• HotSauceNL

    You mean The Great Escape…

    But song is hot. Joe has been on fire lately.


    c’mon gamps escape route came out months ago….it’s the great escape gamps…

  • Gay-Z

    Joe should be dropping shit like this hes been working with 3 of the craziest niggas in rap

  • RRcoolJ

    Joseph might not need no hook but we do. Another 4 minute track with great bars that won’t capture any new fans for him.

  • Sheeesh

    How does this dude not put y’all to sleep? I haven’t been able to listen to listen to a complete track from this guy without yawning for a whiiiiile. U really gotta be a diehard internet soldier to really fux wit dude because he aint got NO punchlines, no changes in patterns….I mean what is he saying that’s hot? I’m open minded, but c’mon y’all really are convincing this guy that he’s ill and it’s doing a disservice to him. Y’all say the same shit everytime “it’s hot” before y’all even press play on the track hahahahahahahahahahha. He ain’t never gon step it up because y’all happy with mediocre.

  • My Nig Hussle

    “he aint got NO punchlines”

    ^^^^Of all the complaints I heard about Joe Budden that’s a first

  • Jamie

    Never Listened To Joe Budden Since Last Year. And His Hard.
    Tune Is Good

  • mithritades

    @ sheesh hell of a justification for ur hate patna lol *no shots*

    I’m not a joseph stan by any stretch of the imagination but this cut nice,fucka hook,only corny niggas expect a hook like they wanna sing it in their shower lol

  • Drucifer

    Love Joe Budden. track is hot

  • Edouard

    Joey with the crack once again.


  • flyingPrivate

    “only corny niggas expect a hook like they wanna sing it in their shower lol”

    that’s what music is about. someone liking your shit like that. making music for yourself and your 3017 internets fans is for locally semi famous negroes with Jet Blue dreams.

  • llll

    Well, to be honest, he’s sick, but he’s boring i don’t know i just play his songs for like 1 and a hald minute or 2 minutes and then change…he didn’t change doesn’t seem he will ever try….


  • ayoooo

    The problem is his annoying ass voice. His delivery sucks, but this nigga got lyrics though. It’s like okay, pretty good track, won’t ever listen again. He don’t need to blow up, he got a small fan base, but a loyal fan base, so he’s all good.

  • Cam

    love the j cardim and joey collab.. always killin it

  • LongWinded

    Joe Budden is the kind of rapper that needs artistic direction from someone that he highly respects in the business. Anyone that thinks he’s not a dope lyricist is a hater and therefore should not be paid attention. Mouse’s music is not really bad and not really good. The true definition of mediocre. I personally think that he could be a really great artist with some musical direction on how to craft songs. That is his only real flaw as an artist. If this Slaughterhouse to Shady Records thing is truly legit then he would be the one artist out of the whole crew that would benefit greatly from being with Em in the studio because him and Em sort of share the same type of subject matter when it comes to the music: baby mother issues, bouts of depression, etc. This dude really has a sense of humor but you don’t get to really hear that in any of his music. With this track lyrically there is nothing wrong but we’ve heard this sort of thing from Joe before. 70+ bars of him just spazzing out. He can do that in his sleep. All of the great rappers of our time had people who they respected in their corners telling them what sounded hot and what didn’t and what direction they should look into exploring and I think Joe is just winging it and no one in his camp is bold enough to step up and say that track isn’t all that hot. Mind you, I have all of Joe’s music including the Mood Musik joints. But for now Joe is just a well conditioned athlete on a football team that can out work everyone in the gym but can’t perform in the actual game. To be considered one of the greatest rappers of all time or to even being mentioned you need to have the music to compete with the big boys and unfortunately he doesn’t have the music. I mean Michael Eric Dyson just released a book breaking down Nas’ Illmatic album. That’s impactful music. I need Joe to step it up a notch.

  • koa29

    ^ good post, i agree. he needs some help crafting catchy/good hooks… and being associated with Shady/aftermath will help just that.


    This Dude Kills Everything He Spits On, The Niggas A Beast, Top 5 Dead or Alive, Fuck Ya Favorite rapper

  • NotoriousRambo


  • nyg187

    took a shot @ fab lol..”patrron aint ya nigga” smh
    rappers are kings @ sublimenal messages n joe cnt fuck wit fab on no level

  • jafijoe1

    longwinded you right. joe is kinda hot headed so i doubt he will change drastically.

  • LongWinded

    ^Blueprint – who’s in your top 5?

  • trex

    His best songs have no hooks…

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  • YEZZIR dope shit once again from Joey! Good to see he back on that Mood Muzik shit again!

  • Chipped Tooth Condition

    RIP to that beat. My nigga mouse stay ripping it up

  • Truth will out

    Joe vs Gucci laughable. But Gucci got hits because the same listeners who call Joe boring think Earth Wind & Fire are boring as well and they love entertainment over content. You need to have patience, and that’s something needed to appreciate poety. Joe is a poet. Gucci is… hahaha well he’s a errrr………..whatever… he’s a COON!
    Coon music for the coons! I’ll take a boring poet anyday!

  • Damn @ LongWinded
    That football comparison is funny but kinda true.

  • ppl are sheep

    I think Joe Budden has punchlines if you look at his BET Awards freestyle which I still think was the best freestyle on the show. I just dont know how many of his songs are really like that. I liked some of his songs alot but eventho I think this song is good I dont think its great.

  • @ LongWinded


    couldnt’ve said it better myself. dude needs direction

  • Drucifer

    Whoever said Joe Budden aint got punchlines should slap themselves……….Hard too

    I’ve heard alot of bitching about Joey but lyrics aint one of them……..Delivery, song structure, Maybe even the voice…….I can understand those

    But saying he aint got lyrics??……………..lol, C’mon son, stop playin

  • stann

    shit is week .. he is the most boring rapper and talks about the same shit over and over. . raes fat goon should punch him again

  • This track was awesome.

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