Snoop Dogg & Travis Barker Rehearsal

The Famous Stars & Straps 10th Anniversary/Snoop Dogg Malice In Wonderland release party goes down tonight at the Vanguard in Hollywood. (We had a contest for it, ya know). But before the festivites take place, here’s a look at Tha Doggfather and Blink-182’s drummer boy preparing for the gig.

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  • yaboitone

    my first first.

    travis barker is dat dude! he just needs to come out wit a album of him rippin up everybodys shit. makes it better everytime he does it.

  • yaboitone

    lemme take this early opportunity to address that bum ass dick in the butt ass nigga @So.

    there ya go.
    i addressed u.
    do u feel better now bitch?

  • willie mcfly22

    Barker is that dude fo sho and Snoop is well he is Snoop and i stay rockin wit him…should b a dope show!