RR’s ’09 Worst Singles: #5 New Boyz “You’re A Jerk”

Number five should’ve been number one to me. This past spring, the New Boyz jerked *snickers* their way on to the scene with the diddly “You’re A Jerk”. More irritating than catchy was the track’s repetitive sample. Ah crap, now it’s stuck in my head. Even more disparaging are the duo’s shitty rhymes—or lack thereof. “I’m so cocky with it/ Got my iced out clubs like Rocky hit it”. Young nigga please. Loosen them jeans and tighten your act.

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  • new boys r batty boys 407 1st

  • M85

    Completly agree jus terrible..nails on a chalkboard..I doubt if they will b around much longer

  • ANT619HONY

    this bitches got pussys that why they can fit in them skinny ass jeans…

  • Jonesss


  • Um YN, every era has wack rappers that get commercial love. Candyman, Domino, Dove Shack, Tag Team, Blahzay Blahzay…don’t be mad. Just don’t buy any skinny jeans.

  • C. Baines

    But Loso’s Way is #5 good? Every major single sounded like “walking on sunshine” from that album. Maybe because KPWR sledgehammered this song so much that I can tolerate it.

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  • John

    this song sucks, how come it’s not in the top 3, u think this song is better than “angel” by Diddy or “spotlight” by Gucci Mane? 🙂

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  • theiR mad Sexii!! i lOVe ThiEr StYle KeeP uP tHe gUd WoRk!

  • M394M4N (8BITZ REPP)

    First of nigga the line is ” i got my eye shut close like rocky hit it ” know your facts before you start sayin something. And plus they dress like that because they wanted to come into the game new instead of lookin like everyone else. Lemme ask you something would you rather be pulled over wearin some baggies n look like some thug or with some skinnies and might get treated nicer. People are talkn bout how they lame because they’re not talkin bout bangn their talk bout their life.Cali is not al bangn