Kid Cudi Wrongly Detained In L.A.

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Cudi’s having the worst month ever. Yesterday evening, the rapper was stopped by LAPD at gunpoint after leaving a photo shoot.  Apparently, police mistaken him for a burglar. “Who knows, really, the story changed a bunch,” [Cudi] said. “I’m just happy to be back. I’m a free man! For that moment I was not free. I was in handcuffs. It did not feel very comfortable.”

Ironically, Cudi didn’t hold a grudge towards the authorities. “We’re in LA, it’s a rowdy place in the United States, you know?” He said. “And a lot of shit goes down. And these cops have to use force. So it’s, like, I understand that they were doing their job. I just wish we weren’t in that place at that time.


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  • M85

    F that stuff goes down everywhere..the only reason the cops said they thought he was the suspect is cause he is black…how many times do we get pulled over frisked and arrested through dragnet police searches and tactics…

  • villyvillz

    Dam, I woulda been like FUCK DA PO LEECE! Y’all niggas iz bitches.

  • Lay

    Love ya Cudi, but please tell me this.. You get fuzzled when a fan hits u with a WALLET and then you hit another bystander out of anger BUT the police put force on you and hand cuff you in a mistaken identity incident and you praise them????

    Please step your Man game up, Cuds!!!

  • TheCoolest

    I wouldn’t be like “Fuck the police” I just think it’s sad that the police can’t do their job correctly

  • Respect Where Its Due

    @M85.. get outta here with that “every cop is racial profilin” attitude man… if the same thing happened to me and I said “it only happened cus I’m white” you would call bullshit.. (and the same thing does happen to all people…) Cudi was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Hittin the fan was a stupid mistake.. but his response to this gets him more respect in my eyes… he didn’t play the race card, and his comment was right…

    On another note, the cops really do need to do their job better…


    DUDE is rollin in an escalade and they mistaken him 4 a burglar?Nah MAN!! Get a better story!

  • Danielle Canada

    Can’t tell me they didn’t get cuffed cause they were Black. You just can’t. Large entourage of Black men in L.A., you’re gonna get stopped. I think that’s a given. #Yeshrug to that…..becuz that’s life unfortunately.

    Check out Chip tho….lol. Somebody’s famous!

  • paychexx

    that nigga from the suburbs, that why he aint got hard feelings for the holice…woooow!

  • louTHEantagonist

    @Respect Where Its Due..
    Cops do racial profile man, that really happends…I dont see how you can call “bullshit”on racial profiling…I cosign to you saying it happends to everyone, but it happends to african americans more than white people or any other race…look at Tupac, they beat him down for jaywalking, they definitly need to deter racial profiling because its taking away people freedom..

  • M85

    the fact is that although the police (who are paramilitary bodies with orders issued from the top down) stop people…for years African Americans particularly males have been stopped searched (often time illegally through coersion) than any other white pple get pulled over white pple get dispropotionatly stopped and prosucted hell no..since the creation of the police force in this country a large part of what they do is pay particular attention to black males(if u don’t belive me I strongly urge you to research)…and please do not belittle the experiences of those who have been wrongfully approached by cops by sayin “well I could say it was jus because I’m white”…this is no being at the wrong place at the wrong time because he ( I and we) is/are black wherever we go..

  • LOL
  • DJ Clue

    welcome back Cudi!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh this aint Tip’s case? my bad yall i had too much of Jay-Z’s balls

  • Fuckin Holice!!! Hoe+Police = Holice. They All Hoe’s 2 Me

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  • they arrested him cos all he raps about is weed, they expected to find some

  • Kid Kudi? A burgular?? C’mon Son. That was the begining of a shakedown. Blast Music Concepts is on it’s way to becoming the next Def Jam. Through all of the talks about where the music business is headed, the music has on some fronts gotten better.

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