RR’s ’09 Disappointing Albums: #5 Busta Rhymes “Back On My B.S.”

Back in 2006, Busta was at the top of his game with The Big Bang. Three years—and a few delays later, Mr. Smith sought to win listeners again on his eighth LP. But things seemed doomed from out the gate as Busta switched labels and got off to a rocky start with the controversial lead-off “Arab Money”. Things didn’t fair better on the following singles “Hustler’s Anthem ‘09” and the Estelle-assisted “World Go Round”. Album tracks like “We Want In”, and “Shoot For The Moon” were equally unsatisfying. Fortunately, Busta’s saving graces came in the form of “Respect My Conglomerate” and “I’ma Go Get My…”, and “Decisions”. Hopefully on Busta’s next go round, The Dungeon Dragon’s bomb has a stronger impact.

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  • That last album he was recording on Aftermath sounded like it was comin along good from hearin that Linkin Park track and ”throw the water on em”. But once I heard Arab Money I knew where b.o.m.b. was headed

  • Internet Informant

    this should have been #1 wackest album instead of Rakim’s

  • Nyc

    Word…. wackest album this year!!

  • Dashing

    @ Blakout615

    Word. The Aftermath album sounded like it would have been fire. “Respect My Conglomerate” and “Decisions” probably would have been on that one since they both sound Dre-influenced.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I Guess Busta was right when he named his album “back on my bullshit” …because his album was “coughs” bullshit

  • cory

    I also thought things were looking good with “throw da water on ’em” – that shit was fire!

    but when the album title spells out “b.o.m.b.”, what else can you expect?

    I actually liked “shoot for the moon” doe… hot ass beat…

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