• bkallday

    this and the drake post are very suspect YN

  • YN

    Shut the fuck up.

  • ^ get em


  • You know what’s funny, same people always shitting on the posts, yet they go out of there way to comment & check it out…lol……Pharrell looks like one of the Beastie Boys in the sabotage video, or a 1970’s porn star….lol

  • young hov

    “Oh, nooooooooo!!!”
    uhhh. where’s the no homo??

  • cruddyduddy

    this nigga look like master splinter

  • dman

    haha! ^ ^ got the fuckin porno mustasche goin

  • dizzydre

    hahahaha! this fool said “master splinter” LMFAO

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  • bkallday

    YN go to the zoo and pet a camel

  • jdot

    Ludacris isn’t really good at acting.

  • Wow… the Pharrell porno-stache makes it’s return after 9 years… shoutout to Walter & Scotty.


  • Will

    @Bk All day I was saying the same shit With that Drake Post like WTF Drake on a jetski is better than Trina on a Jetski

    This nigga Pharell Look Like Pedro from Napolean Dynamite with that shit

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