Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, & Trey Songz Interview (Angie Martinez)

Jigga & Friends took their promo run to 395 Hudson St. and checked in with Angie Mar on Hot 97. Here’s what went down.

Part 1: Hugs and pounds before the throwdown. Tickets for the Garden go on sale Friday.

Part 2: After discussing the crisis in Haiti, Hov speaks on his religious beliefs and repudiates involvement in any “secret society”.

Part 3: The newly-christened Mob Squad talk tour bus arrangements.

Part 4: Jeezy speaks on his philanthropy and TM 103. After, Jay-Z comments on his previous tours. Trigga then expresses his excitement for hitting the road.

Part 5: The Mob Squad field listener questions. Jay addresses Birdman’s jabs. Jeezy talks resolving beef and touring.

Part 6: The crew joke on Jay-Z’s bum-ass New Jersey Nets and big up the Broadway play, “Fela.”

BONUS: Let’s talk religion. Remember this?

Earlier: Ed Lover Show Interview

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  • dogonsociety

    you a fool for this one

  • Miss Dee

    Dang YN the interview didnt even really kick off yet LOL smh

  • iHATEhaters

    b.dot fair play for getting this up so fast **tips hat**

  • Dan

    Thanks for the rips.

  • dogonsociety

    guesses on how long it takes for the next part to get up
    it just ended

  • B.Dot

    4 minutes. 😉

  • dogonsociety

    damn your fast

  • Kid C-A-L

    Contradictory statement….

  • dogonsociety

    next part ended
    you slacking

  • B.Dot

    it’s up, geez

  • Yo

    I feel like I’m streaming live. Good job RR!

  • nuff respect for these rips and the rips from Power 105. thank you, RR.

  • 3Stacks

    Good Job on da post!!!

  • jimbo

    track 2, starting @ 2:50. Jay Z is a unitarian universalist? represent

  • SB

    b.dot on that lol nice work

  • dogonsociety

    i was being sarcastic

  • dogonsociety

    i love 30 minute breaks between interview parts
    Hot 97 fail



  • Will

    LOL i wonder will Baby Respond

    That nigga Jay Bank Account prolly look like a paragraph all kinds of commas in that bitch

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  • B.Dot

    long ass break.

  • yesrrir2

    i aint da biggest jayz fan..but idk wat birdman was drinkin n thinkin wen he made those comments…more money!? more lyrical???…..lol..i wish he wud respond to jays comment…put ya money up young corney allstars…jayz got more money than baby lil wayne drake and the whollee young money cashmoney family put together!!..lyrics im not even gon waste my time…wayne trash compared to jayz…and he gay too for kissin baby like that..fuk dat nigga

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  • Charles

    Could some one tell me what song/remix/freestyle that jay z line is from??? on the bonus audio!!!

  • mentally retarded





  • Sin

    She shoulda asked him bout Beanie

  • SES

    Freestyle is from the show for his blueprint album!

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  • Sin

    they threw on that We Be Steady Mobbin
    Jay z went NO!!
    LMAO too funny

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  • Midwest pimp

    Yo if Jayz ain’t Christian then why he got a Jesus piece? So Hov don’t belive in Jesus?

    That’s fucked up

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  • reebee

    jayz- his response to religion/secret society is a bunch of [email protected] do not be fooled the imagery & lyrical content speaks for itself.

  • J

    who u dont believe in hell??? till you get there, and its no coming back….:

  • So Icy Boi!

    @Sin he wasnt sayin no to the beat he was sayin no to Angie Martinez when she told him to be good

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  • Sin

    @Sin he wasnt sayin no to the beat he was sayin no to Angie Martinez when she told him to be good

    nah nigga
    they was supposed to be playin Their songs
    Enuff is on the boards
    when that beat kame on he went no
    jeezy said sumthin like he messing up
    thas y shawn said we was having a good time
    thas y the beat changed

  • Sin

    jeezy said he killin the party

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ Naw nigga if you was listening da beat was already playin for lik a min ..if you listening to the convo early they was lik they hope nobody act out on dis tours and Angie was like the young one usually do it trey songz and jay-z was like yea i wanna see him act out ….den at the end Angie was like Trey behave ya self and Jay-Z was lik no …in if you listenin before he said no the beat was already playin …Gay-Z aint stunting Lil Wayne ….next time pay attention more fuk nigga @Sin

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  • Jay Z aint no damn devil warshipper Big ups to Jay, Trey and Jeezy http://www.reverbnation.com/blastmusicconcepts for more

  • Tonya Lishon

    appreciate ya!!!

  • willie mcfly22

    goood interview, betta then the ed lover…should be a great show…itll b my first Jay Z concert and im lookin forward to seein Jeezy mos deff…

  • yesrrir2


  • Sin

    ^^^ Naw nigga if you was listening da beat was already playin for lik a min ..if you listening to the convo early they was lik they hope nobody act out on dis tours and Angie was like the young one usually do it trey songz and jay-z was like yea i wanna see him act out ….den at the end Angie was like Trey behave ya self and Jay-Z was lik no …in if you listenin before he said no the beat was already playin …Gay-Z aint stunting Lil Wayne ….next time pay attention more fuk nigga @Sin

    U only makin yoself seem like a dumbfuck..
    kleeeeearly they jus switched the beat right before he said it..
    anybody wit ear bro
    you used to sit in the back corner of the classroom didnt you

  • LOL

    the sheeple will believe anything…he doenst intentionally do it but he allows it in his video…Right?!?!

  • So Icy Boi!

    they are in is in Illuminati!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Open ya eyes muthafuckkkas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ade

    Is that supposed to clear the air about his religious beliefs? ‘‘Believe in one God not Christianity or Islam but there is no hell”, this man is either stupid or he feels everybody else is. You don’t know if there is a devil worship sect or freemason out there? What are you? retarded? if this is the lyrical genius and business guru that we all adore giving us glimpses of his mind with such statements then ”THE END OF TIME HAS SURELY COME”. How hard is it to profess your faith? Or is every word guarded to ensure his market appeal is not restricted? If all he says is to ensure his bank balance is not negatively affected then he doesn’t worship our God but does in fact the God of money ”SATAN” perhaps! Food for thought everyone don’t be fooled though, the devil does exist and his followers and worshippers are in the highest of places using their position to beam his message.

    God is love

  • JustMe

    Ade…I think I am going to have to disagree with you because honestly it is none of our business what his religious beliefs are. If he doesn’t believe in Hell that’s his choice as long as YOU know what YOU believe. I feel like if everyone would focus on their OWN relationship with God, no matter which one they serve, then it wouldn’t matter if a Jay-Z or Oprah or whoever don’t believe because they wouldn’t be able to brainwash anybody. I think people in general, look to celebrities for TOO much guidence when they were put in place strictly to ENTERTAIN not to make you believe or not believe in God, not to make you be a good parent, or vote, or go to school or drop out for that matter. People need to start thinking for themselves and stop paying celebrities to think for them because at the end of the day if Beyonce, Jay-z or Diddy go to Hell it is going to be for themselves and not for YOU and I will be damned if I go for them. They don’t ever have to verbally say what they religion is to confirm anything for me because I know what MINE is and I know that I believe in God and everything that comes with that. If Jay-z go to Hell for believing something WE don’t agree with then that is on HIM not us.

  • Idris

    2Pac was Don Illuminati and B.I.G claimed he was Ready to Die but we unanimously declared that if there is actually a “heaven in the ghetto” those two were more than welcome. No one ever said Jay-Z was angelic. At the end of the day the real corruption is this entire rap genre and music industry (objectifying women, perpetuating years of continued ignorance, and incessant buffoonery). 90% of the people who leave comments on worldstarhiphop.com aren’t even capable of putting together a formal sentence (but Jay-Z’s the problem). Hmmm… interesting! Maybe I should blame S Dot for literacy issues in public schools too.

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  • Erin

    Here is my opinion about the whole matter. I think organized religion causes people to feel that thought their religion is the supreme and only true way. Islam believes that their way is the route to heaven. Christians believe that their way is the route to heaven. But if people would wake up and decide to learn about the history of their religions (using more than just the Bible and the Qur’an), the history of world religion, the history of world politics, and decide not to be controlled by what they were taught in their traditions, they’d be more understanding about another’s decision to choose the spiritual beliefs that are right for them. Ask yourselves, “Where did words like satan and lucifer derive from and what do they really mean?” “Where did Christianity come from and what other religions led to its formation?” “What is the spirit and what is it’s purpose?” “Who would have benefitted from the creation of a religion and who would have suffered”. People have to dig deeper. “Am I thinking for myself or am I thinking according to my church, mosque or synagogue?” Are there secret societies that “run” the world’s affairs? Sure there are. But we miss the point when we give into the fear, and the arguing, and the religious supremact wars, because none of it brings true change. God is not a God of religions. Religions are man made organizations that control the behaviors of people by giving them laws, and rules of conduct to follow, standards by which they must adhere in order to be accepted into the organization. Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits to all religions in terms of the positive standards to live by. But, a relationship with God also provides answers and direction, and it is a supernatural, gut instinct, meditative, still small voice, intuitive type of relationship. It is not one of judging the route for another. And we miss the point when we argue over another’s beliefs and fear secret societies, because our true relationship to God should allow us to know clearly that we are safe, that He is with us, that we are loved, that He is still in control, that no one can over rule him, that I can still LOVE others even when their perspectives differ from mine. Wake up people. Seek God and not your traditions and your need to control the decisions of others. Learn and read more than the books you were told to read. Listen more instead of trying to teach something you know very little about. How can you see the big picture with only one puzzle piece called your religion?

  • Erin

    My bad on the mispelled words. Prairie View Alum in the House!

  • Bree’

    Sean Carter is so blasphemous it’s ridiculous. You don’t believe in Christ but you copy Christ’s words? You try and take his name and say you Jayhovah. And then you try to murder Christ saying it backwards on your songs? I praise God i’m not one of the dummys in beyonce and rhianna’s videos getting blown up. This reminds of the old testament in the bible where people turned to idols and false gods belief systems and they were swept off of the planet. God does not play. God is great and mericful but he is also fierce. Woe unto to United States for going against His word and His way. The Bible says it plainly that God does not accept Sean Carter unless Sean Carter comes through Christ. “I will lead the flock, you may hear Christ’s words in myscriptures but I only do it for my n***az?” That makes no sense. What is there to decode here but that we are in a Christless Nation. Point of the matter is Sean Carter talks about Christ and uses his words in his rhymes because he wishes he were Christ and he is clearly being used by the devil. The devil hates Christ because Christ didn’t succumb to his evil suggestions. I am not convinced that this man is innocent. It’s so easy for him not to believe in hell. Of course, people who are Christless believe all they have to do is live life, do what they want and the end will be great. If he believes in God he must believe this. Christ is real, Christ did die for our sins and Every Knee in the end will bow. Even “Jay Z”.

    I have rhyme for Jay Z. ” Aint it odd how the world loves God but the hate the name of Jesus? The world slanders HIs name because they can’t comprehend how flesh could free us. We Christians are being fought to be overtaken, our name is tarnished and people hatin’, but the world is sadly mistaken. I believe in Christ, the holy trinity the Father, the Son the Holy Spirit is in me. And i will not be shaken. Nor will I be moved. Because I am living my life for Jesus the Jew. You can be rude, think you can murder Christ but He’s risen, yep in three days he was freed from death’s prison. He rose and he’s coming back in a few, for a few who believed and trusted that because of Him we are made new. So you can spit rhymes till the end of your time, but the the very end you may frown, because the bible says it plainly every knee shall bow, you are included, the fact of the matter is he lived, he died and he rose for our sins, no matter how you elude it.” Selah.

  • Korrie

    Wow! Jay-Z,

    What we all need to do is to pray for you and your salvation, and hopefully you will come to Christ before it’s too late. Eternal life with Jesus Christ is the everlasting reward not your present fame and furtune. Don’t be fooled by the devils tactics you not believing in hell will only get you a place of eternity in a burning hell. Why take that chance, because then it will be too late. Get Real…

  • Sean Jeter

    My religious views are the same as Jay-Z. However, I do believe that there is one God. I dont believe in religion either. Still some unanswered questions though. Like why does he still call himself HOV, which is another form of God? Why does he insist on throwing up the unfinished pyramid. And please explain the videos. What about the music including Rhianna? Its all Satanic to me.

  • Morgan

    If you’ve wasted more than 10 minutes of your life watching those damn youtube videos, you can take 3 -5 minutes to read this! I am so tired of people being duped by this.

    BAPHOMET -> A symbol? But From Where?
    What does a Baphomet look like? A bull head? a goat head? Ok. We’ve seen Devils and demons depicted with horns, where do you think that originates? Bulls? Goats?. Have any of you seen demon, or know some one who has? So how did we get this image of goats to represent evil spirits? People from 1300AD who lived in the hills looked at goats, and couldn’t dream of anything else to describe demonic forces which they believed roamed about them. That’s how. They used what may have been the scariest looking creature around and exaggerated the beastliness with tales of demons with goat heads.

    BAPHOMET -> Is It Evil? Say’s WHO?
    We know that the dark Ages were full of suspicion and superstition. Matter of fact, many of the silly everyday superstitions we mildly speak of today come from this period. They don’t call it the dark ages for nothing. Then, King Phillip of France captured some enemies (of the Knights Templar) during this time at the height of the crusades battling with Islam. He forced them to confess to evil. In those days and even today (see terrorism) leaders needed a common enemy. Much like the Salem witch hunt trials, in a environment of fear of these evil spirits, people were accused of witchcraft and the accused faced death. People will think of anything to say to avoid death or torture. (This is why so much bad information comes from the water boarding of suspected terrorist who are not even terrorist – put hot coals on their feet and they tell you whatever you want to hear). All of these captives under King Phillip had different stories of what this evil ‘IDOL’ looked like, some said like a Cat… some said like a horse, some said a bull or goat. Why? Because none of them obviously had seen squat and they weren’t able to corroborate their stories.

    WHY Is This Baphomet (Devil Horned Image ) So Common??
    Fast forward to the 1800’s and you have Léo Taxil, who in an attempt to satirize the battle of good and evil between “freemasonry” and the catholic church, wrote a fictitious book, perpetrated it as true accounts of people having interactions – scares – and hauntings from devils and demons. And what shows up as a blast from the past in the book as the represented enemy of evil? The Baphomet. Those days printing and illustrations could bring new life and legs to it -> Taxil had this image drawn up from historical fables into a this baphomet image and this went in wide print and had people scared shitless.

    The Baphomet, A HOAX
    Later when this guy got saved and became faithful to the catholic church, he denounced the book ALTOGETHER as a hoax, or fake. This is called the Taxil Hoax. Yet, though the author of this confusion did dream up these images in print – he later admitted it was all lies.
    However, the image of the Baphomet didn’t loose its luster and has been forever linked incorrectly to freemasonry by those who are superstitious.

    Freemasonry = Illuminati = Devils = Baphomets = Pyrimids = All seeing eyes ::: NO
    Freemasonry is like a club and really has nothing to do with ‘evil’ but rather societies of Men with rituals, just like a golf club or PTA. The Illuminati didn’t even begin until the late 1700’s as an offspring of ‘the enlightenment ‘ period in which people wanted to be free thinkers and not be bound to religion and wished to explore things with science and other methods. (Which I’m sure many of you remember this period from your European history class… or maybe even your physics class.) This group the Illuminati is an entity outside of ‘freemasonry’ that in ways modeled itself like freemasonry but is different is not the same. These groups were like the result of a crazy church that persecuted non believers called them witches and devil worshipers because they sought ‘knowledge’ and didn’t particularly share the church beliefs. This could also explain why the societies are ‘secret’. The fact that people are trying to tie in Egypt to the Illuminati and bring it all under freemasonry is a stretch and unfounded. Sure freemasons may have adopted ideas from egyptians. But who wouldn’t? The Egyptians were so smart. And so the Greeks followed their path, and the US followed the Greeks and Egyptians. Look at architecture, look at technology, it started back on the nile (and trufully before that in persia and summeria). You know Egypt was a glorious time for humans ( not all mainly the royalty) but advancements streamed to the greeks, than to the romans. Remember when the Romans civilized the WHOLE known world. Democracy was in effect BEFORE christ… then whats happens when the civilization fell -> the DARK ages. Where knowledge was hidden from people and they kept in control mainly with the use of superstitions.

    So there is this belief that some how this symbol is supposed to speak to you subconsciously and lean your soul to confusion, damnation, and hell. You supposedly have no control over this force,
    But when you watch a video or listen to song with lyrics without a direct meaning – it invades the fabric of your soul and wills you to the devil. Even though without prior knowledge you believed these literary works of art harmless, the devil is so strong in his deception that he takes away the very thing God gave you to resist evil…. Choice.
    There are symbols everywhere. Symbols that have been around since humans were writing on caves that visually meant something to people. But the recognition of these symbols meant something and it was expression that resonated with a human’s innate ability to comprehend. I must ask then, how is it that some general symbol such as a triangle ( supposedly represents a the pyramid at giza), an eye (supposedly all seeing eye), or a Baphomet (supposedly Devil, demons) can take control of you body or mind and cause you to do, act, think, speak in evil ways?
    If you believe in the devil and believe he is after your heart, mind, and soul he will speak to you in a way that forces you to make a choice. To choose between GOOD and EVIL. Watching a youtube video with nonsense about devils and symbols presents you with a choice and that choice is to research the information for yourself. Those people provide NO evidence. No Proof. They provide a whole bunch of hocus pocus from the 1300’s and with ignorant storytelling like cavemen around a fire. and unfortunately in 2010AD, people are acting as if they have no access to books and you are to believe these tales and myths like they have migrated across the Mediterranean or some foolishness.

    Well, why do I keep seeing these symbols
    Well art is art. It means something to the artist who creates it, but can be interpreted differently by those who are consumed by it, which is why you and i may have different interpretations of say for instance Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem ‘Annabel Lee’. Or maybe a different interpretation of Beyonce’s “sweet dreams”. So who knows why Beyonce would wear such a ring? Well – > the word itself Baphoment is a combination of two Greek words baphe and metis and means ‘absorption into wisdom.’ Maybe Beyonce and other’s who use this are making a philosophical statement as with other symbols that are described as ‘evil’ and signs of the devil.

    The sad thing
    We are letting our common sense flee from us. You all have a responsibility to understand when some one is trying to scare you, put fear in your heart, and chase you away from the things you love. It’s very 1010 AD of people to be fed a story and believe it as true. It shows our flaws as human of gossip, fear, intimidation, and how that leads us to hate. Religion unfortunately has been used as a vessel of hate and fear though its true purpose is love. Stop the modern day witch hunt and join us in the 21st century. If you find this information useful pass it along and do your own research… don’t believe anyone including me unless you know the facts from reading the true sources and record. The information is out there, and it doesn’t come from a youtube video. OR any person who believes it because of what they heard or saw. You come to a conclusion because you are presented with evidence, and that only.

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  • worship God!Jesus Christ he died for you and me!!!!!



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