New Video: Soulja Boy x Ja-Bar “Gettin’ Money”

Head over to DeAndre’s L.A. pad for his latest video. Drool over the Rosa Acosta and Tammy Torres cameos and be amused by the Khaled cell phone watch promo at the end. I guess this shoot was where the engagement rumors started from.

Spotted: YK2

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  • ANT619HONY

    Someone need to throw this nigga in the ocean wit all his jewlery on so he can sink….. this shit is wack


    ^ ^ ^ Funny shit…was that a verse at the start coz i’ve heard better freestyles man!

  • hmmmmmm

    im the shit n u dog shit hommiiueee

  • BrooklynRaw

    wow did he say the hook was fire all he was sayn was getting money

  • “they should’ve never gave ya’ll ninjas some money”….

  • co-sign rAND

  • Will

    lol at the dj Khaled ad Wtf would want to get a cell phone watch like cell phones already tell you the time LOL WTF and they want 300 dollars who ever buy that shit is an idiot you can get an iphone for 300 dollars and you going to pay 300 dollars for what a 50 dollar cellphone already do

    no disrespect but i bet a bunch of niggas in the south going to have them bitches too Like the south niggas is dumb when it comes to money fashion and technology a Remote control car chain fareal my nigga and they just had some shit on MTO with niggas wearing Rims around they neccs On some flavor flav type shit

    fucc outta here soulja boy has to be one of the youngest kids thats going to go bankrupt LOL how is he still getting shows dont tell me niggas is still on that swag On shit that Turnt Up song is hot but shit not his