Swizz Beatz vs. Mashonda II

While we were enjoying Angela Yee’s Rap Radar takeover last night (hence, the pink background), Swizz Beatz and estranged wife Mashonda, engaged in the war of words via Twitter. They’ve since deleted their tweets. Luckily, TwitHop screen grabbed before it was too late. Take a look at what they said. Read each update from the bottom up. Hopefully, they can work this thing out.


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  • Michelle

    yeah I saw this fuckery last night before they deleted it…….what is it about Twitter that people treat it like a personal diary? The sad part is they have a child.

    I’m an Alicia fan but if what is being alleged is true then she’s a skank. I’ve been surprised on how people are giving her a pass on coming between a marriage.

  • mmkayy

    lol @ thats my boo 4 life..

    Damn nobody cares how long he been in the game he can have that cankle woman all to himself

  • Princess P.

    Alicia Keys is a dirty fuckin hoe. She plays it off like she’s this innocent angel. She’s so phony. The way she talks and carries herslef looks so rehearsed. Ever see her on an interview? So damn phony. She came between a marriage. I could understand if he was seperated from her for a long period of time. But that was not the case. Just because your marriage is falling apart doesn’t constitute you to fool around with other people. All he’s saying is eveybody hatin on him. Ain’t nobody hatin, you lay on the bed you sleep in. You committed adultery on your wife. Tired of these sinners acting like the victims. She and her son are victims. Victims of his infidelity. He’s a sinner and so is that skank homewrecker Alicia “classless” Keys.

  • Exodus

    ^Why you mad doggie? Sounds like princess p got deaded by her ex for a better looking chick.

  • Exodus

    On a side note, marriage is just a piece of fucking paper. If that shit ain’t working out then its on to the next one. Life is to short to be staying with somebody and being miserable just because ya’ll got a kid together. As long as he taking care of his seed thats all that matters.

  • Lou Charles

    time for her to stop being bitter and move on

  • Princess P.

    You sound like a woman scorned…..BITCH!

  • Princess P.

    That comment was for you Exodus. Stripper!

  • mUldubella sTratniCk

    mashonda shouldn’t be mad… does she earn an income? NO. She needs to be happy that Swizz is a bread winner and shut the fuck up.

  • CanILIVE

    Dag, Twitter IS addictive. But I think Mashonda needs to move on… If it was 2 years plus, then that proves that someone is holding out on signin’ those papers, and we know it isn’t him. I think if they seperated he can do what he wants. But he cheated, He’s a D!CK! And she should feel hurt but she had all of that time to yell/kick/scream THEN get herself 2gether AND focus on her son. Instead she spent the whole time doing public interviews and writing letters n shyt!! She tryna play VICTIM but B4 their argument she was talking about the Tiger Woods situation and blasting mistresses who sleep with married men. SHE asked for the drama by subliminally commenting on the pics of Alicia & Swizz arriving in Paris too. She does it all the time.

  • Exodus

    @ princess p. I’m a dude by the way and looks like someone is still mad, typing exclamation points and shit. lmbao. you need sum dick in ya life. maybe then you wouldn’t be so uptight.

  • west indian sunshine

    Bottom line: this is foul! Marriage is not just a piece of paper you take those vows before God!! We are all gone have to answer to Him! Mashona should just hold her head bcuz guess what Karma is real and God is not sleeping!

  • pop.it.like.its.hot

    think: community property. they’re not divorced yet because there was no prenup, and swizz is tryna find a way to (not) split up their money. they were together/married since before they got rich.

    re NY state marriage law:

    “in a marriage of long duration (20 years or more), the courts will generally try to divide the property as equal as possible. Again, however, the court may use its discretion to deviate from the “50-50″ basis, depending on whether or not their was any *egregious misconduct* perpetrated by a party.”

    “If there are children of the marriage it is more likely to be treated like a long marriage with equal division most likely.”

    “it is extremely rare for there to be anything but an equal division of the equity in the house. The courts can either order the marital house sold immediately, or, when there are children, the courts may order the house sold upon the emancipation of the children, or graduation from high school. The party with “custody” of the children will generally have the use and possession of the marital home until the sale.”

    really. marriage may be just a piece of paper, but it don’t rip easily.

  • Exodus

    It’s like 50 said in a resent interview, marriage is the worst business contract you can get yourself into. smh

  • Exodus


  • Whats up wit this Rumored Eminem, 50 Cent, Cashis, Jay-Z & Stat Quo Collaboration? is it true?


    Fuxck you pitri. Dumbass

  • ^^ Haha bend over then bitch!

  • Jimmy Iovine

    Hey swizz beatz this Jimmy Iovine, the motherfucking check writer! You better concentrate on the next ruff ryders album and cut the fucking twitter shit! There is money to be made. Get your high yellow mulatto nigger ass to the studio and make some of that fucking jungle music you niggers call hip hop. I better get recouped my money I funded for this ruff ryder album. I’m not fucking playong with you swiss. Make me some money and make some fucking beats nigger!

  • Mark

    Whats this CNN?,FOX News?,or better still TMZ?
    Who gives a shit about someone elses personal life,ok swizzz and his wife went public but later decided it was a bad idea to air their frustrations in public.
    YN your standards are dropping,get out of folks personal shit and concentrate on what made me come to this site in the first place.

  • rocstar

    damn swizz is cold.


  • mike

    MASHONDAloyal = swizz beatz ethered

    loyal ! LMAO

    the real swizz beats x muslim x faith x and all


  • Why are all these celebrities using twitter as therapy? keep the private affairs private… the point of twitter was to find out WHAT you were doing….not WHO you were doing… on to the next please…

  • Exodus

    I mean personally I would NEVER get married not because its risky but more because I cant even get a girlfriend so my options are real limited.
    Really though I haven’t had some since March of 2006 and she only gave it up because she was humongous…

  • ^^ how old are you?

  • @Exodus

    Please go get a life….thx

  • Philly

    Nice! Swizz can still bang Mashonda any time he wants!
    She strikes me as the type to sit and wait til he runs back home.

    She is Whipped!

  • B

    Who gives a flying fuck who cheated on who, last time I check, I was not married to either of them, so why they make it so fucking public is beyond me, they both should shut the fuck up for their own child. That child is the only one it affects.

    Sometimes people do not know, that the other person is involved or married with another, as people play others, lie and so on. But I am sure Alisha knew it, and shit happens, she is the one that has to live with that, not you or me, or anyone else. Jump out of her personal life, and go fuck up your own!

  • t-dub

    whatever it is alicia keys is banging haha

  • sodamnreal2009


  • Amazing

    Mashonda thinks she and Swizz are the new Katherine and Joe Jackson or Tina and Matthew Knowles.–Couples that stay married for life.

    Divorce is a part of life. People fall out of love and move on with their lives.

    Mashonda has become like waldo and lil mama. Always showing up in twit with a response that isn’t directed to her.

    Mashonda requires therapy asap.

  • D Slanger

    S. Beatz cracking about something. Damn, it takes a strong person…NAWFSIDE U SUPER CALI HOES!!!!

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  • Diana

    Mashonda shld move on wit her life. Nobody is indispensible. If he can cheat on her definitely he wil do it 2 alicia. He is a DOG! N Alicia b careful n b proactive cos wat goes arnd, comes back arnd.

  • Queen bee

    That’s right Diana. Been there done that!