary its a good one too

  • hear the man out……he lived it.

  • Nigga, just be glad somebody thought ur life was interesting enough to make a fuckin’ movie out of it. Now u got a lot of dumb niggaz imitatin’ the shit u did/didn’t do back in the 80’s. Just be glad ur still relevant today nigga…Niggaz ain’t neva fuckin’ satisfied…smh…

  • VerseCutta

    ^ quiet down, why does he have to be satisfied,like he’s lucky,and has to be grateful and shit,lol,
    thats a pussy point of view,
    never be satisfied with anything.
    if you want 2 mil and you only got 1, be angry about not having that 1.

    smh @ you

  • half of yall wasn’t even born or still on the porch..talkin bout stuff yall wished you lived..paid in full is my fave movie..and with the lil bit of time they had..I thought it was a good one…the nigga late as shit wit a reply..but whocares.. what’s done is done..

  • pro-rican

    Cats are respecting Snitchs now too?

  • pro-rican

    HAHA 12/12. what are the odds AND talking about a former druglord turn State.

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