• yaboitone

    I JUST pulled “Lord Willin'” back out last week. Love The Clipse, but that’s the only album i can let play from start to finish.

  • Ty

    You can insert my comment on the “Popular Demand” post here . In short that boy Thought is a fool on the mic . Better than most and as good as ANY .

  • Pt Onassis

    Lay waste to the damn track Thought. Black put it on display, damn Jimmy going to clean up if NBC decides to drop a performance DVD. SHit i need to be on the frontside of that idea. hell of performances since the show first aired.

  • Jay

    I dont even mess with Black Thought like that (though i should) but he killed that shit!!

  • YM

    Where can i buy ’till casket drops’ on vinyl? thank u!