Jay-Z, Young Jeezy & Trey Songz Interview (Ed Lover Show)

Hovi woke up early this morning and headed to NY’s Power 105.1. Along with opening act Trey Songz, Jay’s in the studio to plug the upcoming BP3 tour.

Part 1

Runnin’ late, Da Snowman just walked in the building from an all night session with Swizz. Jay compares the good vibes to Hard Knock Life. A gang of touring questions.

Part 2

Hov is about do Garden for the eighth time. Trey gets his mack on. When’s Jeezy’s album coming? Jay and Jeezy explain “LeBron, Dwayne Wade” line. Trey’s criticism of R.Kelly.

Part 3

Jay calls Cowboys-Jets Super Bowl. More TM 103 talk. Trey’s future plans. Jay touches on religion. Beanie beef. Drake. Lupe. Hov cosigns “Exhibit C”.

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  • Young Sha

    Have to give props to Jigga Man. He keeps himself relevant by associating himself with the “in” artists: Kanye, Jeezy, Drake, Kid Cudi etc

  • dope

    “The motivation for me was them telling me what I couldn

  • London Nigga

    Awww it’s so Cool that Old man jay z is hanging with the young folk loooool

    fuck this fake camel face manipulative snake

  • British Jeezy

    How you gon have Jay Z on your show and not ask him any beanie sigel questions.. Ed Lover dropped the ball right there.

  • Rhyme

    Jay-Z listens to 50 cent alot…..Since when he start saying that Rap Culture is a “Competitive Nature”

    I smell lots of sublims coming from Jay-Z on his new records.
    He said it, if its competitive. you have to in fact compete right?

  • Oj Da Cornball

    trey song sounds mad fake.

  • young 23

    yall take every lil word to serious n he did ask him a beans ? ed lover didnt dwell on it to much he ask n jay said he was shocked say what u say but imma go to the garden on the 2nd who gives a fuck about beans u trying to promote a tour hov not responding to that lame fat philly cheese steak

  • D

    [email protected] repeating Fif’s words….rap culture is competitive…..so why you won’t compete with 50 ?….fucking pussy…..lol

  • true stories


  • So Icy Boi!

    Trey Songz a DEVIL WORSHIPER now damn Gay-Z collecting all des people souls!

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lmao Trey Songz “Jay tell me to just do what i do keep my head down” ….dem niggaz homo

  • Dashing

    Forget the Beans beef. Here’s what I don’t get from people that are “riding with Beans” on this.

    Beans put out 2 albums, of which Jay (and Rocafella) exec produced him, put Jay-z on some of his records with him, gave him production by such small-time producers as:
    Just Blaze
    Swizz Beats
    The Neptunes
    No I.D.

    ..and other hot producers of the moment. And he still couldn’t go platinum at a time when people were buying albums and hip hop was at it’s peak in sales. Then, Beans gets himself arrested during the promotion of his 3rd album(The B. Coming), causing Jay and others to lose money because it couldn’t be promoted fully…

    Then, Beans comes out of jail calling Kanye and Pharrell (Jay’s boys) gay and despite that Jay gave him a guest appearance on his 4th album(The Solution), which was a complete dud and clearly his worst album..Then Beans comes out dissing Jay?!?

    At a certain point if you’re talented you have to make it happen on your own. Kanye did that with little backing from Rocafella (they didnt want to sign him as a rapper, but did just for his beats) and then he blew up. Jeezy created his own buzz in the streets with bangers. J. Cole made a mixtape on his own that put him on the map. Ditto with Drake.

    Also, comparing Beans to Banks and Yayo is not an accurate one. 50 grew up with them dudes. They was boys. It’s a completely different situation. Beans was Jay-z’s employee. Of course, they were cool but it’s all about business and I don’t think Jay did nothing but make the best business moves for himself and his company.

    And bottom line, Beans is worse off for starting this beef than he was before. The short-term attention he generated will be gone in an instant as Jay (wisely) chooses not to engage him. People may have an opinion about him not responding but what does he gain from winning a battle with Beanie? Absolutely nothing. No more street cred or props or dough. What does he lose by not responding? A few people on the internet say he’s a pussy for not responding to someone obviously looking for attention… Nah, he’s just smart.

  • Dan

    Good interview.

    Jay fux with Lupe. YN is in tears somewhere.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Jay-Z know he a Freemason Devil worshiper but it aint like he gonna come out and admit it ..his only excuse is when you gotta lot of money people gonna say thingz ….den talkin about i cant even get in them type of clubs …what club ? club Illuminati? why JAy-Z say dat if the Illuminati not real ??….and Trey Songz lookin gay in dat pic …..WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • Dan

    ^ Jumpoff a bridge already. Like who isn’t sick of your bullshit posts. You have been discredited so bad by so many niggas on here. You’re into bullshit like Gucci Mane and OJ the Juiceman. Says enough. Fuck outta here.

  • dun rite

    “He keeps himself relevant by associating himself with the

  • TheTruendLivn

    why JAy-Z say dat if the Illuminati not real ??

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  • blaqscorpio

    Some of y’all are funny, you done already made up your minds. Y’all wanted him to talk about it and refute it, and when he does it’s “still all lies”. Get a life.

  • So Icy Boi!

    ^^^ Like he said in his song “Its a secret society all we ask is trust” ……he cant break the oath he took when he became a Freemason dumb mutha

  • I like the idea of this tour. I see Jay decided to keep it street with Jeezy and Trey. This I can appreciate.
    Jay gave credit to J Electronica. That’s big for him.

  • blaqscorpio

    Whatever makes you sleep at night

  • James


  • r

    jay way to big up your artist you say drake j electronica what about j cole he is sign to you damn jay

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  • B.Dot


    Forget the Beans beef. Here

  • danny

    That’s my nigga HOV, always cool

  • So Icy Boi!

    @r because he TRASH …..its funny when u dnt even sponsor your own artist

  • villyvillz

    Yeah, he said j.cole might not be on BP3 A LONG TIME AGO. THEN HE TURNS AROUND AND PUTS HIM ON IT. CUZ DA STREETS WAS LIKE WHY DA FUKK ISINT HE PUTING HIS OWN ARTIST ON HIS ALBUM WHEN HE PUTTING FUCKBOYS LIKE DRAKE ON THERE. AND DON’T TELL ME HE WANTED IT AS A SURPRISE U JAY Z DIKK RIDERS. Cuz j.cole would have been on da third verse. Jay-z doesn’t want niggas to be better then him, cuz he a bitch.

  • Interscope Employee

    Jay-Z is a bitch for real!!! nigga’s all over Drake’s nuts, and dont even co-sign his OWN FUCKIN ARTIST. What a bitch nigga

    Shout Out To J.Cole!!! Better Than Drake all day

  • Jamie

    lol @ pause …I love Trey

    Ya’ll need to STOP hating.

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  • Will

    i wonder how YN feel now that his favorite cosigned a nigga who he hates like Lupe is that dude

    and @ Interscope Employee so true I mean its not surprising to me anymore these niggas outside of 50 cent and Birdman have labels for no fuccing reason at all

    ie 50 Cent and Wayne is going to be on any Cash Money/Young Money/Universal artist before they jump on an artist outside they label songs same thing with 50 he is going to do everything with all artist under that Interscope Umbrella before he do some shit for Atlantic or some shit Hell Wayne even got on a song with an artist on the nigga Tyga GED Label Gata

    But Jay and Kanye its funny with them cats Kanye be giving 80 beats to lil Wayne and Beanie Siegel and Freeway cant 1 fuccing beat from dude when i heard that shit from Wayne i was disgusted this nigga Kanye going everywhere talking bout we the Roc Boys and all that shit and he giving Wayne beats thats getting thrown away and Beanie cant get 1 from Kanye

    like Imagine Beanie Siegel or Young Chris hell even Memph Bleek on the Let the Beat Build beat or he couldve gave the Swagger like Us and made it Roc-a-Fella Exclusive with just the Roc Boys but he gave the shit to TI and made it a number 1 hit I never understood I that and i been posting that for months now

  • King Jo



    Basically what you’ve been taught to believe is people can never be succesful unless the join the illuminati, spam the shit over the internet as much as you want, this is your only goal in life you bum ass motherfuckers.

    If you ain’t figured out where Jay-Z’s wealtch comes from when you see him put together tours like Jay-Z & 50 Cent,
    Jay-Z DMX, Ja Rule,
    Jay-Z & Mary J Blige
    Jay, Jeezy & Trey Songz

    Your Mom’s shoulda took you in the chin!
    Fuck you!

  • King Jo

    I meant wealth. Speaking about wealth
    According to Forbes, Jay and Beyonc

  • Nathaniel

    co-sign b.dot

    lupe co-sign by jay-z…check*

  • th3paintbrush

    …oh yeah, Trey does sound a bit fake. All that stammering and shit…

  • TK





  • Yeah Yeah

    I woulf bleep the bleep out of Jigga. OMG. Sexy piece of bleep.

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  • 4tripoy

    jay said it use to be competitive now ppl diss and shit to market themselves

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  • BE

    “I’m feeling Drake.. Lupe..” – Jay-z

    YN #Fail

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  • M PoLo

    Jays right he cant get into them clubs. The man who founded freemasonary in the U.S also started the KKK check it out. Jay may do business with them but he cannot be accepted into higher levels of the brotherhood. Hes a marketing genius tho coz a few symbols in videos gets the internet buzzing umm which law is that again??


    trey needs to stfu and pray he can get where r kelly is at musically.

  • nEW_yorK-soldier


  • Gay Songz

    I don’t like gossip, but a chick called me today saying she heard on the radio that Trey Songz stated on the air he was BI-SEXUAL… but I can’t see it any where on the net. Before I believe it and start stalking him… I wanna know if anyone else heard the interview?

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  • Cara

    It is so funny to me how people worship this man. He is devil worshipping fool who says he doesn’t believe in Christians or Muslims, he only believes in one God and no hell (so dumb), he has images of himself on his video; with a halo around his head like he is God, bullets next to a picture of Jesus, blood coming out of the left eye of a skull, baphomet heads, calls himself Jahova or God, claims to be a Mason (run this town), wears a shirt with a quote from a man named Crawley who was a devil worshipping member of a secret society and wanted to go down in history as “the most evil man that ever lived:… WHAT MORE DO YA’LL NEED TO REALIZE THIS MAN IS A SATANIC FORCE AND THAT IS THE ONLY REASON HE IS AS FAMOUS AND WEALTHY AS HE IS BECAUSE HE HAS THE POWER TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE SO STRONGLY. If you all wonder why it takes so much to enter into the music industry these days it is because “the powers that be” want to make sure you have the power to influence people without being famous first then they bring you in and get you to hang out with people like him and he influences you to go to the “next level”, sell your soul to get there. It is not rocket science. These people do strange things to have the influence over you, your children, your homes that they have. Half of you can’t go 5 minutes without repeating their lyrics and beats in your head. THERE ARE 2 SIDES TO EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. EVIL CAN’T CREATE BUT IT CAN PERVERT WHAT IS CREATED.


    I gotta believe you proclaim yourself to be a Christian. With that being said how is that you can believe you have to ability to discern whether or not God’s Light is within this man through of all things a television? A box that has brought you some of the most misleading things your pupils have ever dilated to. Is not the case that there has to be more to this man? Have you listened to his body of work? Does it seem as though this man is seeking worst for himself or his fans? The most common issue I hear people taking issue with which YOU DID NOT ADDRESS is: The song Lucifer, have you heard the entire course? “Lucifer, son of the morning, I’m gonna chase you OUTTA HERE! Where is here? Well from the song it’s evident the man is dealing with inner conflicts that all mankind has had to deal since the fall. The “Darkness” more specifically that is talked about throughout the book of John. Mankind’s spirit was submerged in it and Jesus died to give us the ability to remove ourselves from it. The song speaks about his conflict with his fellow man literally (in a textual sense, check the lyrics) making his direction change. He states, “everytime it seems it alright, somebody wants they lose to rise.” One, he doesn’t say the soul is going downward in a Satanic sense but in addition to that he seeking an alternative to the course of action he’s headed towards. You ever said, “You gon make me snap?” This is rap music’s equivalent or should I say translation, to put what I am doing in the proper context. Now let’s return to your issues, the use of the term J-Hova. Quite frankly, I don’t believe you have the literally skills to interpret a body of work. This is called a simile, as Jay would say, “so when you mention me, make sure you got together your, similes, like he’s the game’s JF Kennedy.” Its not that he believe he is Mike Jordan rapping songs, or God laying down verses. No, its a way of comparing two things in a fashion you’ve never put together before. Next satan, I use lower case letters as the Hebrews would. Why because in the old and new testament as Biblical scripture was written in its original language. Satan is an adversary. An unspecified adversary. These a reference in the Bible to angels not Lucifer and not demons, but Godly angels who were sent to stand in the way of a man, and they were said to be satan to the man. As with Rap music the Bible requires literally analysis. In fact, the Disciple asked Jesus why he spoke, in of all things, parables. The issue I am getting at is that you must not feed off the milk of the Bible, its the meat, the meaning that holds value. The literal reading of the Bible is for those without, the Light. The Light is life, the light of mankind, given by God in the beginning. You seem to be using earthy reasoning to pass Godly judgement. Jesus said he would not bring us to his Father for judgement but that instead “The Word” he has given us already would be the judge. Our’s is a duty, if we are followers of Jesus, to connect with not reject our fellow man. Sure he isn’t perfect, so if the Lord has blessed this man, with the ability to reach the masses, regenerate wealth, and inspire such as myself for greater don’t look at him as the disciples did, that adulterous woman at the the well of Jacob and ask what business does have with the Lord it is not your place. Or as he told the Pharisees when asked if an adulterer should be stoned, “Ye without sin, cast the first stone.” The Lord created us, he is in us, and each of has their own journey to him. Yes, hopefully we all will glow with the light that SHOULD BE within us, so that all can see it. If Jay-Z decided that he received the meat of God’s Word than by all means he should display his revelation of enlightenment in video fashion. The symbol that you associate with the satanic cults aren’t doing the Kingdom of God any good. Why because you allowing it to be taken out of the Kingdom of God when all things are created by HIM. Look to be inclusive these last days not to push out. We lose more than just a person, we lose their GODLY abilities so we greater than twofold by excluding any of God’s children. This is a war against the force of evil not a man. By the way hell is as real as you’re making it. We are stewards of this earth, use your mind thru Jesus to create better not identify worst.

  • Min

    Speaking on the spiritual, has anyone checked out this site: http://www.jesusandjigga.com

  • MorningStar

    NewLamp, BTW appreciate the name and it’s meaning. Thank you for taking the time to explain the symbolism and simile in Jay’s music. Though I hope you realize that many are more inclined to caste stones than open thier minds. It’s sometimes easier to take snippets of instances, images and words and judge a person’s intention than to do your homework and seek a deeper understanding of what you observe. Cara, the information you spouted in your comment is a just a compilation of fear based propaganda swirling around us right now from theorist (religious and otherwise). I invite you not take everything at face value, dig past the literal meaning of what you see and hear and gain a better understanding before you judge someones motives and belief system. Don’t just be a propaganda parrot, illuminate yourself.

  • Wisdom

    Nicely put Morning Star. Nicely said.
    Cara this message is for you> Im going to get at you from a diffrent angle then Ms. Morning Star. Im just going to judge you and go off on a rampage like you did in your comment about Jazzy
    1. You sound like you need to visit the nearest Physciatrist and have him prescribe you something for that unecessary and misplaced anxiety you got going on. Get there quick.
    2. This man (Hov, Jay, Jigga) you do realize idiot they are stage names.
    You sound like you need a man or woman in your life suit yourself whichever u prefer.
    3. He has been in the business strong for over 15years. He have to be innovative and recreate the fire to keep him hot. He has mastered it very well. If you feel he is so satanic than listen to a LiL Wayne song Lick my lollipop make you like that better. Better yet try country music you idiot.
    4. Marcy projects …………………get real satanic……………Cara put down your bible and open your eyes………………….look deep if youre able to do that. Let this man breathe.
    5. My best suggestion you might want to study the Blueprint it might lead your mind to some clarity.

  • Wisdom

    Come on son!! I love it! Keep it little Hood!

  • mika

    Trey just moved up in the Illuminati. He’s totally Mk’d though (mk ultra) his parents were in the military. The reason I say Trey moved up is because he got a grammy nomination (always look out for that, cause that shows an artists rank). Trey was turned out a long time ago by phedophiles and executives in the music industry. I also believe he broke up with his girlfriend because he didn’t want to use her as a ‘sacrifice’ such as how Dame did Aaliyah. This stuff is real you guys. You have to research before coming up with conclusions.

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