• Ness

    Golden! Gotta luv skateboard don’t forget the P!

  • yaboitone

    im the same exact way. Stewie pajamas all day and spongebob socks all day! lol.
    its just ALOT easier NOT having to grow up when u ballin outta control. its cool. another year 1/2 and my pockets gon be fat like sumos. then its xbox and trips around the world all day.

  • Spongebob is really funny and hilarious. somebody says that spongebob is gay, is that even true?-.;

  • Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.,’:

  • spongebob is crazy funny, who does not love spongebob anyway hehe;;*

  • Spongebog is always very cheesy and funny, i like this cartoon character”;.