• So Icy Boi!

    FLOP! Jaime still tryin to get a hit ….all his new somgz been TrAsH!

  • Jau

    Ummm….Nah fam

  • Thatdude.

    wtf that white girl looks dirty. Whats Jamie partyin with that for!? Oh theres a song.. pass

  • DJ Full Effect

    is that Jillian Barberie in that picture???

  • dumb dumb



    Nah, imma hafta pass on dis one!

  • Will

    O yeaa…….. Naw that song is wacc idk it seem like when he do songs with lil Wayne they just be terrible fillers that he just try and use Wayne Name for the promo becuz that song on intuition with wayne was wacc too

    @ DJ full Effect I think that is Jillian Barberie i been out of LA so long i forgot what she looked like

  • mike

    alcohol >

  • Jamie Fucks

    you hating ass niggas

  • No Jamie…. Just no I will not head straight to the dance floor, there’s garbage juice from this song out there