R.Kelly’s NYE Celebration

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4427505&w=425&h=350&fv=m%3D102097242%26type%3Dvideo%26a%3D0]

New Year’s Eve party footage? I thought we was off that. Oh well, here’s how Kells brought in the new decade. A live set complete with some lovely accessories. The Pied Piper is still perverted. Ha.

Props: FSD

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  • Can

    This is depressing

  • cease

    @ Can. yes very. Lame.

  • BE

    R. Kelly is a clown. I stopped listening to his music after Chocolate Factory. And after the BET interview that went as follows:

    BET: Do you date teenaged women?

    R. Kelly: What do you mean by teenaged?

    BET: Like teen… aged.

    R. Kelly: I have some friends that are teens, but nothing illegal… nothing like that.

    That shit made no sense! He’s a clown.

    He needs to grow his lame azz up. Smh.

  • BE

    Ok, I just watched the video. Wtf.


  • So Icy Boi!

    When R.Kelly throws a party you can bet alot underage girls gonna be there

  • Ty

    So ashamed for these old niggas with nothing better to do than cuss the new year in SMH

    Was that dude at the beginning feelin’ himself or what ???? Why nigga cause you got decrepit behind R. Kelly that nobody else would book ???? Go around flicking and stunting and see how many different ways you get humbled by niggas with REAL pull and REAL money. This was depressing . ……

  • sharpie