Tiger Woods Covers Vanity Fair (Feb. 2010)

Tiger bears his stripes on the cover of Vanity Fair. Aside from the dumbbells, Eldrick’s still carrying a heavy burden.


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  • mac DIESEL

    @ Tiger Woods



  • Peter Fallow

    Please tell me this is a joke. Did this guy fire his PR team?

  • LOL This dude is the smartest business man ever! You lose money on sponsors and make it up from the media! Watch him start smashing all the baddest bitches now! “Gimme That Becky!”

  • nabe

    photos were probably shot before the scandal. doubt there’s an interview.

  • Thatdude.

    IT does say NEVER BEFORE SEEN PHOTS.. nothing about interview lol. OH SHIT PICTURES OF A DUDE!!! I pass.

  • sideshowRaheem

    Yeah, obviously these are photos from a photo shoot he did before the scandal. I thought Vanity Fair was classier then this but I guess anything to sell magazines these days.

  • @iLLaNoiSeMusicStudio

    You stupid, lol!

  • Nigga thinks he hard body now that he dicked some bitches down and everybody know about it.

  • HipHop Head

    “walk around like I’m 30 feet tall/ Tiger Woods on these hoes/ tryna birdie these balls” (no thuglife tat) LOL!

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