50 Cent Covers Muscle & Fitness (Feb. 2010)

50 flexes his brawniness in the new issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. It’s 2010! Put down the cheeseburger and check out Fif’s workout regiment after the jump.

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  • Rappin P

    Damn Dude’s Working Out.

  • IhateHATERS

    Go ahead hate on dude!!!!


    Dudes been in bad shape for the last 6 years then! Make a solid album fif!

  • Tru-Critique

    OK, why the photoshoped 50 faces on the bodies.. sh*t looks mad fake.. he must not be in top (steroid) shape anymore…lol

  • dman

    lmao phtotoshop failure look at the cover

  • teejay

    It doesn’t seem photoshopped, if only because you can kinda see where his tattoos used to be when he got em taken off.

  • 3Stacks

    oh mayne!! Lol @ this washed up sing-along rapper tryna look tuff.

    Keep working out nicca gon end up on the milk carton soon.

  • Stefanie

    50 is looking good as always

  • Zach

    Why the hate smh

    Dude is probably in better shape then all your couch potato asses, and even though this post isn’t about his music, BISD was fire (its in Premo’s top 20 LPs of ’09) and War Angel was in the top 3 mixtapes of ’09 (Dat Piff)…Fif irrelevant? nah, not at all, the sad thing is peeps have been praying for this since The Massacre.

    “They build you up in order to destroy you” – 50 Cent

  • IhateHATERS

    hahaha WHY push to read this if you aint got nothing good to say.. U haters make me sick get off sons dick and leave the hate in the 2000’s new decade go get it LOSER

  • 50 was one of the top artists in the decade. You can’t hate on success. We at Indie Power wish him well with the new album.



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  • james

    50 is the truth. Y’all faggots learn to recognize

  • NemesisB3

    where all his tattys go???

  • So Icy Boi!

    if yall seen his new videos u would know he lost weight and his muscles ….i guess he stopped using steroids because this pics edited

  • Mak

    Uh… if you seen his recent video. Power 106 concert, you would know this aint photoshopped

    Steroids shit funny, it shows your ignorance, immaturity, and hateness all in one. Cause I guess he was on that in 02 right


  • fif is in shape. Why even hate on that?? Hate is hell of a thing. http://www.reverbnation.com/blastmusicconcepts remember I said it first @IamAriGold @remiatl will do some big collabos in ’10. trust me people. if you read my comments, even though I may add my link to m y music in it, I never lie. all of my predictions and some of my point shaving has already taken place. I B KNOWIN! lol

  • fuck the haters, 50 is that nigga. The realest nigga in the game period.

  • illaDeuce

    Might hate how he talks shit and how hes a sensitive bitch and how his last albums were balls, but this man is definitely a tank. And that routine is no joke so you know hes driven.

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  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    he removed his tats so he could get into more movie roles. idk if he removed the mobb deep tatt on his wrist though

  • the instigator

    i dont care what 50 is doing, he stay advertising vitaminwater.

    smart dude, at least money-venture-business-wise.

  • Frank

    Man how much you think he got paid to wear all that nike shit in those pics, im guessing 25k plus, nigga knows how to make money man

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  • malik

    its not fake in da pics he’s not working out because he will sweat da makeup dey have on him to cover up da tats