50 Cent On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

50 Cent stopped by Jimmy’s show last night on NBC. He spoke on his new album and diverse portfolio. Afterward, Governor and The Roots assist on “Baby By Me” and “Do You Think About Me”.

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  • donniebrasko

    Is it me or is he trying to copy jay now by using live bands. Well i can’t knock it, aslong as it keeps that lame ass whoo kid off the airwaves i’m all for it!

  • donniebrasko

    Just seen Ho kid i meant whoo kid there, what the hell you doing with him when you got the roots with u on stage? SMH

  • Toya

    Maybe 50’s starting to channel Em with the live band idea. He’s certainly starting to dress a little bit like him.

  • MC

    FYI…EVERYbody who performs on Fallon is backed by The Roots.

    I swear cats just be sayin shit just to be sayin shit.

  • gdot

    dumb fuks on those live shows u get live bands..niigaz jus love to HATE 50..jus say anything…but performance was hot..50 a funny nigga too yo always sayin sum shit lol….and it jus amazes me everything to kno this nigga almost died prolly did die for a couple minutes and where he came from to be where he is now man..shit is crazy!!

  • Cali4nya

    It’s OVER 50!!! But your RICH…..

  • thisisme

    @MC i 2nd that

  • @

    @cali4nya , for yall haters 50 is always over…lol

  • mUldubella sTratniCk

    50 is reaching… I ain’t mad him though.

  • WISE 1

    to all 50 haters before you open your loud mouths pls try make $400 mil in 5 yrs and see how hard it’s to be successful as 50 cent

  • 50 reached jay money in half the time jay did jay prolly has more then 50 but still 50 got rich quick.. and someone please ask Jay how his basketball team is doin this year

  • OUCH!

    ^ Maybe if you take 50’s penis out of your mouth, you mught get some oxygen into your brain so you can have an idea that we don’t give a fuck what you think about 50 and this blog. Did you know that I used to whoop your mother’s ass? 🙂

  • ^ damn people just hate on opinions for no damn reason haha

  • OUCH!

    Wise 1, did you know I used to call you that when you were a child. Remember when I used to chase you around the house with a baseball bat to bash you in the head repeatedly when had a bad report card? You used to hide under the bed, and I’d say “your really a wise 1”. Of course I would find you then I would bash your head in with the baseball bat. I hope you can forgive me son. I feel so terrible. 🙁

  • OUCH!

    Deej my son I do not hate your opinion. What I do hate is what I used to do to you. I used to throw you down the stairs from time to time because you would constantly pee on your bed. Why do you think you have a sloped forehead and slight brain damage. Forgive me my son. 🙁

  • haz

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  • OUCH!

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  • Wtf if going on in here? Comment section at the Double R needs some moderation.

  • koa29

    “you fuckers know EM dissed weezy on drop the bomb on em right?”

    no he didn’t idiot, em has said weezy is dope…

  • willie mcfly22

    i always hav to watch fifs interviews cuz do is mad funny…”tiger woods is married too” hahahaa…had me on my neck!…maybe he should look into comedy cuz uhh he floppin hard

  • Smartenupnas

    It’s a flop again ya’ll check this week numbers loooooooooooooool

  • OUCH!

    ^ Willy my son, 50 had you on your neck? Doing what? Are you engaging in some type of homosexual activity. I knew I should have beaten you more. From the minute you came out of your mother, I knew you were “different”. That’s why it was necessary for me to beat you with a baseball bat. I shoud have thrown you down the stairs. Or maybe kick you repeatedly with my construction boots. I didn’t whoop your ass enough to turn you to a heterosexual. I feel like I failed you Willie. My son Willie. Forgive me. 🙁