Nelly & Kelly Reunite For A “Dilemma”

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Seven years ago, Nelly and Kelly Rowland kept your favorite radio station in business with their song, “Dilemma”. Looking to recapture that success, the tandem teamed up with producer Jim Jonsin and Rico Wade for a new track called “Gone (Dilemma Pt.2)”. Could be a problem. (For better or worse).


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  • sharpie

    it’s going to be hot.

  • Dashing

    Yeah, that sounds like it’s going to be a hit. Not exactly my flavor but then again most of Nelly’s catalog isn’t my flavor.

    Btw, is it just me does Kelly always look so damn good when she’s by herself? (i.e. without B)

  • t-dub

    i hope its good cuz nelly has been hitting rock bottom with his music.

  • Interscope Employee

    cant from …DILEMMA was a SMASHHHHHH!!!!! but I dont think they can do it again
    no way its gonna be as good…

  • Interscope Employee

    by the way, Kelly is cute as fuckkkkkkkk

  • trex

    Sounds good. I loved Dilemma.

  • YouKnowMe

    So i guess when our new shit dont pop we recycle our old shit…

  • This def. sounds like a hit. U know everybody’s gonna eat this up because the first one was so much of a hit and now they have Jim Jonsin doin the beat (i.e. the guy who made “Lollipop”=HIT and “Whateva U Like”=HIT), so this should bring Nelly and Kelly back….Oh, and Kelly is lookin good as FUCK! Especially since their’s no overrated ass Beyonce to overshadow her beauty…whitcho fine ass Kelly…Damn!…

  • Vajra

    Lets get it Nellz & RoW Kellz

  • t-dub

    kelly rowland is banging as fuck now. she was gone for a minute though now she back up in the game.

  • Trouble

    Good To See Nelly bAC!! Niggaz is Doin What Nelly been Doin & People Act like it’s NEW!!!

    Real Talk!!kdj

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  • Yung

    Lets get it

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