Lupe Fiasco’s Climb To The Top

Don’t jump Lupe! Here are some snap shots of Lupe on the fourth day of his Mt. Kilimanjaro climb. Check out more pics here. Be safe guys while rising up.

Heads up: LupE.N.D.

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  • Cunning Link Quest

    seriously… who the fuck wears stunnas while mountain climbing? for real.

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  • papichulo

    i was thinkin the same know them other folks musta laughed their ass off at this idiot..

  • Good for Lupe – using his status to raise awareness for an important issue. applaud him. although I get the sense that people are more focused on the actual climb than the water issue itself

  • yaboitone

    “Who wears stunnas?”

    apparently Lupe fiasco.


  • goody

    this aint chi-town i guess he truly then forgot about the hood see what happen when a negro get money. he start hanging with white people and forgeting were he came from. but this the new generation and fuck helping the hood out lupe stay with them white folks. will see when you fuck up who you run back too. dont come to the hood unless you go to a boys and girls club in the inner city for free

  • Person

    Are you serious?

    He’s doing this to raise awareness of our soon to come water shortage. Are you sure you want to stand by what you just said?

  • Sin

    Yall sucking this dick mighty hard rapradar.
    He struck a nerve huh