RR’s ’09 Best Singles: #10 Jay Electronica “Exhibit C”

Hip-Hop Gods send us an angel. Ha. Ok how bout a nigga from Nawlins who spits like he’s Nas’ cousin? “Exhibit C” was the adrenaline shot for a nation of disgruntled rap fans who feel they don’t have to monetarily support our culture because 90% of the music isn’t good enough. Well they copped Jay’s shit. On iTunes. Everybody did it with a deal, Elect did it without one. From Tony Touch snippet to Morning After With Angela Yee world premiere that never happened to YN crashin’ the Baseline Studio session to one big musical moment that we all really needed. See it’s okay to still believe in the power of this rap shit. Hey, we all that we got. No one’s gonna save us. We gotta help ourselves.

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  • dns

    folks slept on jay for a loooooooooong time…just glad he’s finally getting his due and proving that everybody in n.o. don’t sound like wack weezy



  • Knawledge


    drake me mainstreams new religon or savior but jay elect is that guy and the justin smith co-sign is that much more raw

    “my mama told me never throw a stone and hide ya hand”

  • coco loco

    in the pic he look old. like 30+ at the same time dont look like a rap artist. yeah i know whats a rap artist look like. just saying, shit dont take away from his talent, first time i heard that track i was like oh shit! esp. when he was like

    They call me Jay Electronica
    Fuck that, call me Jay ElecHannukah
    Jay ElecYarmulke
    Jay ElecTramadaan Muhammad Asalaamica RasoulAllah Supana Watallah thought your monitor

    thank you jay electronica for the balance.

  • mike

    ayo, 2010 act II is coming soon

    part III on the work
    an album maybe too
    peace yalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Dashing

    Glad he made the list but he should have been higher.

    This track shook up the industry in a way that has happened in years. Most of the songs on this top 10 list will be more traditional party/radio songs like Drake and Trey “Successful” “Best I Ever Had” and “Empire State of Mind.” All good, catchy songs. But when was the last time a song with no hook, just raw lyricism had this kind of impact on the game?

  • Dan

    Wow, the demented yellow-bellied fuckwit dickrides a nigga with hype….shocker.

  • SilkCityP

    Should be the #1 Single of the year! B/c it is the best song of the year!

  • Nathaniel

    i live in the south. and trust me, outside of the internet nobody knows who this nigga is. the “hype” is strictly net…and maybe in other regions. and he’s from N.O., speaking a lot of real shit that them niggas will never fuck with that approach. he can’t even reach the niggas from his own block. he sounds straight out of queens.

    lyrically he’s dope though. my only issue with jay elec is that…we’ve heard it all before. the mood, production, the voice, the delivery, everything. even his approach to the knowledge he drops. he sounds like a 2010 trip down memory lane (pun intended) into the mid-late 90’s of the lyricist 5%er lingo/knowledge influenced rap. he woulda fit right in back then.

    in 2010…part of being dope, or being an artist, is pushing the envelope and driving the culture forward. in the 90’s, back then, they did just that. branding is art in itself, and goes right along with MCing. i guess he wants to be underground…but “underground” barely exists in the south.

    i remember malcolm x said if you can’t reach the people at home, that you’re speaking of and about, then you should find a way to do so, or stop talking. or something to that effect. i just don’t want dude to fizzle out…he’s talented, and you can tell his intentions are good. i fucks wit’em.

  • Kid C-A-L


  • ok really

    @coco loco…Jay Elect is like 33/34 years old!
    This song is definitely over hyped! Jay Elect is good though…but he is over hyped!

  • @ Nathaniel
    I cant agree with that. Jay doesnt have enough material yet to make the judgement on rather hes “pushing the envelope” or not. I believe he WILL but only time will tell.
    Just because he doesnt sound like ur typical N.O. rapper thats a bad thing? Maybe he needs a club banger huh? Yeah he gets slept on where hes from but lyrical ass niggas have damn near ALWAYS gotten slept on(in the sense they dont sell alot of records). Have u ever heard of Mac from the No Limit days? He truly was the down south Nas,he had a STRONG nawlins drawl,spoke about shit n.o. niggas shouldve been able to relate to and he STILL got slept on. The same can be said about kevin gates. He sounds like an louisiana nigga,speaks on topics goin on in his city,yet his name doesnt ring like wayne’s. Im really not seein where ur comin from.

  • ok really

    ^^^Correction…I don’t think Jay Elect is over hyped…just the Exhibitt C song!


    peace to the god Jay Elec for his music, keep it coming in 2010. AND WHERE THE FUCK IS ACT II???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • this is definitely teh song of the year man! The Just Blaze beat is a heater and Jay Elec-Hannukah kills it. I cant imagine what 9 songs you thought were better!


    y’all crazy for saying Jay is over-rated, seriously

  • Big London

    Should be much higher on the list. The guy is incredible.
    I knew it would happen – just about timing. The people want more from hip hop and Jay Elec is the answer. Go back and listen to the mixtape – “What The F*** Is A Jay Electronica” and tell me this guy aint the truth.

  • trex

    “Best I Ever Had” shook up the industry.

  • i still think this song is severely overrated. i listened to it twice & dont get me wrong its nice but its not thhaaaat nice.

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  • dontjudgeme

    ALL THE PPL WHO SAY JAY ELECT IS OVERRATED ARE STILL BRAINWASHED INTO THE LOWER VIBRATIONS OF MUSIC. PPL this is bigger than music and Jay Elect’s mission is not to be the next big thing it’s bigger than that. Music was created to readjust our vibrations to original form. (b/c some1 knew that greed, control etc would rule the world 1 day like now & destroy our lifestyles). All that looped music is made to keep you thinking on a lower level. That’s why they say classical music advances a babys mind if you play it when they are growing up. It only makes sense. Jay’s lyrics open you up to greater energy. stop supporting ringtone rap & support real HIP-HOP!!!