Terror Squad #2 On Billboard’s One-Hit Wonders

Not exactly something to be proud about, but Fat Joe and his squad takes the silver medal (#1 in the urban category) of Billboard’s Top One-Hit Wonders Of The Decade. The list is made up of artists that have never surpassed their biggest hit. Now, do the Roc-away.

2. Terror Squad “Lean Back”
7. Gnarls Barkley “Crazy”
11. J-Kwon “Tipsy”
12. Cassie “Me & U”
14. Lil Romeo “My Baby”
18. Young Bloodz Ft. Lil Jon “Damn!”
21. Cassidy Ft. R. Kelly “Hotel”
22. Macy Gray “I Try”
25. Ruff Endz “No More”
27. Rich Boy Ft. Polow Da Don “Throw Some D’s”
30. Hurricane Chris “A Bay Bay”
36. Truth Hurts Ft. Dr. Dre “Addictive”
37. Kevon Edmonds “24/7”
39. Young Dro Ft. T.I. “Shoulder Lean”
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  • I agree with this shit 100% every song on there was a hit.. then the artist went bye bye..

  • live.from.NYC

    shout out to J-Kwon

  • Gnarls Barkley made a great album with Crazy song…most if not all of the ppl on this list i only know from their 1 hit song…so Gnarls Barkley should be on this list IMO

  • Oh Nicki, you so fine. But on 106 & Park, you blew our minds with that get up. Blonde wigs? Funny accents? Hmm, I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. I get the whole Barbie shtick, but enough is enough. You’re the only female rapper worth covering these days and that’s not really saying much. You’re easy on the eyes but tough on the ears. This may be a good time to re-strategize before your career self destructs. —B.Dot

  • mUldubella sTratniCk

    that Cassidy “I’m A Hustler” was kinda big too but I guess not as big as the Kellz joint…. Lil’ Romeo doesn’t have to make another hit, he’s got an inheritance that can choke an elephant.

  • deeznuts

    i remember that girl in the picture. damnnnnnnnn

  • Nonamer

    Cassidy, but no Joe Buddens??

  • EDIT

    shouldnt be on this list

  • mUldubella sTratniCk

    @ Nonamer… Cassidy had Clive Davis on his team while Buddens was trying to beef with Jay-Z, his future boss.

  • Yall kneegrows silly

    How can u “surpass your biggest hit”? Wouldn’t that just make your new hit your “biggest hit”?? Or does it mean “their initial hit”??

  • BuckinghamPalace

    ^Damn I was just about to type that shit, grammar fail

  • Nemesis_B3

    that fat nigga thought lean back was in the club..

  • B.Dot

    How can u “surpass your biggest hit”? Wouldn’t that just make your new hit your “biggest hit”?? Or does it mean “their initial hit”??

    No. ex: if let’s say in 2008 my biggest hit at the time was “__________” and charted at #5

    In 2009, i make a new song, it surpasses that and charts at #1

    in turn, i “surpass” my biggest hit

  • MC

    Cassidy had more than one hit…Just sayin


    @Nonamer ..This list is base on billboard hot 100 pop charts Joe Budden “pump it up” wasnt a smash number #1 or top 10 hit ….he was a one hit wounder but not a big hit……And Fat Joe had another number one hit “what’s love” bt i guess they just counting it as terror squad

  • mike

    Fat Joe GOT what’s luv, make it rain
    u need to count those songs too
    on the same level that Lean back

    blu cantrell ft sean paul ALSO was damn hot back then

    who made him famous n rich
    but still a bad artist if he doesnt work wit a collipark, a jim jonsin or a kanye west soon

  • mike

    yes they count it like terror squad


    @mike …thats because Soulja Boy came back with “kiss me thru the phone” which went to number #3 on the billboard hot 100 and “turn my swag on ” got into the top 20

  • mike

    petey pablo got one damn hit like jkwon

    but hes not here, strange

    maybe that was no

    commercially so


    but this billboard classment is dissapointed

    me&u was probably a bigger commercially smash than lean back world wide

    but it’s probably also just the USA competition commercial appeal of these songs on this list

  • CaniBlog?

    SAD even thou we know MOST of these artist are still on the GRIND and some of the them, “SOME OF THEM” have made good songs after those hits, to the mainstream world and billboard people they will always just be known as ONE HIT WONDERS

  • west

    good to see the DOCTOR’ s work in the mix but Truth Hurts cant really bang with big time R&B artists .. especially in the female side of the ring…

  • nick s

    i know this aint the complete list but theres alot of hip hop and r&b artists. smells a little fishy to me. and how can anyone ever surpass there biggest hit? if they did wouldnt that then become the biggest hit and place them in the same category?


    @November End

    couldn’t have said it better about Nicki

  • Breezy

    Cant have dro on the list he only got 1 album out.


    only act i feel sorry for on this list is Gnarls Barkley because although they havent been able to top “Crazy” as far as sales and radio go, their other records are just as dope to me. As opposed to these other guys who i wouldn’t bet on making a record that anyone would like at this point.


    Laffy Taffy was da shit i hated it at first but when u hear it over and over u lik it


    50’s gonna have a feast on this one, poor Fat Joe

  • Goose

    Why isnt 50 cent up there? If the list is for artist who have never surpassed their biggest hit. 50 surely hasnt done anything close to In The Club.

  • MC

    C’mon son…As much as his star has faded, you still can’t deny his catalogue of hits. Practically every track on Get Rich coulda been a single.

  • kingill89

    @ Mike Petey Pablo Had The North Carolina Song and Freek-A Leak and he was on Ciara Joint and IMO Hood Hop was a hit too that was my shit

    and @ Goose 50 Cent had numerous of hits after in the club

    Hate It or Love It, Candy Shop went 3x platinum was number 1 why you think Wayne came with Lollipop, Just a Lil Bit,Disco Inferno all these were top 5 songs some even number 1s and if you look at that way Wayne is a one hit wonder because he has had only 1 number 1 song and Ludacris had number 1 song i think if you have a number 1 song anything you release that gets in top 10 you no longer a 1 hit wonder like Soulja boy he had only 1 number song and all his other songs hasnt reached that status but he still not a one hit wonder

    and my question is where is Yung Joc o yea he lucced up and got on that song with T-Pain BG is lowkey a 1 hit wonder after Bling Bling what was there for him

  • OUCH!

    Mike my son, the way you write seems that you are mentally challenged. I think it’s because I used to beat you with a baseball bat. I know iy’s been years since I’ve seen you. I spoke with your mother, who I used to also beat, said that you have slurred speech. And that you also drool considerably. Can you forgive me my son. You write like you are mentally retarded and that’s all because of me. forgive me my son. 🙁

  • ms_daydreamer

    @Nick S

    Thank you for pointing out that all of these songs are “URBAN”… It’s interesting b/c I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but folks of color dominated the music scene in 2000’s

  • ms_daydreamer

    Nevermind… it’s the urban category! Duh! Ha!

  • Toya

    Wow, this list is very accurate. All these songs were (and some still are) such songs that it’s a shame the artists fizzled out almost immediately after the song lost its newness. Wonder what all these people are doing now.

  • white and rich

    eminem should be on this list

  • Toya

    Side note: Am I the only one that remembers when Lil Romeo and Lil Bow Wow (Bow Wow now) were practically fighting over who was the cutest, pint-sized rapper?

  • incilin

    I don’t know if it’s fair to call Garnls Barkley a one hit wonder. “Crazy” was featured on one of the best albums of this decade.


    Who’s N01????

  • Lol. pathetic but funny and true also…

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  • Sean.H

    Fat joe is the biggest faggot i have ever heard. Jkwon was a talentless loser, and dont even get me started on jibbs. Theres a reason all these artists were one hit wonders! they all suck horse cock. I wouldnt even call there songs hits more like one note gimmicks!

  • Sean.H

    white and rich says:
    Tuesday, December 08 2009 at 8:00 PM EST
    eminem should be on this list

    Really? your a fucking retard do you know what a one hit wonder is white and rich? god dam the ignorance in this forum is just amazing. i wanna let you know that your a dumbass shit for brains. In order for someone to be a one hit wonder THEY HAVE TO HAVE ONLY ONE HIT SONG YOU FUCK TARD!!!!!!

  • Sean.H

    Goose says:
    Tuesday, December 08 2009 at 4:19 PM EST
    Why isnt 50 cent up there? If the list is for artist who have never surpassed their biggest hit. 50 surely hasnt done anything close to In The Club.

    Once again its a ONE hit wonder, a ONE, ONE, ONE, SINGULAR FUCKING HIT SONG wonder. 50 cent only has 5 cds so you know hes not a fucking one hit wonder you fucking moron!

  • Lorotoort