The-Dream Speaks On Wedding Photo

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The Life Files caught up with The-Dream and discussed his wedding outfit. He says his cultured ass isn’t fazed by your commentary and even sent a flick to his auntie’s house. And what!

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  • ojolo

    this nigga must have checked out the RR comments on this LMFAO. niggas went in on this dude.

    but the dream is a cornball. gtfoh, that shit you wore was not on some next level type ishh that niggas ain’t up on. you look like you bout to sign the emancipation proclamation after you took that damn pic.

    plus, you sound like you 9 years old. smh.

  • t-dub

    the dream funny.

  • obama

    sorry buddy… at no point in the future will ANYBODY look back at your wedding pics an say “that was hot”…

  • louTHEantagonist

    lol! Niggas was on his head, so he had to inform the public what was UP, seems like he just the cristina milian pick the theme setting and made her boss. I would have did the same, marriege is a beatiful thing, get off dude head.

  • Will

    I cosign that shit now becuz i got shit in my closet I havent wore becuz i aint had the rite shoes to match or the rite time but wedding pic is not the best time to premiere them bitches his daughter going to grow up and look at they wedding pics like wtf is daddy wearing looking like Baby huey the ducc and shit

    but i feel him tho i bought a cavi shirt i have yet to wear becuz I havent found the shoes to match and a crooks and castles shirt I feel like burning up like we all have shit in our closet we want to wear and spent money on and feel like a damn fool afterwards

    like he couldve wore them shits going horse riding or some shit not yo wedding pics Nigga

  • yaboitone

    …the ignorant hate continues…..

  • homework

    actin like he unfazed, yet secretly crying inside. that bad outfit gon live forever. the marriage? id say 3-4 months. and when thats over, that pic gon live on LOL