Chris Brown’s Not Feelin’ His VIBE Cover

Breezy tells Renada Romain, he was a lil’ tight about the coverline VIBE put across his chest. And CB later claims he would never speak ill of Usher. Oh well, I know from my experience, in most cases, if the artist loves his cover too much, you didn’t do a good job. Plus we can negotiate kid, but ultimately the media does what it wants. Press privileges, punk. Sue us. Ha.

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  • Truth will out

    Smart ass blogger statements like”Press privileges, punk. Sue us. Ha” will eventual be your undoing for sure. Like I said before, this guys is going to lose and it will be a hard lose. God don’t like Ugly YN.

  • mac DIESEL

    @ Chris Brown



  • Ty

    Is it just me or is not Breezy’s facial expression and the gesture he’s making with his hands askin’ ,”Are you still down ? ” ?

    I mean I don’t guess he would lie about it but everything about his pose fits that question . Good job by the photographer gettin’ him to pose in a way that would fit the plan I guess .

  • addie .

    diesel stfu….
    no one’s gonna “hate” on your opinion cause it’s irrelevant
    have a seat.

    i like the cover either way.
    but i didn’t like the whole “everybody loves drake, everybody hates chris” shit
    i for one hate drake & i love chris.
    bought the mag anyways 🙂

  • mac DIESEL

    @ addie


    * R.I.P. ADDIE *


  • Will

    what is with dude and drake LOL I guess since he fucced his girl but still nigga need to get over that shit done

    I dont see how it makes dude look like the bad guy that line does make it look corny but i dont see hwo it makes him look like the bad guy and drake the good guy

  • i like chris brown

  • Interscope Employee

    haha CB got played

  • Tia

    He’s doing an interview and he’s being candid. WTH is that an issue? It’s funny how his detractors are the first in line to comment. You don’t know him or own him. He’s still a successful multi millionaire at last count. He has been tried, found guilty and is doing his penance. He’s faced his punishment and has moved on. He is not going to let you continually nail him to the cross at your whim. He’s already stated nicely “eff u haters”, he’s going to do him.

    It’s a New Year and people need to get a life. He’s going to be there because he has fans. His tour will be a success because he has fans. Whether his album is a mega hit or chugging along it will sale, ICTY is platinum and Crawl is on it’s way to gold because he still has fans. It’s been a year, grow up and worry about yourself…maybe one day you too will have fans.

    effing idiots don’t hate on mine either

  • Tia

    ***sell /sale

  • Vajra

    Chris Brown sucks!

  • Vajra

    WTF are you talking about Tia? This nigga has not even been on a world tour yet. He’s done a charity tour recently, and he’s been on Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s tours (as a side act) and that’s it. He ain’t doing no world tours, he’s never been on his own major world tour either. He has to finish his community service (he’s only done like 10% of it so far) and he’s on probation, traveling outside of the US = no one can monitor him which is out of the question (especially when crazy things happen on a world tour).

  • palacecouncil

    “Smart ass blogger statements like”Press privileges, punk. Sue us. Ha” will eventual be your undoing for sure. Like I said before, this guys is going to lose and it will be a hard lose. God don’t like Ugly YN.”

    God bless Rap Radar.

  • Will

    cosign Ty

    this looks like a cry for help the pose is corny too and dude complains too much for a nigga who beats his gf and his moms

  • cease

    tia. 100 % co-sign i feel the same way

  • Vajra

    This woman beater should go suck off a Giant Donko, he’s lame, he’s finished, vamoose!

  • Vajra

    I 100% cosign with Will, I feel the same way mayne!

  • tee

    vajra u dont know what u r talking about

  • Ice Box Where My Heart Used To Be

    Vajra u sound like an Indian taxi cab driving pungent smelling dickhead.

  • Vajra

    Ice Box Where My Heart Used To Be, you sound like a pussy crying, bust-a-nut in stank PUNANNI, rancid ass, Rugal lookin titty communist bitchass motherfucker. Now go flush yourself down the shitter, bitch!

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  • Lee

    How coul he think there was no catch to this interview?

  • mimi

    People are so funny. I for one, HATED the damn cover. As a comeback issue, the cover just sucked. Period. VIBE needed to do better. And that’s just what it is.

    Tia made valid points.

    All of you bashing him need to cut the shit. Domestic violence happens everyday! And if it were not Rihanna, y’all wouldn’t even give a damn. YOU WOULDN’T. I don’t see y’all bashing Bebe Winans. How many atletes have beat the shit out of their wives. R. Kelly’s wife claims he hit her too. No one says anything. Pleasure P is out here fucking babies! No one says anything. Like okay they had a fight— it happened. He’s serving the consequences. If he doesn’t like the damn cover, or its not what he expectd, he has a right to say so! He also says he appreciated the opportunity but was disappointed. This BLOG ENTRY is written to make u think he completely disrespected Vibe— and he didn’t.

    I was disappointed in the cover not because of Breezy but because the shit sucked! I feel like he does “This is supposed to be the relaunch of Vibe… like for real?” The corny ass TuPac line??? DO BETTER. Its that damn simple.

  • @ mimi

    Yas. I agree wholeheartedly.

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  • Drea

    @ MiMi…YESSS I agree with you.

    People need to just shut the hell up and leave him alone. As for the cover, it was terrible…look like something they threw together at the last minute.

  • lovebomb

    Chris Brown is a “bitch-ass nigga” (Riley from the Boondocks voice). Everything he does is annoying now!

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  • LaNiRo

    Why is anyone bothering to waste the energy on hating this dude. You don’t know him; you don’t know anyone he knows; you don’t even know of anyone he might have brushed up against while walking through the airport. If you don’t like him, forget about him and he will eventually disappear. If you keep hollering about him, he’s going to keep coming out w/ all that stupid apologizing. You weren’t in the car w/ that girl and boy…why do you care? Is caring going to pay your bills or feed your kids. The answer is likely no. So, get over it and move on to the next great “tragedy” (i.e. mary j. blige slapping the taste out of kendu’s ugly head or teddy riley beating the mess out of his kids…LOL!!! he must have taken Bernie Mac’s comedy routine to heart!!)

  • beatuifulBliss

    let’s all light a candle for chris career **SMH** @ another young black man who’s talents are going down the drain, and nothing can be done to stop it.. i hate to say it but you reap what you sew chris was so wrong for BEATING that hell out that girl regardless of what she did.. and now he wants everybody to be on a pitty party.. OH Goodness NO!!! he’s “People” should of told him that adding fuel to the fire isnt helping he should chill out for a year of two @ least acted like he learned something then come bck wht a BANG!! when your in the public eye LESS is more, the less we bloggers have to talk about means your doing a damn good job living your life.. if only he had someone on his side instead of after his MUhLAaaaa… Oh Well…

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  • JC

    @ mac Diesel

    Dude get over it. Thats over and done. Hes tryna get pass that now. I mean put yourself in his shoes. They was 19 and made I mistake. How do you expect him to handle himself???
    If he didnt feel sorry he woulda thru rihanna under the bus like she basically did him. And what i mean by that is describing the incident in detail. Not one time did Cris Brown blame her for making him do what he did..nor describe the incident. So basically GET OVER IT..How long do he got to apologize for?????

  • Leana James

    I am mad at the neck cozy he is wearing and he should be too

  • idc who dnt like hym i do and he still
    can sing to me he tryna win bck our hearts wit music but ant nobdy buyn it man like
    i said idc
    chris brown the truth

  • Mrs Williams

    Its funny how people seem to think that whatever happened in that car justifies him beating,biting & choking that girl! It’s all fun & games until its your face, your mother, daughter, sister or family member being beat. What excuse or apology would chris been able to sing to u then! He is a cry baby! Man up like u were up in the car! Making threats & beating on someone who weighs atleast 50 to 60lbs less then u! Anybody who thinks what he did was ok is sick in the head & most of these dizzy ass females can’t see pass the looks & $$$$$! Its funny how u shoot yourself & get 2yrs but u beat someone & get community service & that’s justice! Personal I’m sick of hearing about him & anything that has to do with him. I also think that Rihanna needs some help because she’s obviously out of control as well. I’m tired of hearing about both of them! However Chris should be lucky if a failed career is all he gets. Because if I had RiRi’s money he would have had a couple broken bones! I might can’t beat u but I can pay someone to!

  • mii

    @mrs williams

    are you an adult? do you have a son? do you have any family member, friend etc who has ever made any kind of mistake including yourself?

    adults need to be reasonable, no one is saying what he did was ok, and that is why he is apologising which is all you can do once you go wrong….talking about what happened in that car i will like someone maybe you since you believe it so much to explain how he can beat, choke and bit her and still be able to drive at the same time without crashing… one was in that car and a picture never tells the whole story….i will like to ask one question, talking about if it was your sister, mum or………what if chris was your father, brother, son….what would you do?

    he has apologized, if you cant get past the incident which rihanna got over then keep it moving every time you see his name just ignore it…..if you are tired why are you here? i hope when you make mistakes in life and people wish you the worst in life you wont mind…….if you dont like him dont read or comment about him if you have better stuff to do you wont be here……

    chris career isnt dying if it were no one will be writing or reading about him and its so amazing how you haters are so desperately wishing him bad….well sorry cos 2010 is his year….i am a christian, God teaches forgiveness and God loves the rejected so you guys can keep rejecting so God can lift him up….nothing like God lifting a man up….

    i love positive energy and my time is damn too precious to sit reading and commenting on people i dont care about……why not spend you time encouraging those you love instead of wasting your time hating on those you dont.

  • @dissapointedfan


    while i do not wholehearted agree w/ mrs. williams… your comment makes no sense to me. If your going to start preaching you should be aware that we’re are also told “you reap what you sow.” Regardless if C.Breezy was my father, brother, cousin, husband, if in fact he UNDENIABLY beat, bit, and choked a woman he would still be 110% WRONG and deserve the appropriate consequences. I dont find any reason to 2nd guess the events cuz he didn’t deny doin any of the alleged actions NOR was it likely for Rihanna to pull a “thin line between love and hate” move and batter herself.

    I also think its problematic when someone (just as ur doin) expresses their opinion abt the situation and you call it “hatin”… smh.. really tho!?!? hatin on a man that beat a woman? mmmmm not so much… PLUS for those blaming it on his age? hmmmmm not so much again…
    domestic violence is not a maturity issue… (no need for stats on here tho)

    If the girl would have died would while have taken this more seriously? I kno thats dramatic but the point is this man only did community service for hospitilizing his gf and on top of that you think the backlash from fans is excessive and unwarranted… smh… wat wld it take then to make my anger ok? And C.Breezy is a crybaby… (this is gettin too long)

  • Mrs Williams


    Thanx, dissapointedfan! I don’t understand either why my opinion would be hating! If it was my son, father, brother or friend he would still have to know right is right & wrong is wrong! Just like I stated before no I wasn’t in the car but there is no excuse for what he did. I know that people make mistakes but u also have to suffer the fallout from what you have done. Its still only been just a year did he think it would go away that fast. With many abusers they all apologize thats why many woman stay. I didn’t find any of his apologizes or his recent behavior sincere. However once again this is my opinion! If u want to, rock on to c breezy by all means be his #1 fan but as u said I don’t have to buy it or support him. People kill me trying to pull out of the bible what they want when it is convient to do so! God has the final say & if he wants chris to succeed then he will do so & good luck to him. I never said or wished him bad, I did say what I would have done if it was me & I stand by that! I still think that he is a crybaby! MY OPINION is he should have laid low for awhile then came back! His actions,whinning, tantrums & blogging makes him look spoiled, entitled and unapologetic for what he’s done! Thats the way I feel about it!

  • jetblubaby

    To me it jus looks like they are making a mochary of him. he’s lookin silly and asking despite the previous situation r u still down with chris brown? he does not understand the severe damage no one will ever forget and no one should not forget. that is the price he has to pay. i love chris brown as an entertainer but i do no condone what he did. we tend to forget they are human too and he is not the first and won’t be the last. he grew up in that environment which was the mother’s fault which she may not have been able to help because i don’t know the situation. he witnessed it. i hope that he is continuing with counseling, i have been in an abusive relationship for 2 1/2 yrs after i left he promised to stop so i went back and it continued. i left him for good he promised to get help but he never did and he is with someone new still beating on her. he learned it from his dad abusing his mom. my prayers go out to chris brown and i hope he continues to stay positive and strong.