Wyclef Responds To Accusations Against Yele

Recently, rumors have surfaced that Wyclef’s Yele foundation is guilty of fraudulent business practices. Repudiating the claim, we hear from the man himself.

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  • TSG are some disgusting ass people.. I have never feared the truth, but there is a time and place to question someone’s morals and strategy and I must admit. This is not the time. I look for news on the net more frequent than the Television, magazines and newspapers. I will never visit the website ever again and I will continue to ignore news outlets that credit TSG as a source. Degenerates!!!

  • lauryn hill

    This isn’t about Clef’s commitment to Haiti or how genuine he is. I believe he loves Haiti and wants to help the people.

    But that doesn’t mean his foundation is being run efficiently.

    This video doesn’t quell any of the rumors. He’s basically saying I’m a nice genuine guy that loves Haiti, so don’t make these accusations.

    He has to show us how much of each dollar is going to Haiti. The fact that he flew to Haiti, and is from there doesn’t prove that monies are not being misappropriated. .

    “It seems clear that a significant amount of the monies that this charity raises go for costs other than providing benefits to Haitians in need,” Dean Zerbe, national managing director of Alliant Group (a tax services company), told the Washington Post.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/15/AR2010011504024.html

    Step your case up Clef.

  • @lauryn hill

    Exactly. It was great that he wasted no time in making a statement of some sort, but in these coming days as he drops his footage, something more needs to be said as it relates to Yele. He basically said “Chill, y’all bogus” and that’s not enough. And in no way do I wanna take away from what Clef has done on the ground at all; he’s put in major work and for that he gets his due from me. I just feel like this wasn’t adequately addressed, and understandably so (he’s out there in it, fatigue/exhaustion/human feelings are real), but more has to come, and kinda soon.

  • dutchmaster

    word up clef…..either way, in my generation (i’m 28) he is THE FACE of Hati, so i have nothing but respect for what he’s doing and he was THE FIRST person to go out there to try and raise awareness, money and efforts for the cause….

    IF (and only if) something is being done wrong, it will eventually find itself to be out in the air one day…..YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW are not the time for that because it takes off the focus of this tragedy…

    i think EVERYBODY is slow to react to these situations especially in this era, but respect to those who think outside themselves, politricks, finances and anything else to think about these people and the country of Hati.

  • @laurynhill & stupiddopemoves

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I highly recommend Wyclef hire an outside agency to oversee all the monies being donated to his charity so that we know that money is being used appropiately

  • lauryn hill

    This argument that now is not the time to question Clef and the organization doesn’t make sense. Now is the ONLY time to do so. The organization is raising millions of dollars NOW that will be used, hopefully, in the short term. I hope all the money goes to Haiti.

    Once again, this isn’t a personal attack on Clef. Nobody doubts his sincerity.

  • jged

    first I am haitian, do not believe a word out of his mouth and this is not an attack, it is the government. how know exactly why he went to haiti for, shot some footage about him picking up bodys and post it on the net so he can get more money. he invested charity money for personel busnesses in haiti(charity is for charity). and also can wyclef explain with what money that he pays his foreclose house in miami. this is a scam, musician, actor ,politicians. this man using his celebrity status to raise money on the back of haitian people.

  • jged

    and also what people don’t realize that money you donate via text will not be used now, it will take up to three months before the money is available. this is not from me, but the cell phone companies. they have to receive their payments first so the money can be available. so three month before the haitian people received any help from yele ,if there is such a thing.

  • obama

    Asshole’s reading a press release from his fucking Blackberry that was written by someone else… He’s a fraud… He’s all about raising “LOTS of money”… And getting some recognition for his dead career… NOW IS THE TIME to be looking into what’s really going on with the money he’s raising… Cause once the shady accounting and the lack of transparency are exposed the money will be long gone. And this is money coming from broke-ass Americans who are guilted and duped into sending money to some foundation using horror stories and traumatic footage… As for the “1 million dollars” that Wyclef “put into” his own foundation, there’s a term for that… It’s called a tax shelter…

  • Shawn

    Starting a foundation from the ground up is not easy. And while he will surely need to hire a major corp to handle the donations and distribution of funds.
    You start a non-profit.. The founder is the sole income provider often using his own money to bring awareness, travel, hire and pay for even a marginal staff.
    The bottom line is this ain’t about Clef. If you feel funny about donating to Yele..don’t. But don’t use this as some bullshit ass excuse for why you don’t contribute.
    And didn’t the site that broke this story ge dipped twice with fake docs from fake mobster and pissed of broke Dude looking to sue?
    Do your due homework…

  • Who Me?

    It’s hard for me to believe that Wyclef would scam his own people like that. He’s been reppin Haiti from day one. Although he may be affected by the current recession, I don’t think he’d stoop to the level of scamming people out of loot after his homeland country has been leveled. Wyclef’s whole temperament doesn’t line up with any of the accusations.

    This seems like another case of a positive Black Man doing good for the hood and people discrediting him because he made his own lane and didn’t partner with Red Cross or others.

  • Very strong points WHO ME?. However, very ignorant of you to bring up race as an issue. Ethnicity Yes. Color No. I happen to be Cuban and my grandfather is white while grandmother is black. Don’t capitalize on the color of his skin, because you are no better than the people who you are talking about; and that is the people that are profiling him as well.

  • mmkayy

    w/e how can u trust someone u dont kno.. ppl shud donate thru red cross

  • obama
  • ?

    So wait he takes the little money from Yele because the big checks he gets from publishing and producing are not enough? OMG bad bad Clef smh do people even think before they believe this smear campaign *sigh* Dude is set for life just off the publishing and royalties from The Score you know from The Fugees one of the biggest selling records ever. Like where is peoples logic ? Really ? So his plan from jump was to come into rap to push Haiti all day to then create a NGO in 2000 to make a couple hundred thousand of dollars from it and ignore the music biz gwap ? Damn niggaz are stupid nowadays

  • ?

    Oh and FYI Yele STARTED the text donations everyone else copied and followed suit.

  • ?

    Next thing you know they’ll say Clef started the earthquake with HAARP to enable this giant scam cause his house is foreclosing aint that right jged ? Mézenmi ki bagay wap fé pou Ayiti ou mem?

  • 3Stacks

    What irks me the most is Clef’s foundation, emphasis on the need for lots of money donations when it’s apparent the urgent need in Haiti is for basic necessities & medicine.Yele Haiti should be encouraging’ people to donate food,water,clothes and medicine more than the money.At the end of the day collection of donations through a telephone system takes longer than people directly buying what’s required.

  • So Icy Boi!

    I hate to say i told yall so ……..but hey niggaz dont believe what i say ….until shit hit the fan and people are lookin for some one to point the finger at…….Keep being “BLIND”………..on to the next one

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  • jged

    last year wyclef claimed that he only raise 700,000$ for his charity in his income taxes. guest what he bought a tv station in haiti for 250,000$,phone card digicel another 200,000 ect charity is for charity. people i am hatian he scamming everybody here for money.



  • ?

    u’re Haitian huh really? Easy to claim that online coté maman pi papa ou soti? Like I said before ki bagay wap fé pou Ayiti ou mem? Or don’t you understand Kreyòl? Moun ap mouri et ou vlé divisé moun avek bagay négatif. Ann met nou ansanm. Ou gadé CNN l’en? Desen Ayiti! Clef li mèm li avek peup nou coté ou yé? Pandan kè ouap palé caca bébé yo ap soufri. Real talk donate to whatever fuckin NGO you want. Si moun blan yo make you safe go ahead all I care about is saving my people not a smear campaign during a state of emergency.

    And @3Stacks it’s not just Clef’s foundation asking for just money EVERY NGO IS because they say that is what’s needed first and foremost and if you had watched Obama’s adress yesterday with Clinton and Bush (<–yeah surprised me 2) the same thing was said.

  • Not true

    I think that it is wrong to put all of his tax returns online for display. Second of all, he is not stealing money from his own foundation, this is not the first time that he has volunteered to help. Last, if people want to be so critical on where the money is going to , then why don’t they try donating their money and time instead of criticizing his foundation. Every time that someone tries to help, other people become jealous and want the attention on them. There are people suffering over there. Stop being so selfish and donate to help just like I did; to the Yele foundation. Or if your so ignorant to believe the government , then donate to the red cross. They are just saying this about wyclef because they want the attention on them as being the good guys. Bunch Of BULLSHIT.

  • Nathaniel

    It’s amazing how people will attack Wyclef’s brave & sincere efforts,yet say nothing against the institutions that exacerbated this crisis. since 1991, billions of real and potential resource dollars have been taken from the Haitian people, driving them further into deep poverty, and nobody’s talking about the IMF, World Bank, Clinton Administration, Papa/Baby Doc, etc.They’re talking about the brother trying to heal. thorough ass scapegoating.

  • odb

    that second commenter is so not lauryn hill

  • mycroft

    Wyclef already has good accountants and tax lawyers; he created his foundation in 1998, but immediately ‘suspended’ operations, avoiding penalties for 11 years, until August of ’09 when he retroactively filed tax reports for ’05 ’06 and ’07, forced as a condition of the donation from the Jolie-Pitts. These returns are public record, posted on The Smoking Gun.

    Charity Navigator – http://blog.charitynavigator.org/2010/01/wyclef-jeans-yele-haiti-foundation.html

    Follow the money, folks, then watch his video again; even he doesn’t deny anything.

  • grandweezy

    *dead* at there being a post by lauryn hill lmao

  • A.C.E

    WyClef to me, always reps Haiti and has for years…..
    everyone gets on his case about where the moneys goes
    well did you know when you donate to the red cross there’s is no way to assure that your funds will go directly toward Haiti? the Red cross is not setup that way, all funds go in as red cross donations and THEY decide who around the world receives particular aid.
    The CEO of Red Cross gets paid 565,000 per year..
    no one works at Red Cross for Free.. average Salary is 41,000 for foot soldiers..

    If those Businesses are employing people in Haiti, that’s good right? If It wasn’t for Clef half of yah in Hip Hop wouldn’t even know where the place was on the Map.. Clef is an Entertainer so it seems fitting for his Charity to have parties, come on people think about what you guys are saying.. Clef brings Pride to Haiti All Day !!!!! Red Cross has Raised 100x more and NuH of that money is ear marked for Haiti..

  • A.C.E

    One more thing !!! do you guys Question where the money for the “NEW” Clinton /Bush Haiti relief funds goes…. Last I checked Clinton has a Private 747, how did he get that ??? HMMMMM ……..
    it cost an average 10,000 just to land a private G5 at an Airport…. I wonder how much to land a 747, and I wonder who pays for that? His private bank account or the “NEW” Clinton/ Bush Haiti relief Fund?
    I see that Slave Mentality still got have of you NEGROS GTFOOH!!

  • A.C.E

    One more thing !!! do you guys Question where the money for the “NEW” Clinton /Bush Haiti relief funds goes…. Last I checked Clinton has a Private 747, how did he get that ??? HMMMMM ……..
    it cost an average 10,000 just to land a private G5 at an Airport…. I wonder how much to land a 747, and I wonder who pays for that? His private bank account or the “NEW” Clinton/ Bush Haiti relief Fund?
    I see that Slave Mentality still got “half” of you NEGROS GTFOOH!!

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