New Music: Reflection Eternal Ft. Jay Electronica, J.Cole, Mos Def “Just Begun”

“It’s that black Eloheem Annunaki rap/ That Farrakhan, Hakeem Olajuwon, Khadafi rap”

Just Blaze let go the radio rip this week on Toca Tuesdays, but two days later, we have the official CDQ from Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek. Catch what went down last night at Highline Ballroom with Talib; Jean Grae; Styles P; Joell Ortiz; Pete Rock & Strong Arm Steady under the cut.


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  • Roy

    I’m feeling this. Nice.

    Yo Just Blaze produced this shit right? I could see Em spittin over a beat like this, only it would have to sound just a little bit more grittier.

  • RamJam

    Shit is really dope….reeeeeeally dope.

  • Jomoses

    Hi-Tek produced it…you know the guy w/ Talub in the photo…the other member of Reflection Eternal. Smh @ niggas…Electronica n JCole murked this shit btw.

  • chillo

    Oh My.

  • fgh

    J COLE >>> drake

  • EMxJustBlaze

    I can’t see Em spitting over anything like this. It’s totally not his style. I think Just Blaze is going to give Em a sound that he’s never done for anyone.

    Also, J. Cole murdered it. This nigga is going to drop a classic. J.ColeXNo I.D., make way for the Nas of this generation.

  • B.Dot

    Did some one call the cornoer yet? J.Cole bodied that shit

  • EMxJustBlaze

    “Really don’t got my mind on these new school of rappers, I will really go colombine”


  • Ty

    WHOA!! I been checkin’ for Mos and Talib, but Electronica and Cole are comin’ so consistent they’re bout to win me over as well . By the way Hi Tek stays bringing the heat behind the boards . This RE project is gon’ be ill .

    By the way on this track it’s like this J Cole, then Electronica and Kweli were about the same, then Mos brought up the rear . Dope verses all though . I know some niggas hate when you compare verses but I can’t help it I’m old school like that LOL LOL

  • real talk

    There is only one Nas but a hundred thousand yous! J Cole is J Cole why do people always compare the new artists to vets/legends! J Cole and is good doubt and so is Jay Elec!

  • raydolla

    hi-tek produced it, black & gold stocking caps & fleur de lis Shockey hats

  • Who Me?!

    A tear drops from my face, I lean back in my seat and smile silently….

  • nyg187

    yea looking forward to sum new music from jcole..that boy got it!

  • nyg187

    n u cnt compare jcole to nas..not takin nuntn away from jcole but nas was talkn similar shit but still had that street swag street niggas was gon feel jcole is nice but a lil more conscience than how nas was in his prime …

  • CaniBlog?

    How bout we don’t compare J.cole to anybody, J.cole is simply the next J.cole.

  • EMxJustBlaze

    How about niggas stop catchin’ feelings over someones thoughts on a blog? Bitch, shut the fuck up-eazy e

  • Yall kneegrows silly

    4 Alarm Blaze…str8 heat

  • Born

    Anunnaki, Big Homie. If you couldn’t spell, just let it be.

  • BE

    Anyone who thinks Just Blaze produced this REFLECTION ETERNAL track shouldn’t even be allowed to comment on this song. Obviously you know nothing about hip-hop.

  • Nathaniel

    J.Cole crushed the buildings. TKO

  • james bond

    [email protected]

    another vote goes for J.Cole killed the track, definitely > Drake …

  • james bond

    and BTW, stop it with the ‘oh, you don’t know such and such, you ain’t hip-hop”….fuck outta here, I didn’t know who BattleCat was, and alot of others until I see them and was like oh, okay, he did that…damn dude fire…but you can’t expect a average listener to know all the faces with the music and behind the music. C’mon, I don’t even know how half the niggas look who get played on the radio ALL DAY, does that make un-HipHop?… think before you speak (in this case – type)




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  • for what it’s worth, I’m a music aficionado and a music mogul in the making. what I’d like for you to do is click the link and tell me that Remi is wack. If you think he’s wack I want you to write Remi’s wack any chance you get. But I doubt you will. This the viral beginnings of a Blast Music Concepts campaign to bring HOT music back.

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  • i’m not a talib fan – but everyone came off on this!

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