Buju Banton Arrested For Cocaine Conspiracy

Buummmbaclot! According to the AP, Buju Banton was arrested last Thursday in Florida and charged with conspiring to move more than of five bricks of cocaine. If convicted, Gargamel faces 20 years behind bars. This won’t be an easy road.

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    Buummmbaclot! lol word of the day

  • “Real G shit, well thats really unheard of/when u get more time for selling dope than murder”

  • girlygirl


  • Bucky Love


  • Dee

    Wonder if he’ll change his tune on gays while in jail?

  • DarkShade

    damn….guess the DRIVER did stop…

  • yardie_ute

    Jah Know Star, As a yaard man, Mi feel it fi him still.
    But if he is really ivolved fiya bun fi him bumborassclaat.
    Bloodcaat Rasta nuh mix up inna coke

  • B.Dot

    damn….guess the DRIVER did stop…

  • obama

    RAS-CLOTT!!!! Karma is a motherfucker! This is what happens when you fuck with the synthetic chemical shit!!! You supposed to stick to the GANJA man!!!!

    On a side note:

    How come when the reporter described the bust that shit sounded like every Steven Segal movie ever made?!?! LOL

  • ^^ Lol and if he was movin green that wouldve made a difference? The law dont give a fuck,to them drugs is drugs (even tho they do press harder sentences for crack cocaine but thats another topic). I am confused as to y Buju was gettin his john forte on in the 1st place. Isnt he 1 of the top raggae artists and wasnt he just nominated for a grammy? I have my own opinions on the drug laws but for a successful artist to jump back in the streets is STUPID.

  • mUldubella sTratniCk

    boom bye bye buju

  • Damn

    Raaaaaaaas damn Buju all the “conciousness” was a front huh how da rasclaaat you gonna talk bout Babylon when you part of the beast smh CMON SON!

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Buju Banton


  • mac DIESEL

    @ Buju Banton



  • What did yall think Buju was singing about in his song “Driver?” …smh.. no surprise

  • Real Rasta

    I agree. If him involve innah coke Him fi Suffah. Tooo many People using Rasta as a cover for fuckery. Buju let me Down, I was Really inspired by his works. I just like the music not the MAN.

  • yaboitone

    yet ANOTHER reason why STILL being involved in drugs and STILL reppin that bullshit life in your raps is…..well…bullshit. mature. stop frontin and stop bein stupid. fuck street cred. just a fancy way to say dumb niggaz.

  • If he was gonna do this & wanted to make some money, why wouldn’t he get someone else to do it? After watching the video, dude is pretty much fucked….especially with informants & wires etc….

  • The gays were right about buju

    It takes a nasty man to call death upon god’s gay-lesbian children.

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