Rihanna Covers GQ

Alright newsstand stans, Rihanna lets her top down on the latest issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Your coffee table will thank you later. More in store after the jump.

Props: Rihanna-Daily

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  • dbraz

    All I can say is damn she bad!

  • james bond

    not to bag on whoever just added this shit,but your a shithead…FUCK RIHANNA…alrite?..I understand this is RapRadar (truly a different meaning when you cover soap opera shit), but this isn’t Rap nor is it appealing. Okay, she naked, so?..you fuckin’ pervs get jolly as shit when you see a woman naked, like you’ve never been in the room wit’ one before…fuck wrong wit’ u…2ndly, I think the caption on the magazine should be a little (fuck that), ALOT more note-worthy than this bitch. Scientists call it The Singularity…When PC’s become smarter than humans, wtf? cover that!

  • ugh

    she’s gross

  • mmkayy

    y she always topless these days.. its like her fashion alone doesnt make enough statement


    @JamesBond lol


  • cookie

    @james bond

    wait, so don’t cover rihanna because she’s not a rapper

    but cover computer news?

    oh okay

  • Yvette

    You know the world is full of “SWITCH HITTERS” when you got men complaining about Rihanna being on a cover of GQ…but get excited when Drake, Cudi and Wale are features in GQ…Rihanna is pretty and as a beautiful woman myself…I can appreciate her look and flirtacious manner!!!! Rihanna is a young 20 something year old woman who is living her dream, finacially stable and sexy! I appreciate anyone (man or woman) who can accomplish their goals via education or entertainment!!!

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  • Too bad she has masonic connections……oops did I just type that?

  • Lamb

    she hot

  • gi joe

    ri ri is fine, but if she was to quit hiding that foot long forhead, she’d look weird. i’d smash her long legged ass though:)

  • Dee

    @james bond
    Chris, that you?

  • Big Homie

    I just added another pic to this post. I wish I was her hands.

  • daayymn!

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  • gi joe

    yo, thats chris brown snoopin’ around under the james bond i.d.!!! hahahaaa


    CO-Sign Yvette! SMH… 3dollarbillgameproper ninjas!

  • kosh

    masonic connections or not.. she is bad.. good girl gone bad..word up!!


    Damn Rihanna get kinda thick!!

  • 24 karat black

    This is cool, but I found a new pic of a fully clothed Sade at her listening party last night that was way sexier than this. Sometimes less is more.

  • Naz

    lmao james bond you trippen. sounding like a rejected sucka4luv azz busta. dude Ri is 1 of tha Baddest! cb lost alot behind that girl n he still losing. that should tell you something bout her. SHE PUTS IT DOWN!

  • Person

    I would do anything

  • Damn RiRi bad as hell & got kind of thicker! CB is so dumb he couldn’t have found something else to hit! I bet he feels stupid as hell right now! I could only imagine how great she’s in bed! Giggity Giggity! “I-I-I-I’m So Haaarddddddd!”

  • Nathaniel

    just like beyonce, the more publicity and attention rihanna gets, the more she looks LESS like a black woman in magazines spreads, and MORE like a white woman.

    i swear there must be a melanin dial they turn down on photoshop with these pics.

    she’s still a beautiful girl though, no doubt.

  • Burnum

    Damn I wished I hadn’t missed her call last night…

  • IV

    All I can say is WHOA!!

  • ayo

    she always half naked on these covers she might as well jus go nude already

  • LOL

    Lookin right yeszir

  • james bond

    nah..yall missed the point, apparently…niggas ooh and ahh over a bitch 99.999% of you niggas won’t even get to touch…let alone have a talk wit’…seeing her naked fulfill’s that thirst tho huh?..yeah I know…nah I ain’t rejected..it’s just much more goin’ on then this hoe on GQ…Wale bum ass, Cudi and Drake on GQ. THAT’S FUCKIN’ RAP, atleast I thought…this bitch get beat up and become a star..oh Taylor Swift ass saga shit….I don’t get it tho…still my point is, the other caption on the magazine, fuck coverin’ her…hell yeah, THAT’S worth coverin’, soon all you retards ‘ll be oohin’ and ahh’in at the thought of, well, thinkin’ for yo own self…get real man. Big ups to this bitch wit’ the Jay-Z affiliation tho…

  • willie mcfly22

    @james bond

    c’mon son…u kno the bitch is fine, ok she not RAP, but she in the category of hip hop a lil bit, and she affliated so fuck it and i undersatnd that the “rappers” is on the mag but they aint sellin they aint sellin the mag….its bizness

  • y yall hatin on Rihanna..how is this gross?..this girl is hott!..look at her sexy self..umff..!

  • Eminem

    I’d go in that wart infested pussy quick

  • Vajra

    Nice tits and legs and stomach, I’ll eat her pussy out all day :).

  • Will

    that 1st pic she look good idk I Like when girls leave some imagination to it like seeing a naked body aint as good as seeing a body with lingerie on

    She had to hit Chris 1st like how else can you stomach up hitting a face like that

  • Slim Shady

    @ Eminem


  • leafygreen

    @ james bond watch ya bitch mouth son

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  • Eh Amber Rose already did this look for a shoot… no originality

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