Cash Money Invests In Black Gold

Looks like New Orleans’ favorite sons are delving in Texas tea. According to Karen Civil, Birdman and his brother Ronald “Slim” Williams have combined forces and formed Bronald Oil & Gas LLC. The company is currently seeking drilling leases throughout the South and Central America. Below is the business’ mission statement. Belee dat.

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  • Dan

    Going into different business streams is one thing but tattooing a logo onto your cranium is another. Then again, this is the same nigga with a giant red star on the top of his dome.


    This niggas the oldest wack rapper around,This nigga is basically a child molester(depending on how long him and wayne been tongue kissing) But I cant hate on the mans business ventures.

  • dajumpoff44

    Get money but,please stop tattin every word that comes out of your mouth on to your big head!C’mon Son!!

  • bkallday

    them two niggas trying to be billionaires

  • Toya

    Cash Money just keeps getting more and more insane which is sad because they were the shit back in 1998… lol… I wonder how much money Birdman charges for advertising space.

  • B.Dot

    this is a great investment for them, stop it.

  • Obama

    Ummmm… A little late for this brilliant “investment”… Have you heard of peak oil? Have you heard of global warming? Have you noticed that the ENTIRE WORLD is moving towards alternative fuel sources?! “Rich nigga” does NOT equal “intelligent investor”!!!

  • yaboitone

    EXACTLY! Kats heard the word OIL and assumed it was a good business venture? lol. It WOULD’VE been brilliant A FEW DECADES ago.

    While we’re on the subject, watch the movie “Collapse.” I think ya boi birdman shoulda watched it before signing on the dotted.

  • Obama

    Oh and as far as that bogus “mission statement” (LOL) is concerned… Two things:

    1 – Who uses a standard boiler plate “Fisher Price My First Business Plan” document for something as serious as an Oil Company?!

    2 – You might wanna use Spell Check on your shit before you put it out there for the world to see…

    Good luck convincing those investors… If this shit pops off maybe Birdbrain can charter another private flight to Timbucktoo and have some more Black Diamonds put in his teeth…

  • LO

    So yal saying niggas aint gon need gas??? i mean really how long has america been talkin bout global warming?? Dont you mofos STILL go out daily and put 5dollars in the tank?? Yal kill me, hatin on anything that aint equivalent to the haiti’s disaster!!! Knock it off

  • dman

    fuck investments! and gettin more how about throwin some dollars to haiti u bald fucknut

  • Will

    niggas see oil and think its a good investment get the fucc outta here never heard of that company

    and it dont matter if it is a good investment birdman the type of nigga to make 100 million and spend it on a 40 million dolllar chain or car or some shit

  • Will

    in a couple of years tax man coming after that ass watch how the fucc do you write off a million dollar watch WTF I paid 3 something for my Gucci’s and I think thats enough this nigga wearing millions of dollars worth of diamonds to fucc hoes that couldnt tell the difference between a cube of sugar and diamonds

    I mean these niggas stunt to fucc hoes that would fucc them even if they was broke just for the fame

  • mac DIESEL



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  • themanefromthebane

    @ all the dumbass’s talkin about bad investment.

    you dont think they have people to worry about what to invest in and what not to? thats what jewish people are for. im sure there will be profit involved, especially when “some of out fields may be designated as ‘testing grounds’ for new and developing technologies”.

    money will be made…

  • themanefromthebane

    and when i say people, i mean people smarter than you

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  • p’asd;l’

    lol @ Obama, for real. And nah son, oil recovery truly is not a good investment at this point.

  • political.elite

    nah, not a good investment at all…he’s gonna lose

  • Yeah, we (US) been talkin’ that alternative fuel endeavor for a long while… and it’s just that – talk. Do you guys think that for one second, these big oil companies, who’ve been making record profits for the last several years straight, are going to concede power and earnings to alternative fuel initiatives? It’s just not going to happen, at least not any time soon.

    This is a damn good investment. Just because niggas talk slow doesn’t mean their minds work slow. Plus, they can diversify and move into alternative fuel initiatives later – which will probably be an easier endeavor than starting from the ground up as such time as the oil / gas industry goes belly up!

  • Seems as though some just like to hate on what other people are doing. Some of the comments about this are clearly uneducated; especially the person who said “I’ve never heard of this company”… of course you haven’t. Baby and his brother just started the company. I mean at least pretend to be informed. Pretend to have read all two and a half sentences written on this matter!

  • i guess these damn fools didn’t get the memo about the transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy and resources.

  • Cara

    Forget this DEVIL WORSHIPPING FOOL. Got a pentagram tattooed on his head.

  • Drowzee

    shouldve named that shit “Baby Oil”

  • B.Dot


  • why’s everyone worried about Baby’s tattoos? He’s gonna run out of room. lol Tattoo BMC also. Cuz we’re the next Cash money.

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  • Truth will out

    Wow! look at all these investmentt gurus on here. I thought hat’n was a 2009 fad. I don’t like one song YM has made, but i wish the brotha much success. And there plenty money in oil. You just need the right partners and platform. By the way, oil is up about 50% from this time last year and peaked at about 140 a barrell. These guys have an opportunity to do well, learn the energy business while prices appreciate and then get into alternative fuels as they build a sound company structure & model. Stop the hate and pick up a book.

  • NotoriousRambo


    • BLACK…..MAN!

      The stars came much later, much like myself

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  • Thomas S

    Baby ownes, Since he has money and actually cares about the economy and is ACTUALLY EDUCATED on such matters be it through self teaching or smart business partners, there is NO WAY he can be for Obama’s insane policies!!! He is a bushiness man! Yall niggas are just little socialist lemmings riding on the dick of a president who is a radical and don’t fit y’all profile or interests but y’all too stupid to know it! Y’all too stupid to know yall supporting communism and destroying where the money’s at cuz Obamas an ideologue, wake up niga this aint conspiracy shit its the truth, shit going to get rougher for you cuz of this administration, he aint bout to do shit for y’all!! Talking about “global warming” its been proven hyped up to fucc and false! and so ignorant thinking we are going to be able to switch away from OIL anytime quickly. Yall niggas blow me away! GET THE FUCC OUTA HERE WITH THAT IGNORANT SH!T! Get real and wake da fuc up!

  • Thomas S

    By the way I meant “Business man” and I’m trying to tell y’all you don’t have a clue about the economy and need to read up on some alternative news sources (different from whatever y’all been getting) because thanks to your hero, messiah, shit going to get tougher for you and there going to be less chances to succeed I am speaking the truth on this shit believe it, you don;t want to go down as some uninformed soulja for Obama this whit will humiliate you when facts and history come out!

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