• Ty

    Can’t wait for that ! Great way to ring in the new year . I hope this year finds all of the great artists and producers that we didn’t hear much from in ’09 hittin’ us with that new heat in ’10 !

    ………. wow it felt funny even typin’ that ’10 LOL man time is flyin’ .

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  • WORD

    I had their first CD but i swear i Forgot that their group name was Reflection Eternal….I been seeing that around lately and thought it was one guy possibly with a coufe’ and dreads for some reason…LOL…Their first,maybe only, CD was Dope!!

  • Yall kneegrows silly

    Great news for the new year & hip hop. Can’t wait

  • http://twitter.com/djnickybizzle Nicky Bizzle

    For the people who are interrested!
    Tracks from Aaliyah, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Destiny’s Child..

    Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?j1nn2yuyuzh

    Listen and enjoy!

    DJ Nicky B (aka Nicky Bizzle)